Hypocritical People in United States

Many Americans or Westerners come up with lame or even good excuses for their bad deeds. But, if others have the same behaviors, the self-righteous people have the audacity to judge them. For that reason, the self-righteous people are called hypocrites.

There are 4 types of sanctimonious people you (American or Westernized man) should know:

those with poor hygiene habits (nasty hypocrites)

They justify their disgusting bodily actions to family, friends, and the rest of the public:

  • not showering
  • not brushing teeth
  • not washing hair
  • wearing unclean clothes
  • not flushing the toilet
  • not washing hands
  • not wearing deodorant

Several celebrities definitely fit this category. They can get away with their repulsive habits because of their fame, riches, work, etc. But, if they encounter others (famous or not) who also have a bad smell, yellow teeth, or something gross on their clothes or skin, those celebrities would suddenly confront, gossip, or give them negative reactions. Hopefully, these people continue to drive each other nuts so that they would all take better care of their bodies.

those who see foreign women as mail order brides (mail order bride hypocrites)

When it comes to innocent foreign women, I do not like people who belittle them. They falsely accuse the marriage-minded women of being prostitutes, frauds, green card hunters, or probably even murderers. However, these hypocrites have no solid evidence to confirm their words or thoughts. They instead prove to us how despicable they are by dating or marrying local Americans/Westerners who:

  • smoke
  • drink
  • have many tattoos
  • abuse animals, children, or both
  • have children by different partners
  • are sex offenders (whether they are registered or not)
  • are confused with their genders or sexual orientations
  • and the unpleasant list goes on

If you truly want to find the right woman, do not listen or follow this hypocritical group (even if it is your loved ones) whatsoever.

those who want us to be happy for them (happy hypocrites)

This category annoys me very much. They want us to smile at their faces. They want us to accept their partners or spouses. They want us to listen or care about their problems. Altogether, they want us to do what they want or expect. However, their wishes are not going to happen. Like them, we also have choices to make. If we want to start our own businesses, quit our miserable jobs, travel around the world, be with foreign ladies, or choose careers that are not popular with them, they would have to deal with our decisions. They are not in control of our lives. Therefore, they would have to give up and move on.

churchgoers (churchgoing hypocrites)

If you want to avoid people who talk the talk, do not join a church at all. You may regret it after regularly spending long hours on every Sunday, dealing with constant drama, jealousy, etc. from other members, and going to a buffet restaurant (e.g. Golden Corral) and eating mediocre food. Like myself, you may want to leave the church for good. But, if you wish to continue your fellowship with other people and your worship of God, keep visiting other churches until you find the one that suits and makes you comfortable.

Churchgoers (especially the ones who go to predominantly black churches frequently) are the most holier-than-thou people I have ever known. They sing, dance, and shout as if they truly love the Lord God. They are so quick to judge if other members or even visitors say, do, or wear something inappropriate. However, you may hear (from others secretly) or see these churchgoing hypocrites (somewhere) doing these sins on the other 6 days of the week:

  • smoking
  • drinking
  • selling or buying drugs
  • having sex before marriage (fornicating)
  • having sex with other church members, prostitutes, or outsiders instead of their spouses (committing adultery)
  • partying, dancing, and paying money to strippers
  • eating excess food (committing gluttony)
  • harassing, threatening, or attacking others
  • gossiping

Once you learn the ugly truth about these phony saints, you would be urged to report them, confront them, or separate yourself from them indefinitely or permanently.


There are hypocrites around the world. But, many of them exist in the United States or the Westernized world indeed. They do not stick by their words. Instead, they use them in order to hide their true and untold actions. They are hard to avoid. You are going to encounter them at every church, store, job, etc. Thus, if you want to meet people (including attractive women) who are not going to make your life so miserable, plan a trip to a friendly country like Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, or Thailand. You would feel like you are in heaven. You are going to receive honesty and respect from most foreigners.

Whether you move overseas (like many Americans have) or stay in your home country, you would know more facts like I do.

You would be inspired to bring a positive difference in many human lives like I am (through this blog).

Because of your personal experiences with genuine foreigners, you would know the difference between honest local Americans/Westerners and dishonest ones like I do.

Hypocrisy cannot affect us anymore.

Every time we talk or connect with others, we should always think about this true statement:

Actions speak louder than words.

Republican hypocrites – Politicus USA


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