If You Meet a Nice Woman Locally…

You learn about beautiful foreign women from a friend or the Internet. You see beautiful pictures, awesome YouTube videos, etc. regarding women in the Philippines, Colombia, Ukraine, etc. You become so interested that you plan a trip abroad. You research the requirements such as applying for a passport, paying for your airline tickets, packing your suitcase, and so on. One day (maybe a week before your trip starts), you go to a local grocery store (e.g. Food Lion). While you are shopping for groceries, you encounter a beautiful woman. She approaches, smiles, and asks you where she can find something (e.g. eggs). You tell her that you are not an employee. However, you tell where the item is anyway. She thanks you. She walks away but returns and asks you out on a date – that is if you are not seeing anyone else. You give her what she wants – you confirm that you are single and give her your phone number. Both of you go your separate ways. You are excited that this local woman out of nowhere shows interest in you. But, you are frustrated because you also want to date foreign women as well. You do not want to keep the local woman waiting while you are overseas. Plus, you would think how unfair it is to her that you are getting involved with other women who live abroad. If the local woman ever finds out about your trip, she may have resentment, show jealousy, and want nothing to do with you. What should you do? Here are your 3 options:

  • Cancel your trip overseas.
    • Then, you do not have to keep the local woman waiting.
      • But, what if your possible date or relationship with her comes to an unfortunate end?
        • What if she cheats/dumps you for another man?
        • What if you realize that she is not right for you?
        • What if both of you have nothing in common?
          • She does not like the same activities, TV shows, movies, food, etc. you like.
          • You are a Christian but she is an atheist or agnostic.
          • Both of you talk and suddenly have nothing else to say to each other.
            • Awkwardness occurs.
        • You would be upset, angry, or both.
          • Regretful, you would have wished that you have gone overseas and met/dated foreign women anyway.
          • You would have wasted your money too.
  • Postpone it.
    • Wait for her to call you.
      • If she does, then set up a date with her.
      • If she does not, then change your trip schedule to the soonest time possible.
        • Consequently, go overseas immediately.
          • You would meet foreign women who are more beautiful inside and out.
            • Forget about the local American woman.
  • Go overseas anyway.
    • You would have no regrets, disappointment, rejection, or other negative emotions.
    • You have planned and paid a large amount of money for your trip.
    • Why are you going to give up the chance of dating multiple foreign women for one American woman?
      • You can easily find the right woman in a foreign country (e.g. Colombia).
    • If the American woman does call and say that she wants to be with you, then she should wait until you come back home.

Does it always seem that another woman is interested in you when you already have a girlfriend/wife? The same thing would apply even if you want to date/marry a foreign woman. Then here comes the desperate American woman, whether she is a stranger or an ex, out of the blue. She makes herself so attractive. She says the right words. She keeps staring and smiling at you. She does whatever she needs to do so that you would not turn to another woman, especially a foreign woman. I am saying all of this because of my personal experiences. If I am more or completely interested in American women, I may be turned down and treated like dirt. But, if my heart belongs to foreign women, I may be respected and desired by American and foreign women alike. How annoying this is.

The third option is the best one for you. You may be upset or worried about losing your connection with the local American woman. However, you would save time, money, etc. You would meet many simple and lovely women overseas. You do not have to try so hard; you can be yourself around them. Once you get contact information from foreign women, you would probably forget or not even care if you ever hear from the local woman again. Like me, you can communicate with the foreign women you have dated and befriended for the rest of your life. It does not matter if you contact any of them or vice versa. I am in regular contact with a Colombian woman and a Dominican woman on Facebook and WhatsApp. I also communicate with my Colombian friend Erika although I have not spoken and seen her for years. But, you may get a different story regarding regular communication with American women. Do not expect to stay in touch with an American woman you have not seen for months or years. The same thing goes for a long-distant friend too.

Local woman at grocery store – Bellapetite


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