Mail Order Brides Do Not Exist

This is an unpopular American/Western subject I cannot ignore anymore. I always read or hear about mail order brides from know-it-alls who have spent their entire lives in United States or the Western world. Whether you (American or Westernized man) have a positive or negative opinion of mail order brides, here is mines (which defends foreign women) anyway:

Based on the true information I recently learn and collect from “90 Day Fiance” television series, Mark Davis of Dream Connections agency, Bud Patterson of A Foreign Affair agency, James Maverick, and other international dating/marriage/traveling experts, I conclude that there are no mail order brides.

I give you 5 reasons for my hypothesis:

  • Foreign ladies cannot enter the States or a Westernized country unless they sincerely marry American/Western men. 
    • The man and and woman must:
      • want a monogamous relationship with each other
      • complete K1 fiancee visa together
      • do the requirements (e.g. showing pictures of them together) for approval of its process
    • If they disagree or grow apart:
      • They must solve their issue(s) so that they can get or remain married.
        • They would need to fill out more immigration applications for her (in order) such as:
          • Petition for Residence
          • Petition for Permanent Residence (Green Card Petition)
          • Application for Citizenship
      • If they cannot make their relationship or marriage work:
        • They should break up without any hard feelings.
        • She has to return to her country.
          • Then, she would have less problems if she wishes to marry another American/Western man in the future.
          • The same thing applies to her former American/Western fiance or husband too.
  • Foreign women who regularly communicate with American/Western men online are frauds or scammers.
    • Indeed, the group of foreign women just wants financial or materialistic gain from their male clients/victims.
    • Good foreign women, on the other hand, want to meet honest men in person.
      • Bud Patterson of A Foreign Affair agency says that the women do not want pen pals.
      • Plus, the women are too busy with their jobs, kids, and everything else in their lives.
        • However, a woman would give some of her time for a Man of Action who is serious about her.
        • He can make her life easier.
  • Most foreign women choose to stay in their countries.
    • Although they get less respect, protection, honesty, etc., they still love their cultures.
      • American/Western men have to be genuine and trustworthy in order to encourage the women to give up their homes, families, friends, etc.
    • Only a small number of foreign women want to live in United States or a Westernized country due to these possible reasons:
      • facing danger, poverty, or violence in their countries
      • seeking money, riches, wealth, etc.
      • living the “American dream”
    • But, those few women do not really care if they marry American/Western men or remain single.
      • The women are self-absorbed anyway.
  • If a good foreign woman gets involved with the wrong American/Western man, she would break up with him and return to her country.
    • She does not care about his wealth, money, etc.
    • She would rather be with a destitute man (regardless of his nationality) who cannot buy her a ring.
      • However, he can give her love, respect, and other good qualities that a rich or materialistic man cannot.
    • Until she finds that man, she would continue to stay in her country and remain single.
  • There is no new or current evidence for mail order brides at all.
    • Many people (especially the ones in United States) assume that every foreign woman who wants or already has an international relationship/marriage is a mail order bride.
      • But, those people fail to verify their thoughts.
      • If the solid proof is located overseas, would they actually go there and get it?
    • However, there is confirmation that many foreign women (in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America) have love, respect, honesty, etc. for good men in general.

If many people believe that many foreign women are mail order brides, why would the people not believe that Santa Claus, tooth fairies, and other fictional characters do exist?

Because we know the truth about most foreign ladies, we can prove that they are sincere and interested in monogamous relationships with good men. What we have to say about international dating/marriage is true and logical. The evidence we can find would support our statements. But, people who still think about mail order brides or reject the truth only feed lies to men who want to fall in love with good foreign women. Because those people fail to prove their false and irrational information, they should be ignored 100%.

The truth matters more than the words of a person.

It sets you free (John 8:32).

It leads you to true happiness with a true woman.

Then, you would no longer be lied or kept in the dark by someone who supposedly cares about you.

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