It’s a Woman’s Woman’s Woman’s World

Inspired by a classic song by the late James Brown, I have to write this unique blog post.

Even if he is still alive, he probably would not be allowed to publicly sing that song today.

Women nowadays are replacing men (especially those who are misogynistic, controlling, or sexually inappropriate) and taking over strong roles in United States and the Westernized world. One good example is former 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Another is famed singer and actress Beyonce Knowles whose song “Run the World” either predicts or confirms female domination. Men really have to be cautious of their actions, words, and thoughts currently.

A large number of women is given control of the American/Western media, government, society, law, etc. Meanwhile, other women are given high regard and legal justice for accusing men (whether they are guilty or innocent) of sexual harassment, rape, flirting, etc. So, why can foreign women not receive the same respect in their countries (which continue to favor men)?

If you (American or Western man) want to know cultural differences between American/Western women and foreign women, the following 5 facts should give you satisfaction:

  • American/Western women are respected more than they ever have been in the past.
    • However, foreign women are still subservient to the men in their nations.
    • Most foreign women continue to be proud of their countries, lives, etc regardless.
    • They just want to be with men who are loving, faithful, and honest to them.
  • Most American/Western women are outspoken.
    • They would say whatever they want to say in order to get what they want.
    • Some of them may not care about losing their freedom, jobs, or even lives.
    • I think that many foreign women are the opposites.
    • They may keep quiet in order to retain peace and harmony with other foreigners.
  • American/Western women (especially attractive ones) are constantly infatuated, obsessed, or adored by most American/Western men.
  • Some American/Western women can do whatever they want.
    • They can legally get away with their crimes or misdeeds.
    • Whether they want to behave like men, change their gender, or remain women, they would still be supported or justified by society, media, loved ones, etc.
    • Many women in third world countries have been imprisoned, harmed, or even killed for:
      • doing whatever they want
      • speaking their minds
      • breaking the law
      • defying the orders of their boyfriends, husbands, or other men in control
    • I consider this entire world despicable because self-centered and unattractive American/Western women are treated better than warmhearted and gorgeous foreign women are.
  • Some American/Western women are capable of undermining, brainwashing, or trapping American/Western men emotionally.
    • The women are consumed with power, success, popularity, etc.
    • As a result, more men are uninterested or scared of commitment or marriage.
    • They however may have second thoughts regarding countless delightful women overseas.
    • Unlike most American/Western women, most foreign women voluntarily put the wishes or needs of their boyfriends/husbands (current or future) before their own.
    • Indeed, foreign women encourage, respect, and accept men (in general) as they are.

Due to the emotional weaknesses or misogynistic actions of men, women are now changing the world (except maybe Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, and other non-Westernized nations). More American/Western women are becoming unstoppable. Meanwhile, more American/Western men are stopping themselves from seriously connecting with them.

I cannot honestly blame them.

What about you?

Just dealing with unknown women (or people in general) at work and anywhere else locally is enough pain for me. They can be just as difficult as the ones (e.g. the Kardashian-Jenner clan) I read in online news or see on TV or film. I am glad that I never have dated or befriended typical American/Western women.

I do not want to be in a world with women who resent, ignore, or want to punish me for inappropriate actions of other men.

I instead choose to be in another world where I can truly be myself and connect with down-to-earth women.

It may be a culture shock for me and probably you.

We may not like the fact that many foreign men treat their women like disposable objects or ghosts.

But, we can always find happiness, peace, and true love with foreign ladies.

This world may seem unrealistic to many people who have never left the United States or the Western world.

It however is more realistic than a world I know, have lived most of my life, and continue to feel confused, alone, and pressured to act like everyone else.

If you have the same negative feelings I do, going to a foreign country (where you can honestly find your true self) for the first time would seem like heaven to you.

After all, home is where your heart is and not where you currently live.

Womans hands holding small world Globe Planet Business
woman holding the world – A Celebration of Women

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