Accepting Other People As They Are

Life is difficult. But, other people are more difficult. As an introvert, I cannot have a simple discussion with co-workers, extended family members, or total strangers. Even if I try to talk to most of them, I fail to connect with them. They either turn to other people to talk or change the subject(s) of our conversation. I have been dealing with this frustration for nearly all of my American life. However, going to Colombia, falling in love with a friend (Erika) for life, and dating Colombian women who are easy to communicate or bond has changed my entire perspective.

Although most foreigners are easier to talk and befriend, I have to mainly focus on other Americans because I still live in United States. Regardless how my co-workers, family members, and others think and behave, I have to treat them with respect. Why? I am imperfect as they are; I make mistakes and I am going to continue doing so. The other reason is that I may someday need help from any of these people. What if I need another job (if I am fired)? What if I become ill? What if I lose my mobile phone, keys, wallet, or anything else? What if my vehicle breaks down?

After reading or watching surprising news, dealing with foolish employees, watching stupid TV shows or movies, and hearing about coward American/Western men who come up with excuses for not meeting foreign women, I start to realize that many people are not going to change their actions. I have to accept these people for who they are. Then, I can turn to the following 6 positive results:

  • I am not upset or angry.
    • Unless someone is bothering, staring, or making me feel uncomfortable, I have no negative reaction if he or she does something unreasonable or stupid.
  • I am not shocked or surprised anymore.
    • Because I read or hear about pedophilia, murder, incest, and other sick and evil crimes happening in the world, I can expect anyone to do the unthinkable behind closed doors.
  • I can remain sane or strong-minded.
    • What other people say or think about me does not really affect me.
      • I take control of my thoughts and actions.
    • Whether I am at my crummy job, home, or elsewhere, I put myself in a better mood because of these solutions:
  • I am not bothered if others mistreat or ignore me.
    • If they think I am a loser, other people may feel the same about them too.
    • I am meant to be different.
      • If I act like most people, you probably would not be reading my blog post now.
      • I am proud of my hard work.
        • I want to draw more clip arts and write more blog posts.
        • Also, I want to inspire many people worldwide.
  • I can focus on my life mainly.
    • I want to create my own job and do something I really enjoy.
    • I want to leave my current job and work for no one else again.
    • I want to make more money.
    • As a result, I can go on more trips overseas, attend romance tours, and meet/date gorgeous foreign women.
  • I can turn to better people.

God has created and loved all people (including us) regardless of their sins, weaknesses, arrogance, foolishness, etc. Because I want to serve Him, I have to love other people (good and evil) unconditionally. It is not easy to do so. Ungodly people do not deserve love or anything else good. But, I am no different from them because I am a natural sinner too. I need to do what God requires me to do. He can therefore bless me with a bigger heart to have, successful business to run, more money to earn, and more time to spend with gorgeous women in Ukraine, Colombia, etc.

loving other people (difficult task) – In God’s Image


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