My Review – “Happier Abroad” Website

Since 2007, “Happier Abroad” website has been formed in order:

  • to bring awareness of depression, loneliness, and other mental/emotional issues in United States and probably Westernized countries
  • to encourage single or divorced men to go overseas temporarily or permanently
  • to help them find true happiness and especially true love with the right women (who are located in Ukraine, Philippines, China, Colombia, etc.)

The creator of the website and author of numerous articles, essays, and ebooks, Winston Wu (Asian-American), wants the world to know about his life and reasons. He has experienced ongoing loneliness, rejection, and other negative qualities in America. His family, friends, and others have failed to cure or solve his problems. But, he eventually has found the solution (on his own) – traveling to foreign countries. His life has thus positively changed forever.

If you (American or Westernized man) want to see his photos or trip reports of Russia, Philippines, etc., click on this link.

He does not have to worry about being alone ever again. In fact, he collaborates with 3 other experts plus John Adams (the co-owner and president of A Foreign Affair agency). They all share similar views regarding different cultures, women (in general), dating, psychology, self-improvement, and so on. Because I do as well, I would like to see “Foreign Love Web” blog included and recommended on “Happier Abroad” website. I have discussed many but diverse topics. I would not stop until I wake up the eyes of many people with the untold truth about foreign women, international dating, etc.

Based on my analysis of the unique website, I have only found 4 things I like and 2 things I dislike.

So, they are mentioned below:


  • forum overall
    • I participate in it sometimes.
      • I have promoted this WordPress blog and therefore have received a couple of viewers.
      • I also have discussed particular topics that come to mind.
    • If you are interested in talking about any women, cultures, countries, etc., please register and become a member like I have.
  • connection to A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections businesses
    • Winston develops friendships with like-minded people including:
      • John (owner of A Foreign Affair agency)
      • Mark Edward Davis (owner of Dream Connections agency).
    • Winston provides images of foreign women, romance tour schedules, and other A Foreign Affair website information on his website.
    • He has mentioned about Mark or Dream Connections business/website in the forum.
      • Winston also has 2 YouTube videos for Mark as well.
        • Both of them feature Winston who is asking Mark 6 questions totally.
  • plenty of information on almost every webpage
    • You may be overwhelmed after reading countless words, viewing many photos of beautiful foreign women, and more.
    • If you are still not satisfied, you can always contact Winston or leave an unanswered message in the forum.
      • Then, he or someone else would respond.
  • Winston Wu overall
    • I probably have more things in common with him than I do with my own family.
      • I only say a few words (because I am introverted) while most of my family members never stop talking.
    • We both feel like outcasts in our home country.
      • We are mainly treated like garbage, slaves, objects, or ghosts by most people.
      • But, we use our unique traits and skills for building online businesses that are:
    • We can constantly talk about foreign women, romance tours, cultures, etc. for the rest of our lives.
    • We enjoy writing about the same passions which are:
    • Do you share the same things with us?


  • majority of men who are not really serious about foreign women
    • I am annoyed that these men continue to complain about American/Western women in the forum.
      • But, I would not be surprised if the men have not gone abroad and met better women.
    • At least there are some Men of Action (including myself) who actually have gotten on airplanes, have flown to foreign countries, and have dated and connected with foreign women.
      • Those are the type of men women in Ukraine, China, Colombia, etc. are interested in dating or marrying.
    • Just as most American/Western women are not going to stop being arrogant, materialistic, insane, difficult, etc., most foreign women are not going to stop being sweet, simple, honest, and so forth.
      • So, if you want to be with a pleasant woman, go visit her overseas.
      • If you however want to stay home, then expect to date or connect with a toxic woman.
      • The choice is yours to make.
  • list of external blogs that are recommended, linked, and provided
    • Honestly, I am not happy with any blog.
      • They do not give me enough information I need/want.
      •  Some of them confuse me a little.
    • My own blog is the only one that truly gives me satisfaction.
    • Unless someone has a better blog, I would like to see mines chosen on “Happier Abroad” website.
      • I can be very informative about any topic related to international dating or foreign women.

“Happier Abroad” website is a highly recommended website if you want to learn unlimited information about:

  • women in Ukraine, Colombia, and other foreign countries
  • international dating agencies/websites like A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections
  • Winston Wu (owner/creator of the website)
  • American/Western and foreign cultures
  • and more

You would get more facts than you do with opinions from others.

You may be convinced to pick a foreign country, plan your trip, and visit irresistible women (like I still am). Even if you are not, you would not be the same after visiting and possibly joining the website. Your thoughts, words, and actions matter if you participate in the forum. You would receive helpful answers from other members and maybe Winston as well. You would realize that there are people (in this world) who actually care more about you than your own family and friends do.

These strangers would tell you to go after your dreams even if it means traveling abroad; would your loved ones do the same?

Can you get the same good feeling(s) from another website that focuses on local dating or online dating?

HA banner
logo – Happier Abroad website
Winston Wu with an Asian woman – Wrong Planet
Winston and Julia
Winston Wu with a Russian/Ukrainian woman – Happier Abroad forum


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