Keyboard Romeos versus Men of Action

International dating is growing. More American and Western men are showing interest in women from Peru, Ukraine, Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, etc. But, when it comes to actually getting on an airplane and personally meeting foreign women, the men fall into 2 groups:

  • Keyboard Romeos
    • They chat or write romantic email letters to foreign women.
    • They constantly break their promises or tell lies to the women.
    • They stay home because of following potential reasons:
      • fear
      • mind games
      • second thoughts about meeting, dating, and connecting with foreign women
      • influence by family, friends, etc.
      • nothing else better to do
  • Men of Action
    • They plan their trip, pay the money, pack their suitcases, and fly to particular foreign countries in order to meet/date particular foreign women.
    • If the men chat or email the women, the men would truthfully tell when they are coming and keep their promises with the women.
    • The men do not let anyone or anything discourage or stop them from following their hearts.
      • I am one of them truly.
      • I am already saving money and planning my second trip to Dominican Republic next year.
      • Are you (American or Western man) a Man of Action like I am?

I have been motivated to write this blog post because of a YouTube video I have watched from A Foreign Affair ( The host, Bud Patterson, has mentioned a few times that only 3% of the American/Western men who communicate with foreign women online goes overseas. As a result, 97% of the men are really Keyboard Romeos. They would not stand a chance with Dream Connections dating agency. Mark and Anna Davis (owners of that agency) do not believe or have email and chat service on their website at all. They require all American/Western men (who are interested in Ukrainian, Thai, or Colombian women) to go meet them in person. Like Olga Reznikova (popular Ukrainian female blogger on YouTube), I am also happy about this fact.

Both groups of American/Western men are given their own results below:

Keyboard Romeos

  • They let obstacles (e.g. family, friends, doubt, etc.) win.
  • They leave foreign women disappointed.
  • They may end up alone.
  • Another possible option is being in unhappy or unstable relationships with local American/Western women.

Men of Action

  • They overcome their obstacles.
  • They make foreign women fall in love with them.
  • They give joy and hope to foreign women who feel alone and unwanted.
  • They either pick a particular foreign woman (at a romance tour) immediately or continue dating until they find the right one.
  • They build a serious relationship or marriage with her.

Keyboard Romeos talk the talk.

But, Men of Action walk the walk.

They are therefore considered real men in my opinion (unlike Keyboard Romeos). Dream Connections agency do not have to worry about Keyboard Romeos because it has no online communication service on its website. A Foreign Affair agency, on the other hand, does. Maybe it needs to completely remove the service in order to get more Men of Action. Online dating is truly creating dishonest or shady people including Keyboard Romeos. Therefore, I believe and want to prove to you and the rest of the world how much better international dating is. Getting on an airplane and flying to a foreign country are not easy. But, you (like myself) would meet gorgeous and caring foreign women who are worth your trip.

Become a Man of ActionDream Connections YouTube Channel


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