Heaven on Earth

For most my life, I have been moving to different states such as California, Virginia, Washington, and now North Carolina. I have lived in the country Germany once or twice during my early childhood. Although I have moved back to North Carolina for the second time, I still do not feel entirely safe, comfortable, and relaxed. If you see the duplex I currently live, you would probably think that it is crappy. However, the inner side is nicer except for the white painted bathroom windows, half-broken stove/oven, and nasty and spotted kitchen floor. The neighborhood is safe despite that I have thought that it is not; it has mainly white and black people living together. There are some people who sometimes play threatening music. But, at least I can go outside in the front or back yard anytime and without any problems. I am fortunately going to move to a better place later this year.

Going overseas has not only forever changed my life but also it has helped me gain confidence as well. I have gone on 3 unforgettable foreign trips (2 in Colombia (2008, 2009) and 1 in Dominican Republic (2016)). Despite that I have encountered bad traffic in both countries initially, I have never felt endangered at all. I always have a different translator who guides me through the city. The only possibility I have been warned though is pickpocket thieves. But, I care less because I have found happiness especially through meeting/dating beautiful Latin American women. Unless I learn (from a world news source) that other Americans/Westerners, foreigners, or both are victimized (kidnapped, harmed, or killed), I would visit that particular country. If I see a little girl hanging at a street by herself (which I actually have in Colombia), then she confirms to me about the safety of the country.

If you (American or Western man) want to go overseas for paradise, safety, peace, joy, fun, acceptance, relaxation, freedom, and or especially a connection with foreign women, you can travel to any of the 7 foreign cities (2 of them I have traveled) I mention below:

  • Barranquilla, Colombia
    • I have told my friend Erika that her hometown is my second home.
      • Like me, you would not want to leave there.
      • You would feel safer, more alive, more human, and more relaxed than you are at home in the States/Westernized country.
      • You would enjoy every single day going to the mall, restaurant, movie theater, nightclub, bowling alley, or anywhere else with a beautiful woman.
    • You should ask a translator and a date to accompany you if you want to visit a nearby city (e.g. Cartagena or Santa Marta).
  • Santiago, Dominican Republic
    • Even though I have a lousy male translator (Do you now understand why most or all translators are female?) there, I still have enjoyed the places I have visited and have met an attractive woman (half-black and half-Hispanic) whom I stay in touch via WhatsApp.
    • You would enjoy the predominantly sunny weather, foreign food (I recommend the cheese empanaditas to you), American food (I have gone to KFC and McDonald’s there), and so on.
    • The nightclubs are so popular culturally.
      • If you are dating a woman who loves to dance, she may want to go to one with you.
      • Whether you can dance well or not, she probably would not care.
      • Showing her affection and following her lead are good enough to impress her.
        • Because I have done that with the woman I am still in contact, I would never forget that special night with her.
  • Nikoleav, Ukraine
    • It is called the “City of Brides“.
      • There may be a large crowd of women wearing white bridal dresses waiting for marriage-minded men (maybe you are one of them) to arrive and propose.
    • I want to go there someday.
      • I might attend an AFA (A Foreign Affair) romance tour in the future.
        • There are some gorgeous blondes, brunettes, and other lovely women I want to meet/date.
    • Mark Davis from Dream Connections is a good guide to ask about tourism or anything else about the city.
      • He provides group quest tours there 3 or more times per year.
      • He also provides individual quest tours just in case American/Western men are unable to attend the group tour or prefer to be alone.
      • His wife of almost 10 years, Anna, has been born and raised there.
  • Cebu City or Davao, Philippines
    • You can attend a AFA romance tour to any or both cities.
      • Meet beautiful filipinas (Philippine women) who speak the same language (English) well.
        • There is no need for a translator at all.
    • Hire, befriend, or date a filipina who would love to give you a tour.
    • Compared to Dominican Republic, it is also an island residing women with exotic features.
      • I hope to visit there as much as I do with Ukraine.
  • Lima, Peru
    • If you are interested in Peruvian women, Machu Picchu, etc., please research and obtain adequate information before going.
  • Shenzhen, China
    • If you want to see amazing places, date Chinese women, eat probably better Chinese food, see high technology, and so on, please go there.
    • I think that the majority of U.S. products is produced in this country anyway.
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    • If you love nature (e.g. rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, etc.), you would fall in love with the country.
    • You would meet/date laid-back ticas (Costa Rican women).

If you listen to the American/Western media, you are going to miss really good opportunities. You may have many regrets later. You would never truly know who you are, what you can experience, what you can do, and who you can befriend unless you go overseas or somewhere exotic. Those feelings may haunt you for the rest of your life.

I am surprised how much the media would lie and make Colombia, Ukraine, and other foreign countries look so bad and dangerous to many brainwashed Americans/Westerners. But, the media does not care to talk about some U.S. cities (I do not want to go at all) that are probably worse than a foreign country (e.g. Colombia) overall. I have no interest in going to Baltimore, Maryland, Detroit, Michigan, and even New York City, New York. I absolutely do not care if any of those cities have good jobs, good women, cheap housing, etc. My life is more important. I do not want to encounter thugs, murderers, drug addicts, or other bad people at a store, work, home, etc. Do you?

Going overseas is the best decision I have ever made. I have found qualities (e.g. happiness, freedom, and safety) I cannot find in the States. I have met and dated women who are indeed different from the ones in the States too. Every time I go to a foreign country, I am mentally there. I want to be there. I want to enjoy every day and every minute I have there. Too bad I do not feel the same way in the States. I do not know when I can return to a foreign country.

I would assume that I feel strange in a foreign country. I do not belong there obviously. I do not know anyone; I cannot even speak the language(s) well. But, all of that does not matter. I feel so much better, saner, and more alive than I ever do in the States. I believe that I can do anything. I am truly happy and free to do whatever I am pleased. But, whenever I go back home in US, I feel quite the opposite. I do become depressed and bored again. I am also back to loneliness. I am so eager to go on another foreign trip hopefully sooner than later. For that reason, I am trying to build a successful online business. I however know that I would not become rich quickly.

If you go to any of the 7 foreign cities I have mentioned on top, you would definitely know what heaven on earth is. You would feel like a king, angel, celebrity, hero, rich person, real human being, or even a local citizen abroad. Foreigners would treat you that way. If you instead visit another celestial city, then you would still know the meaning of heaven on earth anyway. What makes a city truly good or bad depends on its residents. If there are more bad people (including good ones who do nothing if someone is victimized) in a city, then you should consider it dangerous. If there are more good people in a city, then you should be able to visit or move there without any problems. However, you still need to investigate and see how safe that city really is. Your life is dependent on it.

rw6ow2p0--Cartagena, Colombia (68)
American man with his Colombian girlfriend  – I Love Latins (source)



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