Offline Relationship versus Online Relationship

From birth to death, you (American or Western man) always have an unique relationship with every unique person you come into contact. It does not matter if you like him/her or not. It does not matter if you stay connected or grow apart from him/her. It does not matter if you how long you both do not see or speak to each other. Additionally, it does not matter how far away both of you are from each other. Either messaging on social media (e.g. Facebook) or meeting somewhere in person can help you restore the relationship with him/her.

When it comes to romance, you must pick where you should meet the right woman. The right place is very important because of the psychological effects (whether they are positive, negative, or both) it brings to you and her. If you want to have a successful relationship with her, please read the main paragraphs below:

Offline Relationship

Who you see is who you may get.

If you ever go to Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, or another foreign country, you would see the amazing truth – beautiful women you have been dreaming for probably your entire life. You would have the chance to talk, date, fall in love, etc. with any woman who reciprocates your feelings. Unlike online dating, you would spend less money on each woman you spend time. You can do the following inexpensive things for her:

  • buying food and drinks
  • going to the movies
  • buying a gift
  • going bowling, roller-skating, museum, or any other interesting place
  • paying for taxi rides

You can take a relationship with a foreign woman to the next level. If both of you become inseparable, you should think about marriage together. If you need more time or more information, talk to international dating experts or better – happily married international couples from A Foreign Affair or Dream Connections dating agency.

offline relationship between Alona (Ukrainian) and Law (American) Jackson – Dream Connections YouTube Channel

Online Relationship

Expect the unexpected.

This type of relationship is pretty much the complete opposite of an offline relationship. Honestly, you are not going to succeed on an online dating website (which is possibly frequented by many scammers, frauds, and liars). If you are not willing to physically meet a woman (or women) you have been communicating online, you would face these negative consequences:

  • seeing your home (whether it is your country, state, or city) as your comfort zone
  • keeping yourself in the dark
    • How do you know if you are talking to a good and trustworthy woman (or women)?
      • Most good women (especially the ones in foreign countries) are going to stop online communication if they suspect that the men are not serious.
      • Women are either very busy or very tired after working long hours, raising their children, etc.
    • You have no actual proof to confirm what you say or think about your online relationship(s).
  • letting an obstacle take over your life
    • The obstacle is yourself.
      • No one or nothing can strongly make you do something against your will.
    • I consider the self as the worst of the 8 obstacles I have described in a previous blog post.
  • wasting so much money on continuous email letters, chats, and other pointless communication
    • You are indeed a Keyboard Romeo.
    • However, if you want to save more money and spend less money for a real woman (or women) in person, become a Man of Action.
  • thinking that your online relationship with her is going to grow
    • If you do not visit her in the flesh, your wish is not going to happen.
    • What if she is a man or a woman who is actually different from the one she seems to you?
    • If she is not real and not interested in being with you, you would be disappointed.
      • You have 2 options:
        • Start another online relationship with a woman who may be similar.
        • Give up online dating and consider developing an offline relationship with a woman (local or foreign).
man dating online – Fidelity Dating

Hopefully, you choose to physically be with a breathtaking woman initially. Communicating with her online beforehand may lead to disastrous results. Your dream of meeting her (as perfect as she seems) someday may not happen. Your time of constantly writing letters into oblivion is going to end.

Why do I say that?

If she is not who she says she is, you are going to find the ugly truth about her sooner or later.

On the other hand, if she is moral, she would:

  • be honest with you
  • hope that you would travel and see her one day
  • cut ties with you if you:
    • break promises
    • play games
    • or have nonstop excuses why you cannot visit her

A good woman wants you to:

  • become smarter
  • become happier
  • spend less money
  • step outside your comfort zone.

But, someone who keeps chatting, emailing, or sending you winks online does not.

There are countless videos, articles, blogs, etc. that warn you, me, and everyone else about the disadvantages of online dating.

Listen to those sources.

Follow your instincts.

Pursue an offline relationship with a local (if you wish) or foreign woman you can talk, hug, talk, hold hands, take photographs, etc.

She would make you forget about online dating entirely.


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