How Is a Romance Tour Beneficial to American Men and Foreign Women?

A romance tour is a social event American and Western men attend for intentionally meeting, dating, and possibly marrying foreign women. Both genders meet each other in Ukraine, Colombia, Costa Rica, China, the Philippines, or another foreign country. Each American/Western man is provided a translator (usually female due to good reasons) for personal assistance and mainly communication with foreign women he meet/date. Also, he can choose a group or individual romance tour (also known as one-on-one introductions) as well as a foreign country. If he chooses a group tour, he must arrive to a foreign country via airport on a Thursday. He receives a hotel reservation, 2 socials (1 on a Friday and the other on a Saturday) where he meets different women, and a translator/personal assistant. Plus, he meets other American/Western men as well. The end of the group tour is on a Tuesday the following week. He can depart that day or stay longer (as most men probably do) for his trip and therefore spend extra time with his date(s). However, if he goes on an individual tour, he cannot attend 2 socials. Even though he would not meet other guys like him, at least he would have a translator/personal assistant included in his package. Both A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections romance agencies (that I am only aware) have both romance tours as payable options for his selection.

I have never attended a romance tour. However, I plan to do so in the future. I am very interested in meeting Ukrainian, Philippine, and Colombian women particularly. I want to date as many of them as possible. I want to value, respect, romance, and know each of them well. Foreign women deserve love and appreciation from American/Western men because foreign women really get neither from foreign men. I have difficulty believing that attractive foreign women are mistreated or considered unimportant in their countries. If they have the chance to visit United States or some Westernized country, they would probably be treated way better than American/Western men (including myself) are. Additionally, foreign women (especially they are dressed femininely) would continuously receive wanted and unwanted attention everywhere they go. Because I want to marry a foreign woman, I have to worry about her protection.

Is a romance tour the main reason why international dating/marriage are growing? If so, then hopefully A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, I Love Latins (which also includes a pool party on a Sunday), and other international dating/marriage agencies each sell out every romance tour they have. Fortunately, a slow number of American/Western men do attend each romance tour. Sometimes, the number rises depending on the season. As I expect, more foreign women (imagine their number doubling, tripling, or maximizing the low number of American/Western men who date/marry internationally) join a international agency, have interviews, and show up for a social. What are the benefits for both genders participating in a romance tour? The following 3 paragraphs explain for them.

American/Western Men

American/Western men are given the opportunity to meet/date as many foreign women as they like. In United States or a Westernized country, American/Western men would never experience this moment unless they are rich, charming, attractive, etc. Other advantages for attending a romance tour are building confidence or more thereof, gaining self-love, and having high expectations of ideal women. If an American/Western man results in dating/marrying a woman from his country, he would hope that she is as beautiful inside and out as a foreign woman he has met/dated.

Foreign Women

Women overseas are fortunate in meeting the right men from United States/Westernized countries. Foreign women cannot give up; they must persistently attend every romance tour until they find their ideal boyfriends or husbands. Secondly, foreign women are treated like queens and human beings at a romance tour. If some of them end up with no date(s), they can still have fun from partying and dancing. Lastly, they would believe that God has indeed created a good man for each of them. Foreign women who are still single have to patiently wait and do their parts so that God can bless them with moral boyfriends/husbands.

Both of Them

Most American/Western men and foreign women do not know each other when they all come together for a social. However, they can become friends for life; they can stay in touch with each other via phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. They can talk about unforgettable moments such as dancing, listening to music, playing games, and so on.

A romance tour changes human lives forever. Both genders can return home and feel better about themselves. They can forget about their exes or those who have rejected them. They have built lasting friendships with one another. They now know that they can find true love internationally. But, if they each want to continue looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right abroad, they must be willing to go to another romance tour. If they decide to turn to local dating in their own countries, they may face challenge(s). Concerning dating or marrying those of the opposite sex in their country, American/Western men or foreign women should expect the unexpected.

Have you been on a romance tour? If so, describe your experience. What country have you gone? What international dating agency have you joined? Who have you met and dated? Include more information below. If you have not attended a romance tour, are you interested?

A Foreign Affair romance tour – Pinterest (source)
Dream Connections quest tour – (source)
I Love Latins pool party – I Love Latins (source)


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