You Can Look and Probably Touch

It is normal for a man like you to be attracted to a woman. You see her sitting or walking at a distance from you. You want to approach her without being scared or creepy. You want to talk, joke, laugh, and compliment her. You want to ask her out on a date. You just want a successful relationship with her. Unfortunately, this human nature process may not be simple or work in your way. If you live in America or some Westernized country, you would be disappointed. Expect the unexpected when it comes to American/Western women who are egotistical, psychotic, shallow, etc. You may face these 4 possibilities if you show interest in the wrong woman:

  • flat-out rejection
    • She might assault you verbally and physically too.
  • sexual harassment lawsuit
    • You may be going to court plus paying court fees.
  • job suspension or termination
    • Are you willing to risk your job for her?
  • time in jail
    • Repulsively, other inmates may treat and look at you the same way you treat/look at her.

If you experience any or all (I mentioned them above), you may become a misogynist. Or, you just want nothing to do with women anymore. You would see them as threats, obstacles, pain, problems, and so on. Even if you do eventually meet a woman (or women) who is different, you may question her true character. Is she really nice? Does she really like me? Does she want to be in a serious relationship with me? If not, then pretty much you would be led back to the women-hating mindset.

If you go overseas, your feelings toward women would change dramatically. Foreign women, most of them, would treat you like a man and a human being. If you look and find them attractive, they would absolutely love it. Some (e.g. Chinese women) of them get less attention and respect from foreign men. But, if a good American or Western man like you shows up for them, they would fall in love with you. They would therefore have hope that they can find a better man (foreign or American/Western) for dating or marriage.

You would definitely have a new attitude toward women if you become intimate with a foreign woman. Most Colombian, Ukrainian, Philippine, etc. women are marriage-minded; they however would have sex with you only if you choose one of them for a relationship possibly leading to marriage. They would refuse to have sex if you are not serious about any of them or you are dating all of them for fun. If you expect sex on the first or second date, you would be disappointed. Sex tourism or prostitution is considered immoral and maybe illegal in foreign countries that have multiple women who want to be married. If you want to have sex with an unknown woman in any of the foreign countries, you have to visit a brothel and pay her for her services. Another option is that you can always travel to Brazil or Thailand for sex tourism/prostitution. Some of the women (not all) in both countries, based on my research findings recently, would have sex with you on the first date or meeting. But, if you marry a prostitute (especially if she is Brazilian), do not expect her to be faithful and loving to you. She may take advantage of you for her selfish or monetary reasons. She might cheat and leave you for another man once she enters the United States. You would then regret even the day you met and slept with her. If you happen to meet, date, and marry a good woman from Brazil or some other foreign country (that is so popular for sex tourism/prostitution), then God has really blessed you with her fortunately.

In the States or a Westernized country, you (American/Western man) are given sadness, confusion, and guilt for showing interest in a woman. You cannot talk to her. You cannot look at her. You definitely cannot touch or say anything sexual to her. If you dare to do so, you would be treated like a criminal, pervert, or both. All you can do is look at pictures/videos of beautiful women (e.g. Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Janet Jackson) and imagine being with any of them…probably for the rest of your life. But, if want to easily meet and physically connect with a beautiful woman, plan your trip, pay the money, and get on a airplane taking you to your foreign destination. Like me, you would have the best time(s) of your life. Being with a woman in the flesh is so much better than dreaming or viewing her online pictures/videos is.

International couple
International couple – I Love Latins


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