Why Are Philippine Women So Attractive?

Many ladies (known as filipinas) in the Philippines are good-looking due to their Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish races. But, most of the other ladies in other Asian countries such as Thailand and China are honestly not. That is my opinion. I would rate Thai and Chinese women a 6/10 or below. The women however do share the same qualities that filipinas do.

Filipinas are hard to ignore. Therefore, I want to go to the Philippines and meet these lovely and cute women on an A Foreign Affair romance tour someday. I would like to go to a beach and some other exotic places with any of them. If I develop feelings and thus want to commit or marry a filipina instead of a woman from Latin America, I may do so.

Many American and Westernized men fall deeply in love with filipinas. Some marry the   women; others just have serious relationships with the women. Do you (American or Western man) want to join the footsteps of these men?

Are you interested in dating or marrying a filipina?

If so, then here are 6 reasons why you or any other man would be drawn to women in the Philippines:

  • They have more in common with Colombian, Dominican, and other Latin American women than the filipinas do with other groups of women in Asia.
    • In fact, Philippine women and women in Latin America do share Hispanic race, culture, etc.
      • They both are biracial or multiracial as well.
    • Why are filipinas the only women in Asia who are as attractive as women in Latin America are?
    • Why am I not really attracted to women in China and Thailand?
      • Maybe you agree with me and feel the same way too.
  • They are as exotic as Dominican women are.
    • Philippines and Dominican Republic look like islands instead of countries.
    • As a result, women from both nations seem to originate from those countries.
    • But, the truth is that their ancestors around the world have visited or have migrated to those countries and thus have reproduced with the natives.
      • Even military men from United States or a Westernized country visit the Philippines and have biological children with filipinas.
      • The men probably do the same in Dominican Republic and other foreign countries too.
  • They take good care of themselves.
    • They eat healthy foods that contain no pesticides or other crap.
    • They probably drink more water than they do with juice and other liquids.
    • They exercise and stay fit.
    • They would love to do the same for you, me, and other potential American/Western boyfriends or husbands.
  • They have pure hearts.
    • Because they can make many American/Western men monogamous, they can probably do the same for us too.
    • They are warm, genuine, and loving.
    • Their inner beauty attracts many good men.
  • They have innocent looks.
    • Some of them look like high school students.
    • But, most filipinas are more mature for their ages than most American/Western women are.
      • For example, you can have a serious relationship (leading to possible marriage) with a 20 year old filipina.
      • But, can you do the same with an American/Western woman twice her age?
    • If you see a Philippine woman as a beautiful flower or valuable treasure, then you may cherish her as a possible girlfriend or wife.
  • They can speak your language very well.
    • You do not need a translator at all.
      • Consequently, you can profoundly connect and spend more time with them.
        • Now, I fully understand why many American/Western men commit or wed filipinas.
    • If you go to another foreign country instead, you are not going to meet many foreign women who can speak English.
      • But, there is always an available translator who can help you communicate with any woman (whether you attend a group or individual romance tour).
      • Do not let a language barrier keep you from connecting with the right woman.

Philippine women are unique because they are:

  • attractive
  • innocent
  • sweet
  • shy
  • caring
  • exotic
  • bilingual or multilingual
  • fluent in English
  • decisive
  • faithful
  • monogamous

You are not going to meet any other women who have all of these inner characteristics (mentioned above) in United States, any Westernized country, or any other foreign country. That is a solid fact. Comparing filipinas to other foreign women and even American/Western women, I consider filipinas as flawless angels who are descended from heaven and transformed into beautiful human beings. Although I know that they are not perfect (because the Lord God is the only One who is), I do not really see any faults in them. I want to meet them in the Philippines someday. Hopefully, you do too.

Cristine Necole (AFA #173228) – Her loveme.com profile
Gemabel (AFA #173393) – Her loveme.com profile
Catherine (AFA #168719) – Her loveme.com profile
Lita (AFA #166685) – Her loveme.com profile


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