2 Ways to Understand Foreign Women

Like myself, you (American or Western man) are not going to totally understand many American or Westernized women regarding their irrational thoughts and actions. However, you can always learn about foreign women (whether you connect with them in person or do research on them online) without losing your sanity or getting your head bitten off. So, the following 2 ways (below) describe how you can 100% understand women in Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, or another third world country:

Learn adequate information about foreign men.

Watching this linked YouTube video (in which Mark Davis of Dream Connections agency discusses the pros and cons of Ukrainian men) should give you a straight answer.

Because the majority of foreign ladies cannot find good men locally, ladies turn to American/Western men for dating, friendship, marriage, etc. Only a small number of foreign men still has enough respect, love, etc. for the women. The other foreign men (millions of them) however are arrogant and uncaring due to:

If you feel the same way I do about foreign women, you would understand why I want to help them find true love and why I have written over 120 blog posts (since February of this year). They deserve more than what they are receiving in their countries. As beautiful and pleasant as they are, they should have no problem(s) in attracting more goodhearted men from United States, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the Western world.

Study their culture(s).

Take notes while you read online information concerning a specific foreign culture (or cultures).

Click on the linked video (in which Mark interviews his employee from Medellin, Colombia) so that you can hear the perspective of a foreign woman.

If you really want to know why foreign women behave in certain ways, what they like, what they dislike, where they go for fun, what they eat, what music they listen and dance, and so on, contact or watch YouTube videos from these international dating experts:

Another option to learn about foreign culture(s) is talking to someone (or more people) while you are abroad.


Learning one or more foreign languages is good if you just want to have successful verbal communication with foreign women (without a human or electronic translator present).

Just because you talk to a woman you do not know in the same language (e.g. Spanish or Russian), it does not mean that you both are going to become close friends or monogamous partners.

However, learning additional information about foreign men and foreign culture(s) is going to help you connect and win the hearts of foreign women.

Each woman (you take on a date) would then know how much you care about her. She can therefore reciprocate her feelings to you. Whether you develop a monogamous relationship or not, you have given her hope. Thanks to you, she can tell and prove to her family, friends, and others that international love is sincere. She can help them eliminate their small-minded beliefs or negative thoughts of dating and marriage overall.

She is going to find her happiness whether she is involved with you or another man.

She can help other local foreign women do the same.

Separated or together, both of you are making a big difference in the world.

Other people are going to know the truth anyway…based on my past experiences.

We must promote international dating for the sake of many single, unhappy, and lonely people around the world.

Thus, they would:

Russian or Ukrainian woman – Elena’s Models blog
another Russian or Ukrainian woman – Elena’s Models blog


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