Foreign Love Web has been formed in February 2017. I, the author (Ernest), love to regularly talk about international dating, foreign women, American or Western men, etc. I want to encourage American or Western men to go overseas and find true love in these non-Westernized countries:

There are millions of gorgeous and sincere ladies (around the world) who are looking for their ideal men to spend the rest of their lives.

I am a big fan of international dating/marriage.

Therefore, I hope to marry a foreign woman someday.

If you are curious about women in other countries, please contact me at:



  1. Ukranian, Russian and Slavian women are unloyal and hypergamy bitches. I have been living in Ukraine since 15 years, these hoes are unloyal… I become red pilled because of an Ukranian wife.. You all dont have any idea about these women..


    • Well, because you are a MGTOW member, I refuse to listen to you. In fact, I have written a blog post called “MGTOW Community versus the World”. You should read it if you get a chance.

      In some way, I do agree with you. There are some dishonest and immoral women in Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, and other countries. There is good and bad everywhere around the world. But, based on my personal experiences overseas and what I have learned from Dream Connections agency, A Foreign Affair (loveme.com) agency, and other credible sources, I can reassure you and everyone else that many women in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia do have good hearts and intentions. I have solid proof (e.g. photos, text links to YouTube videos, etc.) to back up my words. What about you? Do you have evidence too? If not, then accept the truth that most Ukrainian, Russian, Thai, Colombian, Ethiopian, etc. women are sincere, marriage-minded, respectful, hardworking, and so on.

      Whoever reads this should believe that I am telling the truth 100%.


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