My Romantic Date with a Foreign Woman

I am very attracted to foreign women especially the ones in Colombia and the Dominican Republic (both countries I have visited). I think that they are beautiful and special. I wish that each of them can find a good man (foreign, American, or Western) who is crazy about any of them as I am. The next time I go overseas, I want to take a foreign woman (same or different one) to any or all 7 ideal places for unforgettable romance.

Of course, I would like to take her to a nice restaurant. I want to buy whatever she wants; hopefully, the price would not be so expensive though. If she wears something (e.g. blue dress) formal or casual, that would be great. I should do the same as well. As a result, we would attract, value, respect, and get to know each other in a comfortable manner.

couple dating at a restaurant – West Palm Beach Magazine

The second place we can enjoy is a movie theater. We would sit next to each other; we can talk while we are sharing a bucket of popcorn together. I can put my arm on her shoulders if she consents. I prefer to watch a movie that is light and calm. For example, we can watch a drama, action, or comedy movie. I would rather stay away from a movie (e.g. “The Green Inferno“) that is dark, violent, and or gruesome. It may ruin our date and leave us traumatized.

couple at a movie theater –

If there is a roller-skating rink overseas, I would be very happy. I would love to skate with her. I imagine that my favorite American music from the late Michael Jackson is playing. We are dancing and holding hands while we are moving with our skates. We would definitely have a great and memorable time.

**EXCLUSIVE** Disney star Paris Berelc and Aramis Knight go roller skating at Skateland
roller-skating couple – Just Jared Jr.

Another fun place to take her is the carnival fair. I remember going there every year in the 3 of my childhood years I have lived in Spanaway, Washington. I want to go back to the carnival fair indeed. In fact, I have gone to one with a date during my first trip in Barranquilla, Colombia. The carnival fair is an exciting place to go and spend time with family, friends, or a date. I would love to go on a merry-go-round and other different rides with my foreign date. I also want to play a game and win a prize (e.g. stuffed bear) for her. Then, we can eat cotton candy and enjoy the rest of the day or night together.

couple riding together at a carnival fair – Two Bright Lights

The mall is one place she would love to go. She can buy new clothes to wear. She can get her hair or nails done. Hopefully, she would let me pay the money for everything she needs or wants. Walking together is not only good for exercising but also talking and knowing each other well.

couple walking and shopping at a mall – freepik

The beach, in my opinion, is an entrance to paradise. We are happy and free. We can build a sandcastle. We can jump in the water for a swim. We can look at the sky and rest of nature. We can also collect shells. It would be a plus if she wears a sexy bikini.

couple at a beach –

The last romantic place I recommend is the zoo. I think that taking her there would make her believe how much I care about animals, humanity, her culture, etc. She probably would think that I want to have kids someday as well. As we walk, read signs, and look at animals, I can ask her about taking pictures of her petting or being next to animal(s). I can share the pictures with her via email or social media (e.g. Facebook).

couple at a zoo – Truly Madly Blog

Because most foreign women fail to find caring and moral men in their countries, most foreign women seek good American/Western men who would romance and treat them like princesses. As a good American man, I want to prove to every foreign woman (I meet) how much she means to me. Taking her to any of the 7 romantic places (I have discussed above) is a sign showing my true character. It does not matter if I marry her or not. She would know that she is valued, respected, and special. She would become hopeful or even more. She would eventually find a man (American, Western, or foreign) who truly loves and wants to be with her.

What do you consider a romantic place for your date, partner, or spouse? Why?



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