Giving Hope to Foreign Women

Women in Ukraine, China, Philippines, Colombia, and other foreign countries are:

  • smart
  • attractive
  • successful
  • professional
  • honest
  • easy to talk, connect, and get along
  • family-oriented

However, the problems they face in their own countries (which are patriarchal) are:

  • lack of respect
  • lack of protection
  • lack of good jobs
    • Although many Ukrainian women have graduated from high school and college, they are either unemployed or employed at crummy jobs.
      • I do have something in common with them due to this problem.
  • social/peer pressure
    • Smart but unmarried Chinese women definitely suffer from this ordeal.
      • Consequently, some of them have committed suicide or thought of doing it.
  • raising kid(s) alone
  • working extremely long hours
    • I have heard about this issue after watching YouTube video(s) from Mark Davis of Dream Connections.
      • Some women especially ones in Ukraine cannot make it to a romance tour social.
  • failure to find marriage-minded men
    • Most foreign men see foreign women as maids, slaves, sex objects, or subordinates.

In order to have a much better life, foreign women join international dating agencies like A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, etc. so that the women can meet, date, and possibly marry American and Western men. Men of Action would succeed in winning the hearts of the women. Keyboard Romeos would be rejected if the women suspect or believe that the men have no serious intention of visiting them overseas.

If you, I, and other single or divorced American/Western men honestly want to attract foreign women, we all must become Men of Action. We must prove the women that we are different from Keyboard Romeos or unfaithful foreign men (who constantly hook up with different foreign women). If we become successful, we would make the women feel:

  • loved
    • Foreign women may really have faith in God.
    • They may trust or wait on Him for sending the right men to them.
    • If the women can find men (including us) who accept their traits, weaknesses, etc., the women would do the same for the men.
  • respected
    • The women can continue being themselves emotionally, naturally, culturally, etc.
      • They would not change even if they marry us and move to our countries.
    • The women would feel as equal as we American/Western men do.
    • The women are as human as we are.
  • remembered
    • The women would really take us American/Western men seriously if we return to their countries and see them again.
      • I plan to return to Dominican Republic and see a woman (Dessy) again.
    • The women would know how special they are to us all.
    • As a result, the women would not forget us (probably for the rest of their lives).
  • important
    • As the women are important to God, they are also important to us men too.
    • The women would know how much they mean to us.
    • Even if the women do not fully understand why we American/Western men come to their countries and date or marry them, the women would know that we cannot live without them.
      • If foreign women are not so beautiful inside and out, I would probably have no interest in them at all.
      • What about you?
  • inspired
    • The women would continue attending romance tour social(s) until they find the right men or decide to quit and remain single.
    • The women may also give inspiration to their families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
    • The women may do more things or something (extraordinary) they have never done.
      • Olga Reznikova, a popular Ukrainian woman who uploads YouTube videos, is a great example.

American/Western women (including the undeserving ones) get much respect and attention from men. Why cannot attractive foreign women be treated the same too? But, they have to go to United States or a Westernized country in order to be equal with American/Western women. Because most of them need a K1 fiancee visa for legal entrance to United States/Westernized country (for only 90 days), they have to stay where they live. Even though they love their countries, they have to continue dealing with the cultural issues. They would truly see us Men of Action as their saviors and rocks. They want us to:

I am willing to build a life with a marriage-minded woman from a foreign country.

Are you sincerely?
true meaning of hope –


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