My Review – “Tekken” Video Game Series

On New Year’s Day 1999 (7 years before I have learned about amazing foreign women), my dad bought me a PlayStation 1 console and a video game called “Tekken 3” (which is considered the best (fighting) video game of the console, of the entire Tekken video game series, and of all time). Initially, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect from the video game; I compared it to the gruesome and boring (in my opinion) “Mortal Kombat” video game series. But, I became excited and fell in love with the characters, music, character endings, and everything else. I had never played a video game like “Tekken 3” ever. Because I was obsessed with its main storyline involving Jin Kazama and his family, I bought “Tekken 1” and “Tekken 2” at a distant Gamestop store. I also bought a later video game called “Tekken Tag Tournament 1” although my dad bought me also a PlayStation 2 console. I bought more subsequent Tekken games for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 consoles.

18 years later, I am still interested (but not as much as I was) in the Tekken video game series. “Tekken 7” is released this weekend. Its main storyline focuses on the “final” battle between Kazuya (son) and Heihachi (father) Mishima. But, it is only available on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One consoles. I have neither of those consoles. I however plan to buy a PS4 console and the new video game when the prices go down. Meanwhile, I can always look at unforgettable videos on YouTube.

Because of the new Tekken video game, I have to pick the number 7. In fact, 7 is a favorite number of God. Here are my 4 likes and 3 dislikes (total of 7 things based on my opinion):


  • diversity of fighting characters
    • Each Tekken video game has:
      • humans (e.g. Jin Kazama and Nina Williams)
      • robots (e.g. Alisa and Prototype Jack)
      • animals (e.g. Kuma and Gon)
      • spirits (e.g. Angel and Devil Jin)
    • I can select a character for:
    • Just like I can pick a Tekken fighter, I can choose a woman from a foreign country (e.g. Colombia or Ukraine).
  • intense and main storyline involving Jin, his father Kazuya, and his grandfather Heihachi
    • I can be addicted to it.
      • I have spent long hours playing “Tekken 6” story mode.
        • I would probably do the same when I get the new and following video game on PS4.
      • Most people cannot get enough of fantasy sports; I cannot get enough of the Tekken characters, storylines, etc.
    • I am glad that Jin has resurrected, received treatment, and has mentioned to his half-uncle Lars, Alisa, and his adopted uncle Lee Chaolan about his future and hopefully last battle with Kazuya in “Tekken 8”.
  • sexualization of female characters
    • Since the existence of “Tekken 4”, Ling Xiaoyu, Kunimitsu, Angel, and other females have become (more) attractive.
    • This cause has probably motivated many men to buy most or all Tekken video games.
    • Even though they do not exist, they are just as good-looking as Colombian, Ukrainian, etc. women are.
  • music
    • My 3 favorite Tekken music songs are:
      • King (“Tekken 3” original music)
      • Hwoarang (“Tekken Tag Tournament 1”)
      • Jungle (“Tekken 4”)
    • I occasionally download, record, and play most it in my vehicle.
    • Unlike current hip hop and pop music, Tekken music does bring meaningfulness to me.
      • Even though no one sings or raps on Tekken music, I understand it well.
        • It is like jazz music for video games.
      • I do not want to turn to violence, drugs, etc. unlike someone who regularly listens and enjoys current music.


  • Heihachi Mishima
    • He is despicable.
      • He has committed attempted murder by throwing his own son Kazuya (as a child) off the cliff.
      • Also, he has tried to kill his only grandson Jin by shooting him with a gun.
      • But, he shows love and respect to a bear (Kuma).
    • He is indestructible.
      • At separate times, Jin, Kazuya, and others have tried to defeat or kill him.
      • I would not be surprised if he survives the fire Kazuya has thrown him.
        • If so, then what else would really make him die?
    • He is arrogant.
      • He wants or expects everyone in the world to pay him total attention.
      • He thinks that he is a better fighter than anyone else is.
      • He may seem serious and important to many innocent people worldwide.
        • But, the truth is that he is a joke and a poor excuse for a:
  • disappearance of particular characters
    • Is Jun Kazama, the mother of Jin, dead or still alive and missing?
      • But, at least she has appeared in “Tekken Tag Tournament 1” and “Tekken Tag Tournament 2“.
      • I would love it if she does return for “Tekken 8” (canonical).
    • Where are also Kunimitsu and Angel?
      • Like Jun, they also have appeared in both non-canonical games.
      • I wish that people who produce Tekken games would limit the number of new characters and instead bring back these 2 female characters on a canonical game (e.g. “Tekken 8”).
    • Since “Tekken 4” has come out, Forest Law has been permanently replaced by his father Marshall.
      • However, Forest has returned for “Tekken Tag Tournament 2”.
      • I guess that Marshall wants to protect Forest who is already an adult.
  • waiting for the next Tekken storyline
    • It drives me nuts that I have to wait a couple of years for a sequel.
      • I feel the same about my next trip overseas.
        • I have to wait 8 months or longer in order to return to Dominican Republic.
        • In addition, I have to wait for James Maverick and his team to finish my e-commerce website too.
      • After all, the Bible does say that “good things come to those who wait“.
    • Who will be the next King of Iron Fist Tournament for “Tekken 8”?
      • Kazuya?
      • Jin?
      • Lars?
      • Nina?
      • Someone else?
    • Will there be a final battle between Jin and Kazuya?
    • Will Heihachi come back from the dead?

I love the Tekken video game series as much as I love foreign women. I can talk about them all the time. Years can go by. I still want to play a Tekken video game; I still want to date a foreign woman overseas too. I would never get tired of doing both activities. They reflect me as a person.

How do you feel about the Tekken video game series? Have you ever bought and played its video game(s)? Do you watch its videos on YouTube? If so, what is your favorite Tekken game? Who is your favorite Tekken character? What is your favorite Tekken movie? Why? Anything else?

Give your answer(s) below.

The Mishima Family (Jinpachi, Heihachi, Kazuya, Jin, and Lars) – Pinterest 



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