8 Problems that Foreign Women Can Help American Men Overcome

Regardless of the never-ending negativity from most foreign men, millions of foreign women remain positive about their current relationships, education, livelihoods, and especially their futures. The women, whether they are in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, or China, are always happy and available to meet, date, befriend, and possibly marry men from United States, Canada, England, Australia, and the rest of the Western world. However, the majority of American/Western men does not feel the same way about the women. The men sadly let obstacles, doubt, and other signs of negativity (chiefly from most American/Western women) stop them from planning their trips, getting on airplanes, and meeting better women overseas.

Foreign women want more American/Western men (including you if you are a man looking for true love) to visit them. The women do not want to spend the rest of their lives in loneliness or misery with the wrong men. If the women can encourage more good men to enter their countries, the women would love to remove these 8 negative qualities that hold the men back:

  • misogyny 
    • If American/Western men keep focusing on anger, hatred, mistrust, or dislike of American/Western women, the men are most likely not going to meet foreign women abroad.
    • Do not be surprised if those men eventually commit or marry local American/Western women who provoke them.
    • But, men who want to have happy and healthy relationships with women can always turn to foreign women.
    • Beautiful inside and out, most foreign women can replace the negative feelings of men with:
      • love
      • respect
      • sympathy
      • fairness
    • Like mines, your feelings toward women would change eternally.
  • shyness
    • Due to poor or no social skills, many American/Western men do not know how to properly talk and act around women (especially attractive ones).
    • Men may receive little help regarding their fear from their families, friends, etc.
    • Like myself, many other men can build 100% confidence with women if they willingly go to foreign countries and connect with foreign women.
    • Once you date or build a relationship (whether it is platonic or monogamous) with a foreign woman, your shyness would:
      • disappear
      • or no longer be a big issue for you
    • I am forever changed thanks to my Colombian friend Erika and dating experiences in Latin America.
  • loneliness
    • Because everyone (in United States and the Western world) puts his or her needs, wants, etc. above others, many American/Western men end up being alone or rejected.
    • Men may turn to any of the following wrong sources for their problem:
      • drugs
      • suicide
      • regular or excessive drinking
      • pornography
      • perversion
      • violence
    • In Colombia, Ukraine, Thailand, or another collectivist country, you, I, or any other man does not have to worry about feeling lonely at all.
      • There are plenty of available foreign ladies who wish to date or be in serious relationships with good men including us.
      • Additionally, there are plenty of foreign men who would accept and treat us as their friends.
  • depression
    • Due to the statistical information from San Diego State University, I can say that depression spreads like butter in the States and probably the Western world.
    • Many American/Western men face these negative signs of their sadness:
      • indifference toward family, friends, work, etc.
      • failure to sleep properly
      • refusal to seek help from doctors
      • considering suicide
      • remaining quiet about their problem
    • Winston Wu of “Happier Abroad” website is right about this solution for depressed men:
      • They can truly find happiness overseas.
      • They can also meet and connect with positive women who can get rid of their sadness as well.
  • fear
    • Why do many strange phobias and other abnormalities seem to exist only in United States and other first world countries?
    • Most American/Western men who deal with unusual fears may become worse.
    • Going to a foreign country and bonding with a brave woman can cure a man whose phobia(s) is extreme and difficult to eliminate.
    • Like myself, you can overcome your possible fear of:
  • depending on other people
    • American/Western men who lack confidence or have nothing better to do (with their lives) would rely on these people whether they are trustworthy or not:
      • celebrities
      • parents
      • friends
      • ex-girlfriends or ex-wives
      • other family members
    • If men are disappointed or betrayed, they may become:
      • violent or revengeful
      • ruthless
      • withdrawn
    • But, they can trust and realize that most foreign women are going to remain:
      • respectful
      • caring
      • honest
      • loyal
      • fair
    • Foreign ladies are not perfect.
      • On the other hand, they would do their best when it comes to the men they date, befriend, or marry.
  • selfishness or arrogance
    • The reasons why many American/Western men (or people in general) are more concerned about themselves than they are with others are:
      • greed
      • know-it-all attitude
      • lack of satisfaction
      • popularity
      • successful career, job, or business
      • materialism
      • money
      • superiority
      • ego, image, or reputation
      • ignorance of the truth
    • Why do you think that we have many mental, criminal, cultural, etc. issues in America and the Western world?
    • If you go overseas, you would meet and connect with attractive and normal ladies who are going to put your feelings, needs, and desires first.
      • Based on their cultures, they are trained or expected to respect men.
      • They also are very close to their families and friends too.
    • Like myself, you would become (more) selfless or giving to others thanks to foreigners.
  • laziness
    • In a previous blog post, I have explained that many Americans/Westerners spend more time in talking to each other than they do in working.
    • If most American/Western men let laziness keep them from exercising or doing something productive and inspirational, the men would face these negative health effects:
      • mental disorders
      • low body energy
      • memory loss
      • impairment of body parts/organs
      • short life spans
    • Foreign women can use their charm, beauty, sincerity, intelligence, etc. in order to breathe new life into the men.
    • If most foreign women are similar to the disappointing women in United States and the Western world, my blog would not exist today.
      • Why would I waste my time and energy in writing about unpleasant women?

Foreign women are like sanctuaries for American/Western men to flee. The men can find anything (e.g. peace or acceptance) they want or need from the women spiritually. The women are different culturally, emotionally, and mentally. But, most of them have more in common with the men than most American/Western women do.

That fact explains why international dating or marriage is growing.

I cannot resist the attraction and innocence of many women in Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Colombia, etc.

Other men cannot either.

What about you?

Foreign ladies cannot be ignored for so long. It is their time to shine. The same thing applies to their future boyfriends or husbands. Both genders deserve it because of the nonstop mistreatment, disrespect, rejection, etc. they get where they live.

International couples (besides interracial ones) are making a positive difference in the world.

Then, more people can feel:

  • protected
  • valued
  • encouraged
  • accepted regardless of how different they are
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