Why Does a Man Need a Woman in His Life?

Although God has created someone for everyone, many people around the world are still single. In fact, some of them are enjoying their marital status so that they can freely hook up with whoever they wish. Others are:

Unless a man has a poor health condition, busy occupation, or necessary task (e.g. feeding the homeless or taking care of a relative) that would benefit other people, he cannot spend the rest of his life without a woman. He cannot naturally replace her with anyone (e.g. his mother) or anything (e.g. his business) especially at home.

Why is her presence so important to him?

  • He needs her connection.
  • He wants to touch and to be touched.
    • He has physical needs that she or another woman can fulfill.
    • If he is devoid of her sexual attention, he can become mentally and emotionally unstable.
    • Do you (American or Western man) know anyone who is asexual or 100% sane without a partner or spouse?
  • He feels incomplete without her.
  • He may worry about negative opinions from other people.
    • Possible questions that may pop up in his mind are:
      • Would my family and friends not make such a big deal that I am still single and childless?
      • Would society still respect me as an unmarried man instead of treating me as a creep, criminal, or pervert?
      • Would I really be happy being single for the rest of my life?
    • Devoting his life to the Lord God or the less fortunate people can keep others from:
      • thinking that there is something seriously wrong with him
      • accusing him of being gay
      • setting him up on blind date(s)
  • He can send himself to a dark path intentionally or not.
    • If he cannot or does not find a good woman who can improve his life and well-being, he can be led to any of these destructive behaviors:
    • Do you know any bad guys who are involved with good women?
      • Usually, a good woman leaves her boyfriend or husband when she learns about his crimes or bad habits.

A woman is the only one who can naturally satisfy a man. How can he honestly remain single plus happy and rational too? Would he eventually live in depression, emotional pain, and regret because of his choice to not be with her? No matter where he is, what he does, how long he lives, and so on, he would always think about her:

  • presence
  • hugs
  • kisses
  • support
  • unconditional love
  • and the list goes on

If he is devoid of a girlfriend or wife, he would need a good replacement that can help function his body and mind. One example is helping those in need. Another is traveling somewhere so that he can explore a different culture, connect with different people, etc. If he ever encounters a special woman, he should stay in touch with her.

He should see where his relationship with her goes.

Whether he stays or breaks up with her, he should realize how much he naturally needs a woman.

He is a human being with natural feelings he cannot ignore.

He needs something (e.g. erotic love) that he cannot get from other people or even himself.

He needs his second half as the solution of his physical, emotional, etc. problems.

Then, together they can become so strong that no one or nothing can break them apart.

Josh (American) and his Philippine lady Aika from “90 Day Fiance” – TLC

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