Variety of Foreign Women

Women from foreign countries are different in appearance, size, race, personality, etc. They are just as diverse as American women are. But, foreign women are friendlier, more traditional, more feminine, and easier to approach, talk, and connect. Whether you (American or Western man) are shy/quiet or outgoing/sociable, you can meet and date as many foreign women as you want. But, if you do the same thing in the States, you would have to be confident, rich, charming, attractive – in other words, pretend to be someone else. If you do not build those qualities, you may remain single and dateless for the rest of your life.

A Foreign Affair Agency (AFA) is the only international dating/marriage business that provides romance tours and one-on-one introductions (Latin, Euro, or Asian Club) to multiple countries. You can go to Ukraine to meet women and repeat the same in Colombia months later. It is your choice which country you want to go and which group of foreign women you are interested. However, if you have difficulty choosing, here is a list describing the features and characteristics of foreign women by country in that continent:

  • Central/South America
    • Dominican Republic
      • Most of the women are tall, thin, and dark-skinned. They wear nice shirts, tight jeans, and high heels. They are loyal and fun. They love to dance. They love money too.
    • Colombia
      • The majority are tall and light-skinned. They share the same traits from Dominican women except probably love of money. Colombian women seek the care and heart from American/Western men.
    • Peru
      • The women may not be really feminine and attractive. However, they are easy to meet and spend time. They are slightly similar to American women only that Peruvian women are not interested in money, greed, or materialism.
    • Costa Rica
      • Ticas (female natives in Costa Rica) are as light-skinned as Colombian women are. But, ticas are like Peruvian women because both groups are not really attractive. Ticas are outgoing. They love to explore nature, hang out at the beach, and go to a nightclub.
Colombian woman – International Introductions Agency
  • Asia
    • Thailand
      • Some Thai women are short. They have black hair. They are shy and quiet. But, they are sincere and very nice.
    • Philippines
      • Filipinas are similar in appearance with Thai women. But, they are more attractive probably because they are mixed with Asian and Hispanic blood. Some may be part African/Caucasian because American soldiers temporarily resided in the country and slept with their mothers. Fortunately, Filipinas are the only foreign women who can speak English so well.
    • China
      • Chinese women are tall and thin. The ones in the 30s or 40s really look like they are in their 20s. They love to smile. They are traditional, sophisticated, and educated.
Filipinas – Filipina Sweethearts
  • Europe
    • Ukraine
      • The women are tall and have blonde, brunette, or red hair. They are reserved but attractive. They are smart and independent. Also, they are healthy and love to cook homemade food. Once they get to know you well, they would open up to you.
    • Russia
      • Russian women are similar in appearance to the ones in Ukraine. However, Russian women are willing to be submissive to a boyfriend or husband. They may have been raised and taught to obey and give the man what he wants. AFA currently does not provide group romance tours or one-on-one introductions in Russia.
Ukrainian woman – Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency Blog

So, who are you more attracted after reading the list above? If you cannot decide still, write a list about the woman of your dreams. Who is she? Which country does she live? What is her appearance, skin tone, and hair color? What is her age? Does she have kids?  Would she like her new life in America? Would she get along with your family and friends?

If you want to meet and date many foreign women in 2+ countries, you should do so. That is what I did and plan to do again. There are so many women who are beautiful inside and out in the nine countries I have mentioned above. In addition, there are other countries (e.g. Brazil, Venezuela, Romania, Japan, Australia, few African countries) where other foreign women are single and interested in men from United States/Westernized countries. But, I think the reasons why AFA and other international dating/marriage agencies do not have romance tours/one-on-one introductions in Brazil and other unmentioned countries are:

  • possible danger
  • lack or no interest from American/Westernized men
  • lack or no interest from the foreign women

If you are interested in Brazilian, Japanese, or foreign women who live in countries that have no romance tours/one-on-one introductions, then you should go. But, do some investigating and get in touch with whoever you are going to meet and accompany before you travel to that country. Please read my previous blog “Why You Should Not Go Overseas Alone” for more information.


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