Why Do Foreign Women Think They Deserve to Remain Single?

Sometimes, it is good to stay single.

But, there are other times when you (American or Western man) want or need:

  • attention
  • communication
  • affection
  • physical or sexual contact with a woman

Like myself, you are human. You have strengths and weaknesses. You cannot control your innate feelings for so long. You are either going to:

Some women in Ukraine, Peru, Colombia, and other foreign countries have boyfriends or husbands (good or not). Other foreign women stay single because they choose to be or wish to wait for American/Westernized men (who are honestly better than the local foreign men are) to come for them someday. But, the women cannot stop themselves from being disappointed, lonely, and maybe rejected due to a small number of American and Westernized men who visit them. Women (including very attractive ones) may feel that they are not good enough for any men in general.

Some of them do give up the hope of international dating/marriage while others continue.

Either way, women may believe that they are never going to be committed or married.

Here are 5 reasons for their possible skepticism:

Mainly, there are too many of them for men to choose and commit.

Because many foreign men have difficulty or lose interest in staying committed or married to the same women, some American/Western men may feel the same way too. Most foreign women are single, attractive, caring, and available; thus, most men in general are unable to stay monogamous. How can men give all their attention to their girlfriends or wives when they are around other attractive women locally?

The women seem to compete with each other concerning who dresses and behaves better. However, if they want to win serious and loyal American/Western boyfriends or husbands, they must have their own unique ways of fashion. They also should talk and prove these men how special or different they are from the other women. If the women have to persist in building or keeping their relationships with the men (by dressing to kill), the women must do so. The men consequently would not forget about them when they return to United States or the Westernized world.

They have always been single for most of their lives.

Whether the women are single or divorced, they may think that their marital status would stay the same forever. Even if they become involved with not-so-serious American/Western men or local foreign men especially, the women already expect their relationships to be temporary. But, if they continue joining international dating agencies (like A Foreign Affair, Latin Affairs, and Dream Connections) or attending romance tour socials, they can win permanent American/Western boyfriends or husbands. Then, both genders can change their marital statuses (if they have Facebook profiles) with gladness.

They have been in bad marriages or relationships continuously.

No one can blame the disappointed women for wanting to stay single for the rest of their lives. According to Bud Patterson from loveme.com, some or many women in China have committed suicide due to abuse, coercion, pressure, etc. by their unpleasant husbands and sometimes family members, friends, and society. These ordeals explain why other Chinese women have to take a stand and publicly tell loved ones and other people that they are happy with their independence and current marital status. The women plus other foreign women are right for remaining single. The only way they would give up is that they can find marriage-minded men with good intentions (at A Foreign Affair romance tour socials or other international dating agencies).

They are bothered with their looks, ages, etc.

Whether they are young, old, light-skinned, dark-skinned, or so on, foreign women are going to feel rejected if most men in general do not show (much) interest in them. Some women may stop caring about themselves entirely and become hags. However, others improve or keep making themselves young, attractive, and desirable for any men. Those women indeed refuse to give up on true love.

They are upset that most American/Westernized men are not visiting them.

Because these men refuse to go overseas and meet foreign women, the women may suffer in pain and loneliness. Some women may go back to local foreign men who are capable of abuse and cheating; others want to remain single and optimistic for true love. The hopeful ones are still depending on A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, and other international dating agencies for potential boyfriends or husbands from United States or the Westernized world. Luckily, a few American/Western men overcome their obstacles, go abroad, and spend time with these amazing foreign women (the men cannot find at home). International dating is going to grow as I predict. I would not stop writing blog posts until I help more good women in Ukraine, China (especially), Philippines, Dominican Republic, etc. become committed or married to good men.

Foreign women deserve to be loved, respected, appreciated, etc. because of who they are. Unfortunately, most of them have to remain single or worry about being pressured to date or marry lowlife men in their countries.

My blog exists so that it can help these beautiful women attract more American/Western men.

Although I have written almost 100 blog posts, I am willing to provide more information to the men who do not really see the positive sides of international dating, foreign countries, etc. I care too much about foreign women. I want to see them happy with good men or independence (if they choose not to be in a committed relationship or marriage).

If you are interested in dating foreign women, pick a foreign country and go meet them.

Then, you and I can stop many of them from thinking that they are:

  • dateless
  • worthless
  • undeserving of good men (even though they are beautiful inside and out)
3 single and gorgeous women in Barranquilla, Colombia – loveme.com (source)


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