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I have become more passionate about my blog overall. There is nothing else like it on the Internet. I am amazed of the 90+ blog posts I have published for 7 months. Not that many authors or bloggers have published most or even a few books, articles, or blog posts about finding true love overseas. I guess that the people do not know or care about international dating or marriage at all.

Probably for the rest of my life, I want to continue writing blog posts. I would not stop until I bring together more American/Western men and more foreign women. Unless they choose to be single, both genders deserve to be in happy, stable, and committed relationships or marriages. They are not meant to be alone eternally. God has created a woman (e.g. Eve) for a man (e.g. Adam). As a result, God would do the same for every human being too.

I can discuss about international love, romance, etc. in unlimited words. However, in this blog post, I choose mainly 26 adjectives that describe sincere American/Western men, me, foreign women, or international couples. The extended information is listed below:

  • alone
    • Worldwide, countless single men and women feel this way.
  • beautiful
    • There are so many Ukrainian, Chinese, Philippine, etc. women who have both inner and outer beauty.
  • caring
  • different
    • Some American/Western men (including myself) must go overseas in order to meet better women.
  • eager
  • faithful
    • Most foreign women are devoted to their boyfriends or husbands.
      • That fact probably explains why the divorce rates in non-Westernized countries are low.
  • genuine
    • Men and women are interviewed separately before they attend a Dream Connections quest tour.
      • Then, both genders with good intentions can find true love at a social.
  • hopeful
    • People who keep going to romance tour socials would feel this way.
  • inspirational
    • International couples are waking up the eyes of many singles and couples (from the same countries) with the truth.
      • Like celebrities, international couples (especially those of different races) probably cannot go anywhere without getting unwanted attention from strangers.
  • jubilant
  • kind
  • loving
    • Any man and any woman from 2 different countries can fall in love with each other.
  • memorable
    • Happily married couples seem to remember all the times (good and possibly bad) they have together.
  • natural
    • If an American/Western man feels chemistry with a foreign woman, he should pursue her.
  • open-minded
    • International couples are encouraging various singles to communicate, accept, and be honest with each other.
  • personal
  • quixotic
    • Many international couples stay together although the rest of the world still considers their relationships or marriages unrealistic.
  • romantic
    • Click on this link if you want to read about awesome places you can take your date.
  • smart
  • truthful
    • The truth leads American/Western men and foreign women to:
  • unique
    • An international couple is supposed to create its own original love story.
  • valuable
    • A successful relationship or marriage with another living soul is more important than your money, materialistic items, or job(s) is.
      • When you die, you cannot take anything physical with you.
        • However, you can take only:
          • your memories
          • your feelings
          • your thoughts
  • wholehearted
    • As more international marriages are built, less people would remain single (if they wish).
  • xenophilic
    • I am very drawn to stunning women in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, and Dominican Republic.
  • yearning
    • Most foreign women desire men who would love, respect, and be devoted to them.
  • zealous
    • Similar to Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, and other international dating agencies, I also want to create international couples.
      • It does not matter:
        • how long this mission takes
        • how many years we have to wait
        • how many additional blog posts I have to write
        • how much money we have to spend
        • and so on

Doing this alphabetical list should prove how much I care about international dating/marriage. I love coming up with original things. I really want to encourage you and other American/Western men to step outside your comfort zones and be with your Ukrainian, Philippine, Colombian, etc. girlfriends or wives.

Single men (including you) who are marriage-minded deserve to be happy because their lives are short. If they continue to listen to other people, do what everyone else does, think highly of the American/Western cultures, waste time on meaningless things, etc., they might as well flush the rest of their lives down the toilet.

They would lose that time forever.

Plus, they would have plenty of regrets when they grow old and die one day.

Remaining single or being involved with unhappy women would not make a difference.

However, if they ever visit an inspirational blog like mines, they can:

  • save enough time
  • have the courage to follow their hearts only
  • plan their trips
  • date internationally (like I have 3 times in Latin America)
  • repeat until they find the right women

Then, the times these international couples have together would become very precious.

A – Z word couple – Twoology (source)

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