Why Do Men Keep Pursuing Women Who Are Not Interested?

Before I learned about Colombian, Ukrainian, and other foreign women, I used to be one of those guys who could not get a date or even a female friend. I was shy, quiet, and inexperienced with women except for my female relatives (whom I lived and shared a house). I was then interested in American women who obviously did not feel the same way about me. Just because some of them were nice and talking to me a little, it did not mean they wanted to date or build a relationship with me. There was one girl (when I was a teenager) who was around my age. We used to meet at church twice a week. When I heard from someone that she was not interested in me, I became upset. I did not talk or even look at her that much consequently. Later, while I was in the 9th grade, I asked another girl to go bowling with me. She came up with an excuse that she had to be somewhere. I did not bother asking her again; she probably pretended that she did not remember what I said. In my late teens, there were two female co-workers I was interested. I had mentioned them in a previous blog post. Pretty much I faced the same result: rejection.

No longer do I have feel rejected, alone, and unhappy thanks to foreign women. I have gone to Colombia and Dominican Republic and dated beautiful Latin American women. I am still in contact with few of them on Facebook and WhatsApp. I plan to see them again someday. Maybe I would take one woman to the movies and the other woman to a beach. I probably would have difficulty doing the same thing(s) with American women as dates or friends.

Because of my knowledge, interest, and personal experiences, I want to encourage other American or Western men (even my cousins) to meet foreign women. There are so many beautiful women overseas but less men (both American/Western and foreign) are interested in dating or marrying them. Unfortunately, the majority of American/Western men are not willing to go overseas and meet foreign women. They have many excuses (e.g. fear of getting on an airplane and obsession with current jobs) why they have refused. But, they talk, obsess, spy, harass, pursue, or give unwanted attention to American/Western women who really do not want them. What are the 5 good reasons for the sick behaviors from these men?

  • The men are strongly attracted to women of the same race, nationality, culture, background, etc.
  • The men want control or possession of the women. 
    • Some of them would turn to domestic violence in order to get what they want from their girlfriends or wives.
    • The men want to feed their egos.
      • It is either their way or no way.
        • Regardless, the women would be unhappy with their relationships or marriages.
  • The men want to compete with other men.
    • Jealousy may occur if a man, single or miserable in a relationship/marriage, sees a happy and attractive couple.
    • The men want what or who (e.g. Cameron Diaz) they do not or cannot have.
  • The men deal with peer or social pressure.
    • Their friends, relatives, etc. may influence them to go after the wrong woman (or women).
    • Also their loved ones may play matchmaking.
    • The men may be repeatedly asked if they have or want a date/girlfriend.
      • Annoyed, I have experienced this probably on every job I have worked.
  • They show fear or hatred of being alone.  
    • They have probably experienced abuse, neglect, or both during their childhoods.
    • They may have extroverted personalities.
    • They want a woman to touch, hug, kiss, communicate, etc.

There are beautiful women everywhere. However, more women in foreign countries have both inner and outer beauty indeed. They are just looking for good men; they want men who are so crazy and have fallen in love with them. The sad news is that most American/Western men are interested in local/national women who do not feel the same way about them. Some men are successful in winning the hearts of the women but others fail. What if the men (like myself) who are still single give foreign women one chance for love, dating, etc.? Then, the marriage rates in United States and the rest (e.g. Westernized countries) of the world may go up. The divorce rates would therefore go down. Everyone would see marriage as a blessing instead of a curse. He or she would be happy because he/she has found the right person in his/her life.

Rejected by 2 American women – Carlos Xuma (Source)


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