The 5 Best Dating Websites of the World

Ever since I started going to Thomas Nelson Community College (which is located in Hampton, Virginia) in August 2005, I fell in love with online dating. I registered for a few dating websites. I became a paying member for a few such as Yahoo! Personals, meetic, and Latineuro. However, I was disappointed with all of them. I therefore never again paid or rejoined them. I thought that all dating websites including Facebook (free) were shady. If I could not find a good woman for friendship or dating locally or online, then where else could I go to find her? Fortunately, I found an answer a year later after probably doing a curious search on Google. The idea of international dating had changed my life forever.

Today, I am still interested in dating foreign women. I have been feeling this way for almost 11 years. Just as most American/Western women are not going to change, most foreign women are not going to change as well. Foreign women would continue being kind, sincere, feminine, and simple because of their upbringings, cultures, etc. No man (regardless of his race, nationality, appearance, etc.) would have a problem with foreign women as long as he dresses and behaves well. He can have a date with any foreign woman he wants. I can do the same as well; I do not have to worry if she is more concerned about my money or my looks. She is indeed more interested in me as a man; she might want to commit or marry me (or another man who shares my inner characteristics) someday.

Because many dating websites are corrupt or disappointing, many people are left single and possibly heartbroken. They may believe that they would be alone for the rest of their lives. If you (American or Western man) are one of them, I want to heal your pain. I want to bring happiness in your life. As a result, I would provide you 5 dating websites that would truly help you find the right woman and change your life forever. They are:

Dream Connections

This is the most highly recommended (international) dating website I consider. It has been approved and graded A+ by Better Business Bureau. Not only can you find the woman of your dreams but also you would have supporting owners, staff members, and past/current customers. You can become friends with them for life. The owners Mark (American) and Anna (Ukrainian) Davis have been together since December 2006; they have been married for almost 10 years (in October 2017). Because of their sincere and strong union plus the desire for success of their company, they make sure that they pick the right American/Western men and right foreign women for every quest tour. The result and main purpose is creating happy international couples. If you want to get in contact with Mark and Anna or know their business well, check out their social media information:
Dream Connections website – Sitejabber

A Foreign Affair

I have written a review about this awesome international dating website. If you want to meet and go out with beautiful women in Colombia, Philippines, Ukraine, or any other foreign country, join the website and pay and attend a romance tour event. You would feel like a king of the world. But, if you need more time to think about this, do any of these options:

You would learn necessary information and know that this website is 100% real and honest. It is similar to Dream Connections website. They both make international dating worthy of doing. You would not be disappointed at all.

A Foreign Affair website ad –


If there is any American dating website you should feel comfortable visiting and consider worthwhile, it is eHarmony. It is not like other typical online dating websites (which can scare or make you want to remain single). It has:

  • successful love stories
  • helpful articles
  • dating sections for specific people
  • dating advice
  • and so on

You would have enough information that may encourage you to register, create a profile, communicate, etc. regarding American/Western women (who are hopefully the good ones).

eHarmony website –

Latin Affairs

If you are interested in dating lovely and dark-skinned women, choose Latin Affairs website. For 18 years, the company (owned by a German guy named Diego) has been introducing American/Western men to their potential girlfriends or wives from different cities in Dominican Republic. It is the only company that goes nationwide and profiles various Dominican women; the company supposedly has 2 offices (1 in the northern side of the country and the other in the southern side). Take a look at the website and view some profiles of stunning women. If you are interested in meeting Dominican women and perhaps taking 1 or more of them around their country, pay for any of these services via Paypal (which makes me really trust the website):

Latin Affairs website – LinkedIn SlideShare


If you have a wireless mobile phone, you may fall in love with this new dating app (you need to install/download). You can only register through your Facebook profile. Select any woman (whether she is American, Western, or foreign) based on her attractive photo(s). Chat or message her for:

  • flirting
  • possible friendship
  • dating
  • possible marriage
  • etc.

Meet her in person no matter where she lives.

If you want to know more details about Tinder, click on this review link.

Tinder website ad 1 – Alvomedia
Tinder website ad 2 – Alvomedia


Any of these 5 dating websites would not disappoint or frustrate you. You can have great success in finding Mrs. Right (especially if you go overseas). Whether you pay for a membership, particular service, romance tour, or anything else, you would be pleased. If you go on any other dating website I have not picked and discussed, you may be ripped off, face a possible scam, or deal with both problems. But, if you know or can find a dating website (that is similar or better than Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, eHarmony, Latin Affairs, or Tinder website is), then tell me below what it is, what it does, its pros and cons, and so on.



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