My 3 Wishes for International Couples

Creating international (int’l) couples is the main reason I have created this WordPress blog. I want to encourage other American/Western men to date or marry lovely women from Colombia, Ukraine, and other foreign countries. Foreign women deserve happiness as much as American/Western men do. Plus, they both have things in common. However, some people (It does not matter who they are.) in general are skeptical about international dating or marriage. They see it as a fantasy or curse. They probably do not believe in true love because they do not have it. Another option is that it really does not exist where (e.g. Ukraine or Dominican Republic) they live. They are used and surrounded by those who are not serious about marriage or commitment. Now, if these skeptics try to discourage or stop those who want to date/marry someone from another country, then these skeptics are truly creating problem(s). Like a struggling int’l couple from the reality show “90 Day Fiance“, an American/Western man and foreign woman need to eliminate loneliness, follow their hearts, overcome obstacles (even if they are loved ones), and be with each other. Bud from A Foreign Affair agency keeps telling American/Western men to go get their girls. Why are they waiting to do so? Some American/Western men and some foreign women (because international dating/marriage is not for everyone) are meant to be together as God has planned. Why should they remain single if they are not or cannot find the right partner or spouse locally?

If you (American/Western man) are seriously involved or interested in a relationship with a foreign woman, I would be happy. Like you, I am serious about dating/marrying a foreign woman. It has been almost 11 years since I have learned about foreign women; my feelings for them have not changed. I plan to return to Dominican Republic next year and see again a woman I have met, dated, and danced at a nightclub. I want to take her to a romantic restaurant and mall where I can buy her clothes/other items.

One wish I have for an int’l relationship/marriage between you and a foreign woman is increasing the marital rate. Globally, many people including Americans are single; they do not believe, desire, or take marriage seriously. If you and your foreign girlfriend or wife can help many people change their attitudes and maybe consider int’l dating/marriage, you would be making a big change around the world. Other int’l couples including Mark and Anna Davis from Dream Connections are already doing the same. In fact, they have created more int’l couples. Why can’t you and your foreign girlfriend/wife also build a int’l matchmaking business and bring other American/Western men and foreign women together? Why not also build a community for int’l couples as Mark and Anna have done too? Spread the good news about marriage. Let others positively see what you and your foreign girlfriend/wife have.

Having unconditional love is another wish of mines. Essential, it is needed so your int’l relationship/marriage can survive. You and she must accept each other. You both should not be ashamed of each other also. What makes your connection stronger is your undeniable love for each other. Love is intangible; it does not see your color, race, age, size, etc. Love only sees your heart, soul, and mind. Love has come from God truly and only.

My third and final wish is seeing more TV shows and movies about int’l dating/marriage. “90 Day Fiance” (TV show) and “Two Brothers and a Bride” (movie) are not enough for me. I think that the reason why there are less TV shows/movies is more people are involved with those of the same race, nationality, etc. I do not even see interracial American couples on many movies/TV shows either. Repetition seems to happen on every TV show/movie (e.g. The Bachelor series). I am tired of seeing a typical white man with a typical white woman. The same thing applies for the black man and black woman too. Current TV and movies are becoming boring and predictable in my opinion.

If you and your foreign girlfriend/wife can make Hollywood or whoever produce more TV shows/movies on int’l couples, I would be forever grateful. I am a big fan of int’l and interracial couples. I want to see a white woman pursuing a black man or even a white American man pursuing a white Ukrainian woman. I am excited about any of those types of romance. It may not be popular to most people. But, it is to me. I I constantly watch YouTube videos of int’l/interracial couples. I want to see more footage from the different couples and less footage from couples who look and act alike.

Ever since my first trip to Colombia, I have wanted to tell and encourage other American/Western men to go overseas and meet foreign women. But, this year, my blog has existed finally. 2017 is the right time because I have enough credible and accurate information (from Dream Connections, Happier Abroad, etc.) to write. I am coming up with interesting topics to discuss, finding good and reliable sources, and so on. Hopefully, my words would convince you to strengthen your relationship/marriage with a foreign woman or go meet and connect with her abroad.

These 3 wishes of mines seem impossible to occur. The way this world and everything else are nowadays…it is hard to keep a positive mind. I do not always get what I want. I cannot make or force you or another person to do something against his will. But, I can try to encourage you to do what is right. For example, I want every single or divorced American/Western man to be with a foreign woman. He deserves to be as happy as she is. Like God has created Eve for Adam, He also has created a woman (American/Western or foreign) for every single American/Western man. The reality, however, is that the American/Western man may not do it. He may not listen to me. He may want to remain single. He thinks that it is better than his committing or marrying a woman. Why? He is an adult. He has a choice of who he wants, what he wants, and where he wants to go. All I can do is move on and try to encourage another single American/Western man.

If my 3 wishes do come true, I would be surprised. I want to see the world happier than it is. I want to see every foreign woman to find her Mr. Right. Int’l dating/marriage is making the world better and safer thanks to Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, and other int’l romance agencies. Kids and women should worry less about being victimized. More people can avoid or overcome loneliness, obsession, hatred, selfishness, crime, and other signs of negativity.

Jeannie (Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Jeannie”) granting my 3 wishes – Pinterest               

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