Profiles of Foreign Women

Forget pornography.

I am more turned on by viewing profiles of gorgeous foreign women on international dating websites like A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections. I never get tired from looking at the images of these women who wear feminine but proper clothing and have nice smiles. I also enjoy reading short biographies about them regarding their ages, residences, sizes, etc. Too bad I do not feel the same about profiles of American or Western women on eHarmony, POF, and other domestic dating websites.

I constantly thank God for creating foreign women including my Colombian friend Erika. They are beautiful inside and out. They are looking for good quality men like myself. I am glad that they join international dating websites and provide their online profiles. Then, we American/Western men can learn, communicate, and hopefully meet them on a romance tour or 1-on-1 introduction (also known as an individual tour).

Why do I love seeing a profile of a foreign woman? Why can I not get enough of it? Here are my 6 reasons:

  • additional images
    • Just looking at 1 image is not enough.
    • Seeing her wearing different clothes or doing different poses (with the same clothes) would increase my interest in her.
    • It is like viewing different women except that they are actually all the same woman (her).
  • video(s)
    • It confirms that she is alive.
    • Even though I am not present with her, I can indirectly connect and learn who she is.
    • If her images cannot motivate an American/Western man to go to her country and meet her, then maybe her video(s) would.
  • description
    • I like to know her current age and possibly her birthday coming up.
    • It is important to learn about her religion.
      • As a Christian, I cannot build a serious relationship or marriage with an atheistic, Buddhist, or agnostic woman.
    • Her weight, size, etc. are vital too.
  • identification
    • It is a plus if she has provided both her name and ID number (e.g. 130686).
    • I can send her an email message.
      • But, contacting and asking someone of the international dating agency to instead phone her (for a meeting) is a much better option.
        • If an American/Western man wants to really connect with a particular woman or women, he should depend on an expert (the skilled person who lives in the same foreign country of the woman/women) for help.
          • If he depends on himself, he may fail.
      • Calling her before our meeting would be difficult.
        • It does not even matter if a translator is helping us with our communication.
        • Also, the international phone call(s) are expensive.
        • Because the women in the Philippines are the only group of foreign women who can speak English 100%, I or another American/Western man can have an easy, normal, and pleasant conversation with them.
          • No translator is really needed.
  • man or men of her interest
    • She has to reveal who she wants to date or marry.
      • Her potential boyfriend or husband (who might be me) may read her information or watch her video(s).
      • God would give her the desires of her heart.
        • All she has to do is be patient, persistent, and righteous.
  • honesty
    • There are no games, deception, complications, etc. on her profile or the international dating website overall.
    • I do not have to fill out a long profile and pay hidden or ridiculous fees on the website either.
    • Looking at an attractive foreign woman who cares mainly about the characteristics of a man and not his looks, age, etc. (based on her comments) gives me full or maybe 75% confidence.
    • An American/Western man like myself can know where I stand with a foreign woman.

Indeed, profiles of foreign women are better than pornography and even profiles of American/Western women combined as one. Profiles of foreign women can create good and caring American/Western men. Pornography can create perverts, sex offenders, pedophiles, voyeurs, and other creeps. No wonder there are so many sickos and weirdos in the United States. Profiles of American/Western women can create both good and bad men (and vice versa). “Catfish” television series proves my point on this case.

Unlike profiles of foreign women, pornography can lead a man (in general) to negative results. He would look at images/videos of unavailable women as he fantasizes about them. His health may become worse. His computer can be infected with virus or spyware. He may be seen as a monster to society. He may develop inappropriate feelings toward anyone regardless of age, gender, etc. Like an uncured sex offender, he cannot control his fleshly urges.

Because pornography can take me to a dark place, I would rather be addicted to an international dating website (e.g. instead. At least I can healthily view a profile of a beautiful foreign woman while I fantasize about actually meeting her someday. A real date or even a nonsexual relationship with her is so much better than an obsession with unavailable and self-centered porn actresses is. A prostitute or a porn actress thinks that she can please a man like me by taking off her clothes and giving me sex. But, a good foreign woman can give me a longer satisfaction by keeping her clothes on and loving me for who I am.

AmoLatina website
Latin Affairs website
Dream Connections website


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