What is So Wrong with International Dating?

International dating is the best type of dating (The other three types, local, online, and national dating, are not good enough for me.) and best gift I have ever received. I would not be where I emotionally am today if I had not gone abroad and dated stunning and incredible foreign women (Colombian and Dominican). I want to travel and meet more foreign women from Ukraine and the Philippines too. Like me, you can go to these countries too. You would meet various foreign women who are beautiful inside and out, hard to ignore, and deserving of good men (whether they are American/Western or local). Foreign women are worth spending extra money, getting on an airplane, and flying thousands of miles. Although they come from different races, countries, etc., they all share one thing in common: admiration of men. They would welcome you in their hearts, homes, and families with open, loving arms (that is if you are serious about committing or marrying someone). They would treat you better than your own family, friends, and the rest of American/Western society do. Every time I think, reconnect, or communicate with my Colombian friend Erika, I feel that butterflies are coming out of my stomach. But, I know and respect her marriage with an American man. I am happy for her. I have never met someone like her in the States. To be brutally honest, I think of her as more of my family than I do with my real family members (except my parents and sister). I hope to find a wife like her overseas. I still have not met anyone like Erika (before and after my two trips to Colombia) as of today. If it is hard for me to get a date or a girlfriend in the States, then it is the same for even finding a female friend I just want to talk or hang out. Actually, that has happened to me. I could care less nowadays. I cannot wait to go on my next trip abroad.

Another motivation for men going overseas is that foreign women come from cultures that focus primarily on men. The men in their countries have more rights, respect, attention, etc. than the women do. If a foreign man abuses or cheats on a woman, she is considered weak and helpless. Everyone is indifferent to her except maybe the ones who are close to her. Other women, even if they are treated better by their boyfriends/husbands, get less respect from society or the government either. Therefore, most foreign women join international dating agencies in order to meet/date/marry better men from United States and Westernized countries. If you (American/Western man) are interested in foreign women, they would appreciate and respect you for the man you are. They are not going to pressure, force, or encourage you to be someone you are not. They would do more for you than American/Western women would. If you prefer American/Western women still, do not expect royal treatment from them. Instead, you would be doing what they want. Do you really want to be with a woman who is never satisfied for what you do for her?

Even if you are drawn to foreign women, your family, friends, etc. may disagree. They may try to discourage you. They may despise or come against you for telling them that you are going to another country anyway. Why do they hate these women they do not know? Why do these Americans talk or believe what the American media/society negatively says about foreign countries? Yet, they have never left United States or even the city/state they have been living their entire lives. Why should you listen to people who are scared or uninterested in going abroad or even doing something special (because seemingly they want to do the same things other Americans are doing)? Do these people truly want you to remain single or be with a woman you do not want or who is not right for you? If so, then here are my 4 reasons why some American or Western people oppose international dating:

  • They believe or say that there are “good” women in the States.
    • Mark Davis from Dream Connections says that no one would say anything if you go on an American dating website (e.g. match.com or Craigslist). So, if you become involved with a lunatic, malicious, or weird American woman, would your family and friends like and accept her?
    • A female author had mentioned this on a past episode of “The Montel Williams Show“. She was indeed showing her anger toward American/Western men dating or marrying foreign women. Did her book(s) prove that she was right?
    • If they are telling the truth, where are these “good” women? Can you find them at a local store? Restaurant? Church? School? Anywhere else?
      • Why are they just talking but not answering where you can actually meet these women?
      • Do they really know? Or are they just lying and playing games with you?
  • They do not like the physical and cultural differences of foreign women.
    • They may be jealous of foreign women.
      • Most foreign women have both inner and outer beauty; most American/Western women either have more of one beauty or the other. Why do you think most American/Western men do not want to marry the women in their countries?
    • They are racially prejudiced.
      • They badmouth, gossip, or accuse foreign women of wanting a green card.
      • They would rather play matchmaker or see you with a woman of the same race and nationality (American) instead. For example, if you are a white American man, you are expected to be with a white American woman. The same thing goes for black American men and black American women.
      • They would also discriminate against an interracial American couple as well.
  • They do not like or understand the language of a foreign woman.
    • They cannot talk to her normally.
    • They find her accent annoying or disturbing.
    • They may have to learn and speak her language in order to build a strong connection with her or vice versa.
  • They believe in the meme “misery loves company“.
    • Truly, they are unhappy with their lives personally and probably professionally too.
    • They do not want to see you in a happy relationship or marriage with a foreign woman especially.
      • If they were truly happy, they would encourage you to be with her.

Unlike some people in the States, I do not see anything wrong with international dating. If a grown American/Western man wants to be with a Colombian, Philippine, Ukrainian, or some other foreign woman, he can. It is his life and his choice. His parents, friends, or whoever in his life has no right to tell him otherwise.

Foreigners do not see anything wrong with international dating too. In fact, some foreigners (e.g. Japanese men) date or marry other foreigners (e.g. Ukrainian women). If they see international dating/marriage as a blessing, then why do some Americans see it as a curse? To me, it is just their ignorance and hate. An interracial American couple (e.g. black man/white woman or white man/black woman) goes through the same discrimination too. This decades-old issue still continues regardless of the growing rate of biracial/multiracial citizens. That fact should motivate more American/Western men to go abroad and date/marry foreign women. Then, maybe we can put an end to racial discrimination as well as loneliness/rejection in America/Westernized countries for good.

A confused man – Diamond Light House (Source)


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