My Review – “Fools Rush In” Movie

1997 is an unforgettable year for me due to particular events in my life then:

But, I obviously would always remember the movie ‘Fools Rush In” starring Matthew Perry from popular sitcom “Friends” and Salma Hayek. Watching it again after a couple of years makes me appreciate and praise its screenwriters (Katherine Reback and Joan Taylor) more. They have turned their imagination into reality – or should I say a fictional movie that may have been inspired by real life events. Either way, both ladies have succeeded in globally telling their viewers (including myself) that any relationship does not always start in normalcy or end as a happily ever after.

This year is the perfect time to review the interracial love movie because of its 25th anniversary. I have been waiting a couple of months to plan this blog post. If you (American or Western man) care to read my honest thoughts about the movie, please continue below:


Las Vegas

  • It is a city where Alex Whitman (Perry) and Isabel Fuentes (Hayek) have met and bonded with each other.
  • Going there for a short vacation back in September 2015 has been a surreal experience for me besides traveling to Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine.
  • Alex and Isabel have enjoyed their time together so much that they have an one night stand.
    • Her pregnancy absolutely has brought them closer.
    • They have gotten married twice as a result.
    • If you are actually searching for something that is extraordinary and life-changing, consider taking a trip to Las Vegas or somewhere similar.

Release date of movie

  • According to Wikipedia, the movie has started playing in movie theaters on Valentine’s Day 1997.
  • Valentine’s Day has always been one of my most favorite holidays due to these reasons:
  • Thanks to the Hollywood movie, Valentine’s Day is currently known for bringing forth not only endless love and romance but also enchantment.
    • People who typically feel alone, withdrawn, or discouraged may be capable of having a better mood on that special day in February.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day by:
    • taking out a family member or friend to dinner
    • or giving him or her something that describes your care and respect

Isabel’s choice to keep baby

  • She has lied to Alex that their unborn baby died.
    • Fortunately, at the end of the movie, she has given birth.
  • I am pleased that she has not aborted her unborn daughter with Alex.
    • In my honest opinion, the only women who have a right to terminate their pregnancies are those who have been sexually assaulted.
    • I apologize to you (reader) for saying this statement.
  • Every child is a gift from God to his or her parents.
    • According to Psalm 139 and Jeremiah 1, he or she belongs to God because of His plan for how he/she looks, thinks, behaves, etc. from birth to death.
    • Isabel has certainly known that fact which has led her to more happiness and a stronger union with Alex.
  • Whether you have kid(s) or not, always retain a positive mentality toward them.

Destiny between Alex and Isabel

  • After their temporary breakup, Alex has returned to New York City and started experiencing these unexpected signs:
  • The result is that he has returned to Las Vegas in hopes of reconnecting with adult Isabel for good.
  • In my perspective, destiny is the journey:
    • from where you have come originally
    • to where you desire to go
  • But, according to Joel Osteen, you can miss a part or possibly an entirety of your fate if you become distracted or negative.
  • God has intended Alex and Isabel to unexpectedly meet, connect, break up twice, and reunite twice.
  • So, if you are single and hopeful of seeking a solid relationship like Alex and Isabel do, stay optimistic and put more faith plus trust in God.
    • Only He can bring all of your dreams into reality.
    • Avoid trying to manipulate or force something to happen or go your way.

2 Dislikes

Isabel’s rejection of Alex

  • She has chosen to let go of him for the second time due to their growing feud or disagreements on certain issues.
    • Her main reason is fear of being dismissed by him.
    • After all, he comes from a background of riches and entrepreneurship.
  • Rejection does seem painful at first.
    • However, it just guides you to extra joy and peace with the right person or people.
    • In accordance to the words of Osteen, you are incapable of reaching the fullness of your destiny without opposition, delays, and/or other barriers.
    • Based on my negative experiences, being accepted by the wrong individual(s) can make your life worse or more difficult.
  • Alex has accepted and forgiven Isabel regardless of their problems.
    • Thus, they have become happier spouses and parents to a newborn girl.
  • Always see the positive side of rejection or any other negativity.
    • Consequently, God would reward you with acceptance, kindness, respect, etc. through the right person or people.

Cathy Stewart

  • She is perhaps Alex’s former girlfriend.
    • Her parents are good friends with his parents.
    • She has attempted to see him on some business trips.
    • Nevertheless, he has ignored her at all costs.
  • In my eyes, she is an innocent and lovely female on the outside.
    • However, I already sense how fake, arrogant, materialistic, and manipulative she actually is through her actions.
    • A smile on her face cannot hide her personality.
  • Alex has made the right decision to keep his distance from her.
    • But, due to his strong feelings for Isabel, he has finally become candid with Cathy.
    • Cathy realizes that she has to move on with someone else.
  • You may not like Cathy as much as I do not.
    • Howbeit, if you have a better opinion of her, provide me a good explanation in the “Comments” section below.
    • We all have different opinions when it comes to someone or something.
    • Despite of our differences, we should respect each other anyway.


It is almost Christmas Day.

So, I want to consider this blog post or movie review as a Christmas gift to you. I hope that my words encourage you to watch the movie on a physical disc (e.g. DVD or Blu Ray disc) or digitally (through YouTube or maybe Netflix). Despite that the movie mainly represents Valentine’s Day, it does the same with Christmas too.

Alex and Isabel have succeeded in believing and showing love, respect, unity, and diversity to each other and their family members. They have overcome “big” obstacles whether they are together or apart. As a result, they deserve to get remarried and raise their daughter plus more kids as well.

I want to wish you a happy Christmas 2022 and New Year’s 2023.

Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Watch the 25 year old movie and other classic movies with them.

Plan your future with an amazing woman whether she is from your race and culture or not.

If you need help, please send me or Elizabeth (my business partner, friend, and translator of 4 years) a Facebook message or an email message including your:

  • name
  • age
  • city and country you live
  • occupation
  • type of woman you are interested in dating or marrying
  • anything else you wish to share about yourself

She and I would be glad to hear from you and guide you to the woman of your dreams.

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