Applying for a Passport

A passport is a document that allows you (American man) to legally leave the United States (by air, land, or sea), enter a foreign country, and return to United States. It confirms your identity and citizenship (e.g. American). It has two versions. One, the passport card, is the size of a card that fits in your wallet. It only allows you to travel to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean by land or sea unfortunately. However, if you want to travel by airplane and go to any foreign country of your choice, you need to get the passport book. The passport book, which costs more money than the passport card does, is a book containing 28 pages. The passport book is worth the price because you have 10 years to meet/date foreign women, explore various cultures, visit exotic locales, eat amazing food, take awesome pictures, etc.

Do you want 10 easy steps to successfully complete a passport application? If your answer is ‘yes’, then here they are:

  1. First and foremost, plan your trip overseas months in advance.
    1. You may have to record it on your passport application.
    2. You would have probably 6 months to validate your passport once you enter a foreign country. This may happen during the beginning or ending of your 10-year passport period.
  2. Get the passport application.
    1. You can get a paper copy at a local post office.
      1. Ask an postal employee for one if necessary.
    2. Another option is to download/print or complete an electronic copy online.
      1. You would need to fill out Form DS-11 (electronic passport application).
  3. Read it carefully. 
    1. The reason is that you are paying money for a passport fee.
      1. If you make mistake(s) on your passport application and you are therefore denied a passport book or card, you might not get a refund.
    2. Write a checklist of requirements if needed.
  4. Gather documents that are mentioned on the passport application. 
  5. If you are frustrated, seek help from any one of these people:
    1. postal clerk
    2. another postal employee
    3. someone (e.g. friend or family member) who already has a passport
  6. Verify everything you are supposed to have, do, and or collect for completion of the passport application.
    1. Complete the checklist as well.
  7. Pay passport fee(s) with money order or some other payment that is accepted.  
  8. Put passport application, required documents, and payment in a large envelope.
    1. Again, check everything you have for submission.
    2. Seal the envelope and put a stamp on it.
  9. Mail the envelope at the post office or some other shipping company (e.g UPS).
    1. Put it in a mailbox.
      1. I would advise that you do it inside the post office.
        1. Someone can possibly steal your personal, financial, etc. information.
    2. Another option is to give it to an postal employee.
  10. Wait for results from U.S. Department of State.  
    1. Contact the department via email, phone, etc.
    2. Visit its website for your passport application status.

A passport card gives you limits (countries you are only allowed to visit) for a cheaper price. However, a pricey passport book gives you legal and full access to the whole world. Like me, you can go wherever (e.g. Australia or Africa) you want to go. You would meet amazing people, eat amazing food, visit amazing places, and so on. You can find your true self. You would have a meaningful life indeed. You can find your future foreign wife (or foreign husband if you are an American woman reading this blog post). You would be emotionally healed and freed from the issues you have to deal at home. You can tell others without boring or driving them away. You can create a vlog on YouTube or write a blog based on your personal experiences. Show pictures that would inspire your readers/followers too. Because of all of this, you should apply for a passport book. I highly recommend it.

American holding his passport – Frosch (Source)



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