International Dating – A Gift from God

More American/Western men and even some women are traveling to other countries for total freedom, identity, and especially true love. They want to escape from never-ending drama, arrogance, foolishness, etc. at home. They are tired of being rejected, heartbroken, robbed, deceived, or victimized thanks to local dating, online dating, or both. They are no longer going to tolerate locals who make them so miserable. They are in paradise. Therefore, they are going to receive positive results that would improve their lives.

I thank God that I have met and dated wonderful Colombian and Dominican women. I am also grateful to Him for touching the hearts of many Americans/Westerners who go abroad and find their future partners or spouses regardless. He knows who is right for me, you (American or Western man), and others. We have to willingly go wherever our second halves are.

Why should you see international dating as a blessing from the Lord God?

He has Biblically created and destined a connection among various people.

It is hard to ignore others of different races, countries, cultures, personalities, etc. You live in the same planet with them. What if God has your future girlfriend or wife awaiting you to show up in her country someday? What if a foreigner has something (e.g. computer skills) you need specifically for your project or business? When it comes to your life goals, do not shut out whoever can help you accomplish them.

Many single people may truly be unhappy with their marital status or their partners.

You may know or live in the same city with them. They seem happy every time you see them in public. But, who really are they when they are behind closed doors? Are they truly happy? Do not also forget about other local singles or couples who show how dysfunctional or irrational they are. Whether they have met on online dating websites or local places, you may be urged to seek an emotionally stable (and possibly Christian) woman elsewhere. You can always find plenty of single ladies like her overseas.

You may want a particular woman who is hard to find at home.

Do not join other local men who want to remain single forever or build meaningless relationships with random women. Follow me and other Men of Action to the path of joy, humanity, independence, and significance (which is located abroad). You can not only find the woman of your dreams but also you can meet other foreigners (and possibly successful international couples) who can become your friends for life.

He wants whoever is good for you.

Why do you think that many people always break up or divorce? In addition, why do you think that some do not go on second or later dates? Like them, you may do the same if you feel no chemistry with a woman. You may be willing to listen to your heart because you want to find the right lady. If she does not exist where you live, maybe God is telling you that she is present in Ukraine, China, or another foreign country. He would rather see you traveling around the world in pursuit of her instead of staying home and giving up on true love.

Both local and online dating may lead you to disappointment.

Whether you go on the Internet, a local restaurant, or even a church of God for true love, you may receive the same negative result(s). You may start believing that you are meant to be alone for the rest of your life. Seeing happy local couples (who are talking, joking, laughing, or dancing) may make you feel annoyed, jealous, or even worse. Therefore, you have 2 options for finding a sincere woman:

  • Pray and ask God to send her to you wherever you live.
    • However, you may be waiting for a long time.
  • The other is:
    • Pick a foreign country where many good ladies are available for a good man like you.
    • Get on airplane(s) that takes you there.
    • Meet and continue dating them until you find Miss Right.
      • If you do not find her on your first trip, repeat with your second, third, or subsequent trip.
      • Do not give up on her.


God offers you (plus me and everyone else in this planet) eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ.

God also gives you the decision to date internationally so that you can build a permanent relationship (leading to a potential marriage) with a foreign woman.

He wants you to be happy. He wants you to grow. Furthermore, He wants you to trust and use His goodness for everything you do. You are purposely made in order to make a positive difference in this world. You are not supposed to follow many other people (including those you may have close relations) who are:

  • lazy
  • disorganized
  • uncaring
  • atheistic
  • ignorant
  • self-centered
  • dishonest
  • mostly negative

If you want (more) success or happiness in your life, you have to go your own way.

You should really listen to your heart. One reason is that God can speak through it. Also, it encourages you to:

If your family and friends are encouraging you to live a boring or unwanted life, you must be honest and persistent about your wishes.

Become the person you really want to be.

Find a woman you can truly fall head over heels.

Create an amazing life that you and she can actually share together.

God’s gift to mankind – Third and Central Church of Christ


    • Thanks for reading and commenting on this blog post.

      International dating has changed my life. I have met and dated lovely, sincere, and approachable women in Colombia and Ukraine. It is hard to find women like them in United States. But, I know that there are some good American women anyway. My heart is with a woman from another country (e.g. Ukraine). I want to have real happiness in my life.

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