Women of Eastern Europe

I have written a blog post about Ukrainian ladies regarding their hair colors 6 months ago.

Then, I also have discussed the gorgeous ones who are over 35 years of age in “Foreign Cougars” 3 months ago.

Now, I want to again talk about them plus their counterparts in the eastern side of Europe.

Here is the following specific information (based on many online sources I have visited and thoroughly researched) that should tell you (American or Western man) who these 10 groups of irresistible women really are:


Country: Belarus

Appearances: Even though Belorussian women live in a nation that is small and unknown to most American/Western men, the looks of the women cannot be ignored any longer. Most of them are tall, stylish, and capable of becoming successful models. They also have blonde hair that makes them so much fun.

Personalities: They like to talk. But, they also like to listen to good stories. That deed alone should really draw you and other males to their country. The women are so caring and respectful to your feelings, thoughts, etc. They would better themselves and learn English nonstop. Then, they can build an everlasting connection with their potential American/Western boyfriends or husbands.

Activities: Belorussian ladies are successful in working long hours, providing and taking care of their families, cleaning their houses, and managing companies.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Minsk (capital); Mogilev; Baranovichi; Vitebsk

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Russian Cupid; Elena’s Models; Rose Brides; International Love Scout; Mamba.ru; LovePlanet.ru; Topface

Belorussian woman – City-of-Brides.net


Country: Bulgaria

Appearances: If you ever go there, you would see many skinny and light-skinned Bulgarian females. They have long hands probably due to their low weights. Their hair is usually dark brown or black.

Personalities: They may be mysterious or hard to read. But, they are easy to give compliments. Unlike United States and the Western world, you do not have to hide your true feelings from a Bulgarian woman. You can be yourself around her and vice versa. She does not make much money. However, she does have enough charm and passion in order to make you forget about materialistic things.

Activities: Bulgarian women love dressing as models, playing sports, and receiving small gifts from men.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Sofia (capital); Varna; Burgas

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Rose Brides; Russian Cupid; Sladur

Bulgarian woman – Eastern European Travel


Country: Czech Republic

Appearances: What separates Czech ladies from others is their preferences to wear casual clothes publicly. Most of them want to feel comfortable and enjoy life probably because they are blondes. However, they plus other Czech females are willing to wear sexy dresses and high heels for the right men.

Personalities: Despite that Czech women are positive, they can deal with harsh reality. They do not mind persistently working long hours at their jobs, studying for tests overnight, and cleaning their whole houses. If you want to find a woman who loves cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her family, go to Czech Republic.

Activities: The women enjoy having candid conversations during their dates, receiving flowers or good manners (e.g. opening the door and paying the bill) from good men, and keeping themselves busy with their jobs, education, or house chores.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Prague (capital); Brno; Ostrava

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Anastasia Date; czech-single-women.com; Eastern European Matchmaker; International Love Scout; Seznamka.cz; Stesti.cz; Badoo

Czech woman – Czech Single Women


Country: Hungary

Appearances: The majority of Hungarian ladies probably has freckles, blonde hair, and a fair skin tone. But, some of them are multiracial. That fact alone makes them unique and worthy of meeting in person.

Personalities: Just as they are serious about commitment or marriage, they are the same with their driving as well. Unlike many people in United States, Hungarians never use their mobile phones on the road. Hungarian ladies want to stay safe and alive so that they can continue being traditional, loyal, healthy, and happy with their potential boyfriends or husbands.

Activities: Hungarian females are known for saving money and easily adapting to American or Western culture. Because of their confidence, fashion, and openness, they can truly connect with many people. But, they choose to have a few friends who are considered trustworthy.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Budapest (capital); Eger

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Rose Brides; Randivonal.hu; Love Awake; Parom.hu

Czech woman
Hungarian woman – beauty-around.com


Country: Moldova

Appearances: It is hard to believe that tall Moldovan ladies with blonde hair and blue eyes are overlooked. But, it may be a different story regarding other women who have a short height, brunette hair, and brown eyes. They probably have more difficulty in welcoming you and other American/Western men to their hidden country than the blondes do.

Personalities: Many Moldovan females do have something in common with their American/Western counterparts concerning their independence, advanced education, belief in Christianity, and successful careers. The difference is that Moldovan ladies are still approachable to you and other men in general. The women want to connect, show affection, and build their trust toward you and other men. Even though she is bilingual, a Moldovan lady is willing to improve her English in order to be at the same level you are.

Activities: Moldovan women like partying, dancing, and learning new information.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Chisinau (capital); Bender; Tiraspol

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Russian Cupid; Elena’s Models

Moldovan woman
Moldovan woman – Baltic Ladies


Country: Poland

Appearances: Whether they are slim or plump, Polish ladies take good care of their health. They are not scared to show their natural looks. Plus, they dress in order to impress men who would hire them for ideal jobs or join them in holy matrimony.

