International Love Stories Part 6

Thanks to Russian president Vladimir Putin, the world would no longer be the same. His invasion in Ukraine has deeply affected the global economy, humanity, and even my business (Foreign Chat Web) with Elizabeth. However, I am staying positive and moving forward to what God is going to do and provide for me and other individuals.

To give you (American or Westernized man) more positive information, here are 3 international couples that can help you overcome fear or anything else that is difficult as the Russian invasion in Ukraine:

Jesse and Jeniffer (90 Day: The Single Life)

Participating in “90 Day Fiance” series, failing to make their first international relationships work, and sharing resentment of Tim Malcolm (former boyfriend of Jeniffer) have brought the Colombian model and single mother (Jeniffer) and the Dutch entrepreneur and life coach (Jesse) together. At first, they have started communicating on Instagram since 2020. Realizing how much they have in common, he has decided to meet her in person in Bucaramanga, Colombia (where she lives). This vacation would forever change their lives. They have faced obstacles such as lack of trust, secrecy, mind games from her friend (Cacua), and haters, angry fans, and negative viewers alike. But, they have overcome those issues and strengthen their connection. Although other cast members of “90 Day Fiance” series dislike and consider them arrogant, Jesse and Jeniffer can constantly teach them and many others that their true love for each other would never die.

Jesse (Dutch) and Jeniffer (Colombian)

Lucas and Faith (YouTube)

On August 24, 2013, a woman (Faith) from Nairobi, Kenya has arrived at a college in an unknown city in United States. She has obviously planned to finish and graduate there with a college degree. What she has not expected is meeting and building a serious relationship with a particular man (Lucas) on the next day. Whether they have met at the school or a church, they have stayed in touch with each other on Instagram and Snapchat. He has been busy with his schoolwork, sports duties, and missionary duties in Haiti. Plus, he probably has been dating local American ladies as well. But, he has fallen in love with Faith because of who she is on the inside. They have take their relationship to the next level by tying the knot on July 21, 2018. Currently, they have a YouTube channel and Instagram page together. If you see their recent Instagram photos, you would learn that she may be pregnant with their unborn son or daughter. I give my congratulations to them concerning their happy and successful marriage and family.

Faith (Kenyan) and Lucas (American) – “Lucas and Faith” YouTube channel

Tim and Yana (Mordinson Marriage Agency)

Another American male (Tim) has become tired of dating and bonding with local women who have less respect, care, love, etc. After doing much online research and being referred to Mordinson marriage agency by a friend who has found his wife through it, he has decided to travel to Kharkiv, Ukraine in March 2010. He thus has built a monogamous connection with a lady (Yana) who is also disappointed with local dating and the opposite sex like he does in United States. Together, they have overcome language barrier, culture shocks, and file the K1 fiancee visa petition so that they can start a new family and life in his country. They now have a 5 year old daughter (Mirabella) who is living proof that the American and Ukrainian cultures can combine successfully. To encourage single people to follow their footsteps, they provide these tips:

Yana (Ukrainian) and Tim (American) – Mordinson


Thanks to disgraceful Putin and his supporters in Russia, anger or hatred is spread more in this world. But, love, which is originated from God, can replace the negative emotion and create or rebuild human relationships.

A solid connection between an American/Westernized male and a non-Westernized female is a great example of love.

They willingly and continually fight their enemies in order to stay together physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

They even avoid letting their friends and family members discourage or keep them apart.

The international couple strongly believe in humanity, unity, and variety.

3 of them, whom I discuss above, do.

So should you and I.

Innocent civilians in Ukraine need more support from us and the rest of the world.

Single and lonely people need more encouragement from all of us too.

Let go of something that we cannot solve or control.

Let God take care of our difficulties.

Let His love lead us to the path of hope, faith, patience, freedom, joy, etc. with the right people by our side.

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