Dress to Impress

What you (American or Westernized man) wear tells everyone who you are. It also tells yourself who you are too. You either give a good or bad impression.  You are treated like a king or a piece of trash based on what you wear. Because you are an adult, you can wear whatever you want to wear. You however cannot control what consequently happens (e.g. how other people treat you). If you want utmost respect, attention, or so, you must wear appropriate clothing for these people:

  • Any woman you date
    • It does not matter if she is from United States, a Westernized country, or a foreign country (e.g. Colombia).
    • She would be instantly (more) attracted to you.
    • If you are interested in dating a foreign woman (e.g. Ukrainian) and do not know what clothes you should wear for her attraction, translators Irina and Lisa from Dream Connections can help you.
      • I would love to have a translator like one of them choosing what clothes I should wear on a date.
    • Every time I visit a foreign country, I take my best clothes so that I can attract every woman I date or encounter.
  • Employers and employees at the job location(s)
    • You can get a job of your choice.
    • You must also have a positive attitude and required documents (e.g. ID card and resume’) for the job interview or job orientation.
      • Then, employers/employees would really fall in love with you.
        • Even if you are rejected or unqualified for the job you apply, you might get another job at the same company.
          • Employers/employees would look out for you anyway.
  • Society
    • Whether you go to the store, church, school, bank, restaurant, or another public locale, everyone would look and treat you fairly.
      • They would not show disgust or treat you like a slob.
    • You would get more respect than you do if you wear ugly or crappy-looking clothes.
      • My mother has told me that doctor(s) are willing and able to treat me at a hospital if I am sick but wear decent clothes.
      • If you are homeless, jobless, or broke, you may get whatever you need from anyone.
    • If you go to a school graduation ceremony, family reunion, or another social event, would you dress your best?
  • Yourself
    • You would feel better about yourself.
    • You would like and appreciate yourself more.
    • You would have no interest in reverting to your old ways of dressing.
    • If you lack experience or need help on fashion, seek professional(s) or someone (e.g. friend or relative) who dresses better.

You are what you wear. The same thing goes with what you eat, what you drink, how you think, what you say, and so forth. Who you are at home (alone or with roommates) affects who you are in public (with strangers). According to Luke 8:17, what (e.g. your secrets) is in the dark would be exposed to light. Nowadays, it is hard to hide your true self from others. There is no need for secret video cameras and so. Some people can sense or figure you out. Then, based on their suspicion(s), they would judge and or treat you differently. But, maybe you can help change their attitudes by making self-improvement. You have to wear better clothes and change your attitude/behavior. These are the only ways you would get respect from others and even yourself. Just keep and wear your ugly or unpleasant clothes at home. Show pride in yourself especially when you are around others.

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith – Men In Black 20th Anniversary (1997 – 2017) 


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