The Bachelorette versus Foreign Women

I really have enjoyed watching season 13 of “The Bachelorette” which runs from May to August every year. I hope that Rachel Lindsay and her fiance Bryan Abasolo get married. I love seeing an international couple or interracial type like them together.

Usually, I expect every bachelor or bachelorette to end the engagement with his or her partner. I always read the news online about these repetitive breakups. The relationship between the appointed bachelor or bachelorette and the chosen partner changes after his or her season of the reality TV series ends. The relationship either grows or dies.

Beautiful women exist everywhere in the world. But, the differences are their personalities, attitudes, and appearances. Regardless how different they are from each other, both American/Western women (including the bachelorettes) and foreign women face opposite consequences in their countries. The quantities and qualities of men are the main reasons.

You (American or Western man) would see my perspective as I explain the advantages and disadvantages for each bachelorette and each group of foreign women (e.g. Ukrainians or filipinas) below:

The Bachelorette


  • At the beginning of her season, she has 30, more, or less eligible men who are interested in her.
    • She can choose whoever she likes and wants to spend (more) time.
    • The reasons for her narrow choices of men are:
      • good looks
      • charm
      • good communication
      • activities to do together
      • strong or growing connection
  • Even though she has a short time with all the men, she has enough chances to know them individually.
    • The men can do the same with her as well.
    • Everyone is supposed to be fair and civil to each other.
      • But, usually he does not do it because of:
      • The same things apply to certain women in every “Bachelor” season too.


  • She has to constantly break hearts of many men until she is with the last man.
    • Some men may think that she is selfish or heartless.
    • Others would understand that she is just following her heart.
      • They have to do the same as well.
    • Because she is monogamous, she has to pick 1 guy only.
    • What if she goes home alone like former bachelor Brad Womack has in his 1st season in 2007?
      • If so, she may have to hide from the angry public like he has.
  • She has to send any man home if she loses interest.
    • No matter who he is, what he does, or how he feels about her, he can be eliminated if she feels no (or lack of) chemistry or connection.
    • She may feel guilty or regretful initially.
    • But, she would later realize that she has made the right decision.
  • She might separate from the final man of her choice after the season ends.
    • Again, I want Rachel and Bryan to stay together.
    • If they do not get married at all, many fans, viewers, etc. may stop believing in true love.
    • However, they can move forward to the next season of “The Bachelorette”.

Foreign Women


  • They meet a few good American/Western men at every romance tour social.
    • They have the opportunities to seek their potential boyfriends or husbands.
    • They should be able to talk to any men they are interested.
    • If any men want to date certain women, the men can ask their translators or the women themselves.
  • If they build relationships with the men, the women would make the relationships work.
    • The men would do the same too.
    • According to Mark Davis from Dream Connections or Bud Patterson from A Foreign Affair, foreign women do not believe in divorce or probably breakups either.
      • But, if the women are cheated or abused, they may end their relationships or marriages.
    • Typically, a foreign woman would show honesty or avoid taking the relationship to the next level if she does not want to be with a man.
      • It does not matter if he is an American, Westerner, or a local foreigner.
  • Unlike the Bachelorette, some foreign women would still give chances to men even if the women are not interested.
    • The women do not want to hurt the feelings of the men.
    • Women want to know men well.
    • It is possible that women fall in love with men and vice versa.


  • The women have limited access to men in general.
    • They can only choose 2 types of men:
      • American/Western men who show up to meet them overseas
      • local foreign men who are interested in them
    • If women are not pleased with both groups of men, they can always remain single.
    • Other options for meeting better men are:
      • repeatedly attending romance tour socials
      • registering for international online dating websites
        • Cupid Media might be really good for foreign women to join.
  • Women have to compete with each other for attention or interest of men in general.
    • It does not matter if the women are at the socials or their home cities.
    • Women keep outnumbering men because of the country or countries they live.
    • If the women ever go to United States or the Westernized world, they would get plenty of male attention.
  • The majority of women are left dateless.
    • But, they still receive much respect, attention, joy, fun, etc. at romance tour socials.
    • Some women are personally interviewed in order to attract particular men.
    • If women want to woo suitable dates, boyfriends, or even husbands, women must:
      • use their amazing skills to do anything that is necessary
      • show their good characteristics to anyone who is available
    • Seeking the right person is as hard as finding a good job.
      • Truly, many Americans/Westerners are facing both difficulties as foreign women do.

A single bachelorette from United States or a Westernized country has easy access to many suitable men. However, thousands of women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, China, etc. do not. Each of the women probably cannot find even 1 local guy who is right for her.

As a result, I want to help foreign women draw more good men to their countries (through this blog). This task is challenging but worthy of doing. Foreign women have so much inner and outer beauty; they deserve more attention and respect than a bachelorette (who may be snobbish, materialistic, difficult, etc.) does. Any men who seriously want to find the right women should be willing to get on an airplane and fly to a foreign country or countries.

The men can easily find whom they have been searching for a long time.

If a bachelorette can send foreign women the male contestants she rejects, foreign women would probably thank her for the rest of their lives.

Rachel Lindsay (bachelorette) and 31 male contestants – ABC’s The Bachelorette (source)

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