Personalities: Pretty Polish women are not fortunate in finding their suitable men in their country. The ladies however gain success in fashion and education. If you date a Polish woman, do not ever take her to a bar or anywhere you plan to drink alcohol. The reason is that she probably has many drunkards in her country. Do not be surprised if her male relatives (e.g. father, brother(s), etc.) are some of them.

Activities: Polish ladies like receiving fresh flowers, cooking food, getting help with their heavy belongings, and being alone sometimes.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Warsaw (capital); Krakow; Gdansk

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Love Awake; Sympatia.pl; EDarling.pl; Mydwoje.pl; Cafe.pl; Tinder

Polish woman
Polish woman – Best European Ladies


Country: Romania

Appearances: If you want to meet women who have long legs and long necks, go to that country. You may see most of them with brunette or black hair. Their eyes are brown, black, or even green. You would not find women with these exotic features anywhere else.

Personalities: They love talking as much as they love their clothes. But, they do not go to extreme measures as most American/Western women do. Romanian ladies remain traditional, ladylike, and respectful to good men. Thus, you can easily approach and have a normal conversation with an attractive Romanian female. You are not going to be rejected or treated like a creep or pervert.

Activities: Women in Romania love cooking, doing makeup and fashion, and dating men with good manners.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Bucharest (capital); Iasi; Brasov; Ploiesti; Cluj

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Elena’s Models; Russian Cupid; Sentimente.ro

Romanian women
Romanian women – YouTube


Country: Russia

Appearances: They seem unfriendly when you look at their faces. But, they are quite the opposites when it comes to flirting. Once you get to know them personally, you may develop a strong interest in tall and thin women.

Personalities: They may be unappreciated by men in their country. But, they are probably valued by American/Western men for their advanced education and ability to speak 2 or more languages. Because they are willing to work hard on everything they do, they expect their potential boyfriends or husbands to do the same. You and other American/Western men just need to be moral, loyal, and financially stable in order to keep the women happy.

Activities: Russian ladies love spending long hours in deciding their makeup, hair, and clothes, drinking vodka, champagne, and wine, and getting attention for their looks and personalities.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Moscow (capital); Saint Petersburg; Sochi; Yekaterinburg; Vladivostok; Ivanovo; Novosibirsk; Kazan

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Elena’s Models; A Foreign Affair; Mamba.ru; Loveplanet.ru; Dating.ru; Russian Cupid

Russian woman
Russian woman – meeting-ukrainian-woman.com


Country: Slovakia

Appearances: The women are similar to their Russian counterparts because of their tall heights and skinny weights. Both groups also have white skin tones and different hair colors such as blonde, black, and brown. However, Slovakian ladies prefer to drink tea or coffee on their first dates in order to maintain their weights.

Personalities: Most of them are not really open to strangers in public. But, if they get to know you well, they would come out of their shells. Not only are they able to personally connect with you but also they can make better decisions and come up with amazing ideas.

Activities: To avoid stress, they like saving money, receiving inexpensive gifts on their dates, looking at nature, visiting new places, and pursuing straightforward men who lead them to the right way.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Bratislavia (capital); Kosice; Banska Bystrica; Levoca; Nitra

Good Dating Websites to Visit: International-love.dating; Russian Cupid; Euro Date; Love Awake; Cupid; Eastern Europe Matchmaker

Slovakian woman
Slovakian woman – beauty-around.com


Country: Ukraine

Appearances: They are known for having dark skin tones and dark hair colors. They are as thin as the other Eastern European ladies are. But, Ukrainian ladies sometimes wear flower hats so that they can separate their culture from the rest.

Personalities: They are slow to intimacy. But, they would quickly fight or die for their ideal men. Do not underestimate an introverted Ukrainian female. If she is willing to risk her life for you, she is definitely suitable for a serious commitment or marriage.

Activities: Although they earn less money regardless of their hard work, they enjoy cooking delicious and valuable food recipes (that are given by their mothers or grandmothers), wearing feminine clothes, and having meaningful conversations with American/Western men.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Nikolaev (also known as the City of Brides); Odessa; Kherson; Kiev (capital); Dnipro; Kyiv; Kharkov

Good Dating Websites to Visit: A Foreign Affair; Dream Connections; Ukraine Romance and Adventure; Ulove.cn; UKReine.com; Mordinson.com; Match Guaranty; International Love Scout; Ukraine Date; Russian Cupid; Anastasia Date; A True Love; Mamba.ru; city-of-brides.net

Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women – Anna Ukolova


Millions of Eastern European ladies deserve to be in safe and happy relationships with good men wherever they are.

Hopefully, you have learned plenty of information about the exotic women. Then, maybe you would consider choosing an Eastern European country, planning your trip, and actually going there. If you do not find the woman of your dreams, repeat with your second, third, or subsequent trip.

Do not give up on international love.

Do not give up on her.

Do not give up on your awesome future with her.

This gorgeous prize is waiting for a good man like you overseas.

map of Eastern Europe – Trip Savvy

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