The Comfort Zone

Every time I go overseas, I am relieved from boredom, mediocrity, and loneliness (especially when I am around some people who treat me as a joke or ghost). I experience a culture shock and language barrier. However, I am exposed to approachable women and tasty foods. Plus, I feel more protected there than I do in the United States. As much as I want to stay in a foreign country (e.g. Dominican Republic or Colombia) longer, I unfortunately have to return home due to a crappy job I always work.

I wish that I can motivate my male coworkers and relatives to travel around the world and create great memories. There is more to life than what we know, what we see, what we do, where we go, etc. I wish that I can do the same with you (American or Western man) and other men. But, regardless of:

many single and divorced men in United States, Canada, England, Australia, and other Westernized countries are unfortunately going to stay in their home countries until they die. They choose to stay in this invisible box or place I definitely call “The Comfort Zone”. They are perfectly fine with these 10 negative results:

  • being uncomfortable
    • If constant foolishness, arrogance, social awkwardness, confusion, threats, disrespect, etc. are not going to drive or cause them to take vacations to paradise, honestly what else would?
    • Why do you think that I am ready to go back overseas?
    • It is understandable that most men stay where they live and deal with the never-ending or difficult problems created by their:
      • coworkers
      • bosses
      • neighbors
      • families
      • friends
      • finances
      • plus other sources
    • But, do not let your fearlessness stop you from going somewhere you can:
      • relax
      • eliminate stress
      • be yourself entirely
      • meet and bond with different people
      • worry less about your ordeals at home
  • being lazy
    • If a man loves to talk and especially boast, do not expect him to:
      • keep his promise(s)
      • do much work
      • go anywhere
      • change his selfish ways
    • Because most men (or people in general) put more time and energy in running their mouths, they may do poor performances at work, home, and other places.
    • Thank God that I:
      • talk less
      • do more work (including this heartfelt blog)
      • am a real Man of Action (who goes where he says he is going to go)
  • being scared
    • Truly, I do not understand why many men are more scared of innocent women overseas than they are with local drunks, drug addicts, perverts, weirdos, thugs, and other losers in their cities.
    • However, I can understand why Keyboard Romeos want to continue fantasizing and writing email letters to foreign women they are not going to meet in person.
    • What you truly want is outside your comfort zone.
      • I have heard this accurate statement from Bud Patterson of A Foreign Affair agency a few times.
      • Due to my bravery, I have found success in Latin America.
      • The same thing would apply to you and other men who:
        • stop making a bazillion excuses for staying home
        • just go abroad
  • letting feminists and the anti-male society win
    • If you cannot find a good woman locally, please find her in Ukraine, China, Philippines, or another non-Westernized country.
    • Do not join effeminate men or angry MGTOW members who rob themselves of sincere and trustworthy girlfriends or wives potentially.
    • Feminists and the anti-male society want to continue undermining and putting guilt in many American/Western men.
      • Therefore, superior American/Western women and sensitive men (who support them) can reign over the media, government, society, etc. indefinitely.
  • entering or re-entering the Disappointing American Dating Scene (DADS)
    • For male residents in Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the rest of the Western world, their similar abbreviation is DWDS which stands for:
      • Disappointing Western Dating Scene
    • Can you or anyone else tell me how many American/Western men actually like dating?
    • Unlike the DADS or DWDS, the international dating scene (IDS) leaves you and other single or divorced men:
      • happy whether you find true love or not
      • sane without losing your mind
      • opportunistic to meet and date unlimited lovely foreign women
      • safe from rejection
      • optimistic in finding true love
  • committing or marrying any women locally
    • Nowadays, in United States and the Western world, it does not matter:
      • how the women look or dress
      • whether they are friendly or not
      • how they behave publicly or privately
      • even if they are biologically men
    • Like everything else, marriage is also a joke.
    • Possible reasons why many men build monogamous relationships with local American/Western women they do not really love are:
      • desperation for sex
      • desperation for attention
      • desperation for communication
      • giving stability to their children
      • pleasing family relatives especially parents (who like the women or want grandchildren)
      • limiting or completely turning away from drugs, drinking, perversion, and other sins
    • If I cannot be with a woman I truly want or love, I would rather stay single forever.
    • If you are serious about commitment or marriage, please find the right woman wherever she is.
  • lacking many good qualities
    • If local dating or online dating (in America and the Western world) is still considered good, then why do many men (plus many women) continue turning to these bad behaviors:
      • irresponsibility
      • perversion
      • lying
      • driving above the speed limit
      • driving while drunk
      • stealing
      • drugs
      • murder
      • tattooing or getting many tattoos from head to toe
      • foolishness
      • unprotected sex
    • Both self-centered genders have something in common with most foreign men with machismo attitudes as well.
    • Why do you think that some cities such as New York City, New York, Chicago, Illinois, and Baltimore, Maryland are so dangerous?
    • But, if most people (including the women) are friendly, approachable, and moral in certain cities, you should visit those places.
    • No wonder I feel safer in a foreign city (e.g. Barranquilla, Colombia) than I do where (Henderson, North Carolina) I live.
  • complaining about lack of good women locally
    • Because the American/Western culture is mainly egotistical, materialistic, and fake, of course many men are going to be upset or angry that they cannot find the women of their dreams.
    • Most women have the same complaints too.
    • Thus, both genders remain single or divorced.
    • But, choosing the wrong partner or spouse can be the worst decision you or anyone else makes.
      • If you ever have kid(s) with a woman who becomes mentally or emotionally unstable, you may heavily regret it.
    • Again, there are millions of good women in Colombia, Philippines, Ukraine, Thailand, China, Moldova, etc.
      • They are always waiting to meet you and other American/Western men.
  • remaining single for the remainder of their lives
    • Staying single is good for:
      • figuring out what you truly want in your life
      • solving your problems
      • learning about yourself
      • taking care of your responsibilities
    • Because more men are turning to pornography, perversion, and other destructive behaviors, they are giving everyone signs that they need good women in their lives.
    • Many foreign women want to be happily committed or married to good men even though they are forced to stay single.
  • leaving many foreign women sad and lonely
    • If international dating or marriage does not grow, more women around the world are going to believe that they are meant to be alone forever.
    • I have written over 130 blog posts because I want to help them find their future boyfriends or husbands.
    • No matter how beautiful and kindhearted they are, many foreign women are constantly overlooked.
    • There is so much disappointment, jealousy, and darkness in this world.
    • If more people need to find their second halves in order to be happier and stay on the right path, they must do so.

“The Comfort Zone” tricks and leaves many American/Western men uncomfortable, unhappy, and/or unsafe.

They do not want to leave their homes, loved ones, friends, belongings, and familiarities. They cannot see themselves somewhere (e.g. Latin America or Eastern Europe) that is culturally different, unknown, or beneficial to them. However, they can see themselves permanently staying in “The Comfort Zone” and constantly doing “cool” things that lead them to:

  • destruction of their own lives plus others
  • unexpected deaths
  • prison
  • many regrets when they become older

Outside the invisible box, we men can find:

  • happiness
  • unity with incredible foreign women
  • peace
  • unconditional love
  • much respect no matter who we are
  • honesty
  • and so on

We are really not going to find all of these positive qualities in United States and the Western world.

They only exist in countries where human personalities and actions matter more than materialistic things do.

There is way more comfort than what “The Comfort Zone” has.

If the ugly truth of the American/Western culture does drive you and additional men to third world countries eventually, I would be very happy.

Foreign women would make you and other men as comfortable as possible abroad.

“The Comfort Zone” (where many American/Western men want to stay for good) – David Kravitz Coaching


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