Foreign Women versus American Women

Womanhood has started and eventually evolved since Eve, the first female God has created and brought to earth, has been born. Women represent her strength, loyalty, wisdom, kindness, love, submission to their husbands, etc. according to the Bible. Women of course describe and show beauty to the world as well. They come in different races, shapes, sizes, ages, traits, backgrounds, etc. Normally, men, being who they are, show interest in women they like. Men may date or marry those women as a result. However, everything (society, music, TV, food, culture, etc.) has dramatically changed especially in United States and Westernized countries. Women in those countries are indeed differentiating themselves from the rest of the world due to their changed beliefs, actions, etc. Most American/Western men are either single or involved with women who make them unhappy. Even though most men learn about traditional women overseas, the men are either skeptical or still interested in American/Western women who treat them like dirt. How are foreign women different? Why are these men less interested in them? How can the men tell which group of women (American/Western or foreign) is better for dating/marriage? If you (American or Western man) are still undecided or just interested in women in general but want to know who is right for you, here are 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages for each group:

Foreign Women            


  • They are feminine.
    • They dress and make themselves desirable.
      • It does not matter if you or someone else is looking at them.
        • They may love your attention and may show interest if you approach them.
  • They have both inner and outer beauty.
    • Therefore, you would have difficulty choosing any of them.
      • Keep dating, communicating, and getting to know them so well.
        • Then, you would be able to choose one woman for a commitment or marriage.
  • They are traditional.
    • They keep the same beliefs, values, etc. their ancestors or grandmothers have.
      • Foreign women would remind you how American women were in the 1950s or earlier.
        • You would find a foreign woman who wants and allows you to be the man in her life.


  • They speak different languages.
    • But, filipinas (women from the Philippines) and few other foreign women actually do speak your language (English) well.
    • You need a translator to help you communicate with a foreign woman.
      • You may have to study the language of the foreign woman or vice versa.
        • If both of you are taking the relationship to the next level, one of you or both must do so.
  • Too many of them are single and available.
    • They have to compete with other women.
      • If they have the chance to meet/date many good men, they would be so happy.
    • Sadly and truly, most would not find their “Prince Charmings” from an international dating/marriage agency.
      • Most American/Western men come up with excuses for not getting on an airplane and meeting foreign women abroad.
    • You wish that you can help them all gain true happiness.
      • But, you are only one person who has limited abilities.
      • Praying to God may help these women find who they need/want in their lives.
  • They are busy or hard to reach.
    • Some have jobs that require them to work many days in a week and long hours for each day.
      • Consequently, they get less sleep, rest, etc.
    • They may be unavailable to talk on the phone, email, or some other way of contact.
      • It is possible that they change their own phone numbers.
      • They are busy with school, jobs, family, etc.
      • I have tried to get in contact with a Dominican woman despite that I have failed.
      • Maybe a translator or another employee of the dating/marriage agency can reach any of them.

American Women


  • They are independent.
    • They can take care of themselves physically, mentally, financially, etc.
      • Do they really want or need a man like you?
    • What if you are broke, unemployed, unmotivated, dependent, unhygienic, etc.?
      • Most likely, you are going to be dumped.
  • They speak their minds.
    • They are going to voice their opinions anyway.
      • You as well as others may not be able to change their perspectives.
  • They are true to themselves.
    • They accept and love who they are.
    • They behave, eat, wear, say, etc. whatever they want.
      • If you see a woman wearing an ugly shirt, pajama pants, and flip flops in public, what can you do?
    • They (e.g. Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey) do not care what others think or say.


  • They can be difficult to talk and build a connection.
    • If you are shy or inexperienced, you may have bad luck.
    • For my entire American life, I never have dated or befriended an American woman.
      • But, when I have gone to Colombia, I have met women who are much different from the ones in the States.
        • I have dated several women.
        • I have forever connected with a woman (Erika) who is currently married to an American man.
        • That fact explains my reason for wanting an international marriage someday.
  • They want to be masculine.
    • They want to behave like men.
      • If some of them are interested in you, they may aggressively talk, flirt, and ask you for your phone number or a date.
        • You would be surprised but also weird and uncomfortable.
          • But, you would not experience this with foreign women.
            • According to Mark Davis from Dream Connections, foreign women want you (American/Western man) to approach, talk, and ask them out.
              • That, to me, is the natural, traditional, and right way of a man and woman bonding with each other.
      • I have some women trying to talk or flirt with me at a previous job.
        • They have done this action while I have been busily cleaning the window ledges of certain outlet mall stores.
          • I have freaked out and have been disgusted because few have been much older than I am.
            • I have seen a teenage boy and wondering if he is the son of one of those women.
    • They want to do the same duties men have.
      • If a man can fix a car or play basketball, why can’t a woman do the same?
    • They want to wear manly clothes.
      • How do you feel about a woman wearing the same clothes you wear?
    • They want to earn the same amount of money men do or even more.
    • Not only you would be turned off but also you may be competing with these masculine women as well.
  • They are not satisfied with what they have.
    • They want more or something else as a replacement.
    • They are materialistic.
      • You have to keep buying what a woman wants, needs, or asks.
        • She may be happy (or happier) even if you are not.
    • What you have, who you are, and what you can do are not good enough.
      • If you die, become sick, or lose what (e.g. job) you have, your girlfriend or wife may find someone else as her next target.

Women are beautiful but different in appearance, character, etc. You as an American or Western man have a choice. If you want an American woman still, you may face difficulties. What if she does not want a friendship with you? What if she has a negative attitude? What if she wants to become a man? What if she would not let you talk, do, go, or hang out with your friends? What if she has other baggage? Why do you want to go this miserable route for one woman who is not even worth it? Why not go the easy route (overseas) and meet foreign women who would love to be more than friends with you? Then, you would feel better about yourself. You would believe that you are doing the right thing regardless what your family and friends say. You would not end up in jail, death (losing your life), or a mental hospital as some lunatic from a Lifetime movie does. You would not lose your mind or sanity. You would not be alone ever again. You would be safe, happy, free, masculine, and loved unconditionally by a foreign woman.

American woman (left) versus foreign woman (right) – Parable


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