8 Signs that Encourage You to Date Foreign Ladies

I wish that time can go back. Then, I can watch really good shows on television again. I also can listen to real music on MTV channel often. I can go to any restaurant and not have to worry about ordering food that is disgusting or harmful to my health. More importantly, I can date a local American or Western woman who is normal, traditional, and approachable.

However and unfortunately, my wants are not going to happen. Time can only move forward even though everything is turning upside down or disastrous. Dating in America is 1 great example of that misfortune. Mostly, everyone is having trouble finding the right partner or spouse. Possible reasons are:

Foreign women (most of them in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, etc.) are true blessings to pessimistic men like me and you (American or Western man). They can make our lives easier than we can. But, if you are not fully aware or really interested in them as I am, here are 8 signs that may change your mind:

  • going on bad dates 
    • If you keep meeting and spending time with the wrong women locally or online, you may want to remain single for the rest of your life.
    • However, you can always go to a foreign country and find plenty of good women.
    • As long as you have a good heart and intentions, you would do very well with foreign women.
  • dealing with boredom
    • Are you tired of your job, home, daily routine, etc.?
    • Are you also tired of:
      • going to the same places?
      • hanging out with the same people?
      • doing the same things every week or so?
    • Do you want to go somewhere exciting or different from where you live?
    • Do you want to meet a special someone?
    • If you go overseas, you would never be bored with a foreign woman.
      • She would keep you entertained with her feelings, words, favorite things/places/foods, background information, and interest in you.
  • being set up on blind dates
    • Do your family members or friends (or both) continue to be matchmakers for you and an unknown local woman every time?
    • Do you feel pressured or forced to be with a woman you do not even like as a friend?
    • Do you want to disappear or tell your loved ones to stop setting you up with strangers?
    • International dating gives you the chance to see and spend time with a woman you are interested.
      • You should be relieved because no one is making you do something against your will.
  • experiencing loneliness or rejection
    • Do you always feel belittled, unappreciated, or ignored by others?
      • I know that I do especially at every job I work.
    • Are you still disrespected or mistreated despite of your good deeds?
    • In a collectivist country like Colombia or Ukraine, you would always be surrounded or accompanied with others.
    • You can build easy and durable friendships with foreigners.
      • Too bad you cannot honestly do the same with other Americans or Westerners (who are individualistic).
  • watching certain TV shows
    • “Jerry Springer” would make you question an attractive woman if she is really a man.
    • “Catfish” would make you want to stop dating online permanently.
    • 90 Day Fiance” may make you go on an international online dating website (e.g. RoseBrides.com) and seek a foreign woman for a serious relationship or marriage.
  • building temporary or meaningless relationships
    • Do different people come and go out of your life?
    • Are you tired of befriending those who just want to take advantage of you?
    • If you go overseas and connect with foreigners, you would receive sincerity, respect, and meaningfulness from them.
    • It is better to have a lifelong friend who lives farther away than it is to have a short-term friend who lives next door to you.
  • watching or reading about frequent breakups or divorces
    • Have you stopped following the news due to repeated breakups/divorces of many American/Western couples (including celebrities)?
    • Do you feel discouraged or believe that you are going to be dumped by a woman?
    • The good thing about a woman in Philippines, Ukraine, China, or another non-Westernized nation is that she does not believe in a breakup or divorce.
      • Once she becomes monogamous with a good man, she wants to stay married to him forever.
  • realizing that there are no rules prohibiting international dating/marriage

We need to experience negative signs in order to make positive choices.

In addition, we need to go on wrong dates so that we can find the right women.

No wonder bad things do happen. Then, we can pursue or receive something good in our lives. We can also find our potential girlfriends or wives.

If you are tired of dealing with drama, stupidity, arrogance, etc. locally, just plan a trip, go overseas, and experience a different world. Meet and connect with foreign women who can change your opinion about life in general. Eat incredible foreign foods that you probably want to cook at home. Take photos of the amazing places you visit, your hot dates, and more.

Enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

Repeat your foreign trips until you find the woman of your dreams.

You deserve to be happy with her.

attractive Ukrainian woman from Dream One Love – Pinterest


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