My Review – “Cupid Media” Websites

For 17 years (2000), “Cupid Media” dating websites have been connecting single men and women around the world. Diverse creators, who probably still reside in Australia, continue to provide, update, and sustain their registered members with safe online dating. As a result, members are hopeful in finding their potential partners or spouses domestically or internationally.

Regardless of your nationality, gender, social status, sexual orientation, etc., you (American or Western man) can register for any of 36 “Cupid Media” dating websites. But, choose one or more that suits your dating preferences. Despite that you have to pay, you are reassured that you can find the woman of your dreams. Just watch any “90 Day Fiance” TV show for confirmation.

I have enjoyed writing previous reviews about other dating websites I highly recommend to you or anyone else. But, now writing this review concerning many dating websites is superb. Here are my 3 likes and 2 dislikes regarding them overall:


  • diversity of dating websites
  • job opportunities
    • If you are interested in working at the headquarters, contact and forward your resume to whoever is available online.
    • However, make sure that you initially write about a particular job (e.g. online marketer or graphic designer) you want.
    • The disadvantage is moving to Australia because all jobs are offline.
      • But, if you live there, you should have no problem.
  • testimonials of successful couples


  • less YouTube videos
    • Each dating website probably has the exact same number of videos on its YouTube channel.
    • Honestly, I do find the videos suspicious.
    • But, if you are a fan or expert of online dating, you may not be bothered with the questionable YouTube videos from “Cupid Media” company.
  • no offline meetings
    • 1-on-1 introductions or romance tours are not available on any “Cupid Media” website unfortunately.
    • However, you can electronically communicate and physically meet any woman around the world.
      • Do not expect much help from the people at the headquarters if you visit her in her country and the offline relationship between both of you does not work.
      • You can always move on to another woman who is registered on the same dating website or a different one.
    • In my opinion, you would do so much better if you attend a romance tour (where you can meet plenty of real ladies with serious intentions) with any of these 4 good agencies:

“Cupid Media” websites are not as good or trustworthy as the 4 dating websites (that each provide physical gatherings with sincere ladies) I have mentioned above.

But, “Cupid Media” websites are better or safer than, Plenty of Fish, and definitely Craigslist websites are. You can become a member of any “Cupid Media” website. You can connect with any woman globally. You however have to relocate to Australia so that you can get an ideal job at the headquarters.

Whether you move and work at Australia or stay in your own country, you should mainly focus on finding your potential girlfriend or wife on any “Cupid Media” website.

You deserve her because you deserve to be happy (or happier).

Plus, life is short.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Combine it with hers.

Give thanks to “Cupid Media” company for creating your true love.

featured couple on “Cupid Media” website – NBC News

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