Variety of American Men

During the beginning of my blog, I have published a blog post about diverse foreign women.

Now, I want to talk about American/Western men. I separate them into 4 groups based on their attitudes toward international dating. So, here are 2 main categories with 2 subcategories each:

Men Of Inaction

Jerks/Truth haters

I hear about this type of men especially from Mark Davis of Dream Connections dating agency. I agree with Mark (regarding not inviting them on his quest tours) because these men have negative opinions toward angelic women in Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, etc. Jerks or truth haters would continue badmouthing or falsely accusing marriage-minded foreign women of:

  • being mail order brides
    • However, an American/Western man has to apply for a K1 fiance visa and wait for its approval so that she can enter his country legally.
  • selling their bodies for money, etc.
    • But, some of them are virgins.
  • living in poor housing conditions
  • coming to United States or a Westernized country for a green card
    • However, most foreign women (especially the ones on “90 Day Fiance” TV shows) wish to stay in their own countries with their future husbands.
      • But, they would sacrifice everything they have for the right men.

Jerks or truth haters may dislike American/Western women too. However, the men willingly date, have sex, or marry local women anyway. The men (whether they are happy with their lives or not) refuse to go overseas or become involved with good foreign women. Unfortunately, no one can change the minds of these men regardless of the truth.

jerk or truth hater – Business Insider

Cowards/Keyboard Romeos

Thanks to Monday night live webcasts from Bud Patterson of A Foreign Affair company, I know that many American/Western men stay home and continue fantasizing, chatting online, or writing meaningless email letters to foreign women. These men are 100% cowards or Keyboard Romeos. They waste time, money, and effort. They come up with lousy excuses so that they do not have to fly abroad and meet foreign women. Cowards or Keyboard Romeos constantly lie or break promises because they think they can do so. But, they do not stand a chance with:

  • sincere foreign women
    • They would ignore or stop responding to emails if the men have no plans to visit them overseas.
    • The women are serious about marriage and too busy with their jobs, careers, children, etc.
      • They want support from American/Western men who show up.
  • Dream Connections agency

Cowards or Keyboard Romeos are indeed fulfilling the wishes of online dating scammers and opponents of international dating. Online dating scammers are greedy and motivated to collect so much money. Opponents of international dating want cowards or Keyboard Romeos to stay home, forget about online dating, and pursue “nice” women locally. Cowards or Keyboard Romeos are unintentionally putting their real needs or wishes (which are monogamous relationships with good women) last.

I love my computer

coward or Keyboard Romeo – memeburn

Men of Action

Knuckleheads/Indifferent men

I am happy that these men actually go to foreign countries and give international love a chance. But, their bad decisions turn me off. They are not as smart or wise as they think they are. They assume that they know everything or even more information than international dating/marriage experts (e.g. Latin Affairs and A Foreign Affair companies) do. The men honestly do not care what they wear and how they behave. They do not want to listen despite that they are wrong about foreign women, cultures, etc. According to Bud, most of the male clients show more interest in the early 20-something women than they do with the older ones. The negative consequences that the men may face are:

  • going back to square one
    • In other words, they are single and lonely again.
  • losing relationships with young foreign women
    • The women are less mature, less experienced, and indecisive.
  • giving up on international dating
    • Because they have dated the wrong foreign women, they go back to singlehood or American/Western women.
knucklehead or indifferent man – listal

True Men of Action

I have huge respect for these men. They are real winners in the eyes of their families, friends, societies, strangers, and the rest of the world. The men follow their hearts wherever they go. Whether they go to Latin America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, or all of them, they can still find their potential girlfriends or wives. They give plenty of chances to lonely and hopeful foreign women. Unlike the other 3 groups of men, true Men of Action want to do these 3 things:

  • listening to international dating/marriage experts
    • Even if the men have enough experience of dating foreign women, the men still consider the words from the professionals.
  • learning more information about foreign women, cultures, places, etc.
    • They must be willing to watch helpful YouTube videos.
    • Reading online articles, blog posts, etc. is another option.
    • They can talk or ask other experts questions.
  • connecting with few, several, or many foreign women
    • True Men of Action do not want to return home without international relationships.
      • I know that I do not.
      • I am glad to still be in contact with 2 women in Latin America.
    • They want to fall in love with the right ones.
      • It does not matter:
        • how long they have to wait
        • how much money they need
        • or how many times they have to go abroad
      • The men realize that their potential girlfriends or wives are more important than anything else in the world is.
Ryan (true Man of Action) and his family – Dream Connections YouTube Channel

Men of Inaction such as jerks/truth haters and cowards/Keyboard Romeos stay in their comfort zones even though they become (more) uncomfortable.

But, Men of Action put their feelings aside, get on airplanes, and fly abroad in hopes of building permanent relationships with foreign women. Both groups of men in this category care about the truth about international dating, etc. The differences are that the true ones are willing to travel overseas more times and learn more accurate information about foreign women, cultures, and so on.

I definitely see true Men of Action as superheroes. They take their lives seriously. They are respectful and honest with foreign women. The men act their best and dress to impress. Even if they cannot marry every woman they date or communicate (at a romance tour social), they should realize how inspirational their good hearts, characteristics, and actions are to her. She would never be the same woman again.

She would definitely not turn to a jerk or truth hater for any relationship.

She would forget the meaningless words or broken promises from a coward or Keyboard Romeo.

If she (e.g. Gala from Dream Connections agency) becomes monogamous with a knucklehead or indifferent man, she may end the relationship and happily return to her home country.

Nonetheless, if she meets, connects, and develops feelings for a true Man of Action, she would feel happy and secure with him.


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