Local Dating versus International Dating

I have written a previous blog post in which I have compared international dating to online dating.

Now, I am doing a comparison of international dating with local dating.

Dating can bring a positive or negative influence on you (American or Western man) based on where you are. If you want to find a woman in or near your city or area, you are interested in local dating. But, if you want to find a woman who is different from the ones in your city/area, consider international dating. Altogether, in order to find who you are really seeking, you should pick a specific city (e.g. Las Vegas, Nevada or Nikolaev, Ukraine).

In each paragraph, I discuss the pros and cons of both types of dating.

Here they are:

Local Dating

A good thing about local dating is spending quality time with an available woman who lives close to you. If you are currently dating her, you are joining many other people who do local dating by hooking up with their friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. However, like many others who end their relationships or do not go on any more dates, you may not go out with her again.

What if your relationship with her does not work?

What if you realize that you do not have much in common with her?

What if she has too much baggage for you?

What if she loses interest in you, ignores you, or gets involved with another man?

What if she does not call you back?

All you can do is move forward. But, you may face the same results for dating other local women as well. You would grow tired of this dating pattern. Because the American or Western culture is truly individualistic and materialistic, local dating (as well as online dating) can be an never-ending challenge for you and everyone else.

If you have success in finding the right local American or Western woman, be proud that you have accomplished a difficult task.

However, if you are tired of dating the wrong women and going back to square one (which is being single or alone again), follow this process:

  1. save enough money
  2. plan a trip
  3. buy a group or individual romance tour (from A Foreign Affair or Dream Connections website) or go meet foreign women on your own
  4. get your passport
  5. buy your airline tickets (on Orbitz or Expedia website)
  6. pack your bags
  7. get on an airplane taking you to your foreign destination (e.g. Medellin, Colombia)
  8. meet and date women who would treat you better

International Dating

Indeed, you become a Man of Action if you do the above 8 steps. Your reward is meeting unlimited foreign women with amazing qualities. You would have a hard time finding even 1 special woman in the States or a Westernized nation. But, overseas, you would easily find 2 or more foreign woman who are suitable for you. You would feel like that you are in heaven or another planet. However, you may face these problems:

  • having many choices
    • But, continually dating and knowing the women well would help you narrow the list and pick ‘the one’ for yourself.
  • having less money
    • What if you need more money for your dates, translator services, etc.?
    • Remember to save more money for your next possible trip abroad.
  • having less time
    • You may become sad that your time with a beautiful woman (or women) is short.
    • But, if you stay in contact with her, it should not matter whether you are with her abroad or back at your home country.
    • If you develop feelings and want to see her again, let her know that you want to spend more time with her on your next trip.

Just because there is a woman (or women) who lives next door to you, it does not mean that she is your future girlfriend or wife. But, if this is not the case, then online dating or international dating would not exist. You and everyone else would be happy because you each are with the right partner or spouse who lives in the same neighborhood with you. Plus, you each do not have to travel a long distance, spend so much money for airline tickets, waste time on pointless things, or deal with ongoing problems with your partner/spouse either.

Local dating is good if you want to be with a random woman. But, if you want a woman who has both inner and outer beauty, choose international dating all the way. Unlike local dating, you are expanding your dating options when you meet/date foreign women. You would also find more happiness, freedom, and acceptance from the women too. You would feel more alive than you ever have. Like myself and other American/Western men, you would lose interest in local dating or online dating.

Neither local dating nor online dating can stand a chance with international dating.

There is plenty of diversity, acceptance, honesty, love, trust, and respect from international dating.

You can date or marry any available foreign woman no matter who you are, where you live, what you have, and so on.

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