Online Dating versus International Dating

Dating can be fun or not. It depends on what type of dating you (American or Western man) choose, what mood you have, and who you choose to spend time romantically. There are two popular types you can select so that you can find your potential girlfriend or wife. One, online dating, allows you to meet and communicate with her on a dating website (e.g. eHarmony). It does not matter where she and you are. You both can be in separate countries. Another option is that you can be in the same state, city, or even house with her. However, if you want to meet a more genuine woman easily, physically (face-to-face), and as soon as possible, consider international dating (e.g. A Foreign Affair). You can meet and date more women like her overseas than you ever do in the States or a Westernized country.

Both types of dating have their ups and downs. It is up to you what you want. If you cannot decide, read the following pros and cons that are helpful:

Online Dating


  • choosing the ideal woman (or women)
    • You can choose a suitable age, race, size, shape, religion, etc.
  • knowing her before actually meeting her in person
    • You can communicate with her online and take as much as time as you need before changing both of your relationship to an offline one.
  • finding acceptance
    • Fortunately, no one would reject you online whether you lie or tell the truth about yourself.


  • being required to sign up, create a profile, answer questions, pay money, etc.
    • In 2005 (before I have learned about foreign women), I have joined and paid money for dating websites like Yahoo! Personals and meetic.
      • I have regretted those actions tremendously.
      • I have not found a woman on any of those lousy dating websites.
    • Unlike an international dating website (e.g., you cannot look at images of women on an online dating website for free.
      • Why should you have to register, pay, and do other work in order to see a bunch of photos of women?
        • You can go on Google Images and look at countless photos free of charge.
  • wasting money
    • If you continue emailing, chatting, sending winks, viewing more photos of women, etc., you would lose so much money.
      • Spend less money on a romance tour instead.
        • You would get dates, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. from real women overseas.
  • having trouble switching from online relationship to offline relationship
    • You may have a hard time keeping a relationship with a woman you communicate online and meet in person.
    • Mark Davis from Dream Connections discusses this subject in one of his YouTube videos.
      • He has a good reason for not including email or chat communication in his dating business.
      • He believes that a relationship between a man and a woman succeeds when they meet face-to-face only.
        • I feel the same way too.
  • meeting anybody
    • That person may be a freak, psychopath, lowlife, another man, fraud, or someone else you would not expect.
    • You can be catfished.
    • If the person is the actual woman (in her photos) you have been communicating, you are fortunate.
      • This event does not happen often.

International Dating


  • meeting more women in the flesh
    • Why should you focus on 1 “woman” (who is possibly a liar, fraud, or another man) on an online dating website instead of going to a foreign country and dating more gorgeous women who are real, honest, and physical?
    • The slogan for international dating should really be “What you see is what you get“.
    • International dating is almost like local dating except that you are in a foreign country with better and more suitable women.
  • accompanying other men if you attend a group romance tour
    • You would not feel alone in a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine or Colombia).
    • However, if you pick an individual romance tour, you would have a translator/personal assistant who would help and speak to you in English.
  • getting the truth
    • Foreigners would not lie, mock, and play mind games with you as much as Americans/Westerners do.
    • You would be happy with a foreign woman (or women) who is honest with you.


  • being around too many foreign women
    • You may be overwhelmed, scared, and powerless in a group romance tour social.
    • But, you can build more confidence and experience with women in general.
  • focusing on just 1 foreign woman
  • spending a short time overseas
    • You have to meet and date many foreign women for less time.
    • Stay in contact with them when you return home.
      • If you go on another trip overseas, it would be easier for you.
    • Extend your stay abroad and change your flight return schedule to a later date.
      • Then, you would have more time with a foreign lady (or ladies).

Dating is imperfect. Indeed, online dating fits the description. I hope that most online dating websites are shut down eventually. They are not creating many happy couples as international dating websites do. Online dating leaves many people disappointed, frustrated, and miserable. They are still single; they still cannot find the right person locally or online. Some may fear that they would die alone. If you want to waste your money, energy, and time communicating, meeting, and trying to connect with a woman who is probably different from who she appears to be online, then I say to you “good luck”. But, if you want to spend your money, energy, and time wisely for a successful offline relationship (or marriage) with a woman, join an international dating website, plan and pay for your trip, get on a plane, and go to your foreign destination (e.g. Ukraine or Colombia). You would have zero regrets. Other guys (including myself) who have done international dating would say that you are making the best, smartest, and happiest decision of your life.

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Dream Connections (international dating website) – Happier Abroad
POF (online dating website) – POF
A Foreign Affair (international dating website) – Asian Dating Journal



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