Looking at Attractive Women

I am a man with strong heterosexual feelings.

I am very attracted to women especially the ones in foreign countries. Because I do not have access to local women (who are unavailable, uninterested, or difficult to find), I turn to online images and videos of pretty ladies. I would continue doing this until I go back overseas. Then, I would physically be around attractive women who feel the same way I do. That is a much better experience than focusing on imaginary or unavailable women at home is.

It is normal to see a woman or women you (American or Western man) find attractive. But, depending on where you are, be careful what you do next. You are going to face different results in these 2 different worlds:

United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and other Westernized countries

You may be considered a creep or pervert if you continue to look at an American/Western woman and:

  • do not talk to her
  • or keep talking to her even though she is obviously not interested in you

Another negative consequence is possibly losing your job. Do not join Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, and other fired male celebrities who have failed to control their feelings toward attractive women. Ask yourself if it is worth losing everything for a worthless woman. She and others are now taking control of the society, media, etc. You, I, and other good men have small chances of getting many people on our side.

Colombia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, and other third world countries

You do not have to worry about being name-called, slapped, threatened, fired, or hated by foreigners.

You can look at many attractive women as long as you want overseas.

Like me, you would feel like a boy (stuck in a body of a grown man) at a candy store. You would have difficulty in deciding which flavor (foreign woman based on her appearance) you want. If you cannot make a choice, take your time and connect with many ladies as you like. They expect you and other men in general to hook up with different women anyway.

However, if you or another Man of Action is serious about a monogamous relationship with a foreign woman, she would be surprised.


You may pay the price if you keep staring at a woman in United States or a Westernized country.

But, she may get away if she does the same to you.

The same thing may apply even if she sexually harasses you. If she is attractive, you probably would not care so much. If she is however not your type, you may want to flee or quit your job (especially if she is your boss or coworker).

Instead of locally focusing on attractive women you cannot have or hideous women you do not want, give your attention to attractive foreign women who are always available.

You can constantly look at them while they may reciprocate.

You can approach, be yourself, and have a normal conversation with them while they show interest.

During your date, you can look at other women without being glared, confronted, treated like a cheater.

Even though most American/Western women see you as a ghost or loser (unless you are handsome, rich, charming, etc.), most foreign women see you as a:

  • rare treasure
  • actual human being
  • brave king (if you have enough respect for them)

Forget about local women who do not really want you.

Also forget about your magazines and favorite websites that contain countless images/videos of unavailable women.

Just go overseas (even if it is only for your one time).

Whether you travel to Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, China, or a similar country (where women outnumber men), attractive foreign ladies are always waiting for you plus more American/Western men to show up.

As long as you are a good man, beautiful foreign women do not mind if you look at them all day.

man rejected by American/Western woman – The Modern Man

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  1. […] Personalities: They love talking as much as they love their clothes. But, they do not go to extreme measures as most American/Western women do. Romanian ladies remain traditional, ladylike, and respectful to good men. Thus, you can easily approach and have a normal conversation with an attractive Romanian female. You are not going to be rejected or treated like a creep or pervert. […]


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