Names of Foreign Women

Similar to actual characters of the Holy Bible, we are given certain names because of our:

  • biology
    • A mother usually gives birth and the same name of the father to their newborn son.
  • fate
    • We are meant or supposed to do something meaningful, necessary, or extraordinary (sooner or later in our lives).
  • representation
    • We show or share the same characteristics of something, someplace, someone, or a group.

We may not like our names. But, we must respect them because of our parents. Deuteronomy 5:16 says that we must honor and obey our parents so that we can live longer especially in the land, city, or place we choose to be.

There are some names I do not like. However, there are others I do like based on attractive women. If a sexy woman has a sexy name, I may be more attracted to her than I do with a sexy woman who has a plain or ugly name.

Anyway, I like to discuss with you (American or Western man) 3 particular names of foreign women (1 name each from 1 continent) below:

Oksana (from Europe)

Oksana means “praise be to God”. Many Russian and Ukrainian women share the name. They are not only beautiful but also caring and wise. If you are interested in dating or marrying a woman named Oksana, check out these 2 profiles:


Oksana (AFA #165604) –


Oksana (DC #3801614) – Dream Connections

Rosa (from Central/South America)

I have fallen in love with this Latin American name ever since I have looked at a AFA profile of a Dominican woman. Although I have never received a chance to contact or meet the woman on my last trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic, I am still crazy about her. In fact, I have written a blog post about her. The name ‘Rosa’ defines rose(s). Maybe you would connect with a lovely foreign woman who shares the same name of the woman I like so much.


Rosa (a Dominican woman I could not meet or email plus her AFA profile was removed) –


Rosa Aurora (AFA #169770) –

Emaline (from Asia)

Even though it is not really an Asian name or a popular one, ‘Emaline’ is sexy in my opinion. Based on my research, it is an actual Latin name that means ‘rivalry’ or ‘industriousness’. There are 2 different foreign women (whose images you would see below) who are competent in whatever they do. ‘Emaline’ sounds similar to 2 other names such as ‘Emily’ and ‘Emma Lee’. Another fact about ‘Emaline’ is that Ben Folds Five has written a 1999 song (based on it). Many people may not like or know the name well. But, few others including the American music band do.

Emaline (AFA #173696) –

Emaline Delapaix (Australian singer, songwriter, humanitarian, and vegetarian) –

Names tell us who we are and what we are meant to do. Once we are officially given particular names by our parents, those names are stuck with us forever. It does not matter even if we change them for legal or professional purposes. Just like our biology, fate, and representation, our permanent names always follow us no matter:

  • where we go
  • what we do
  • who we choose as our girlfriends or wives
  • how much we change
  • how many times we change our names

A name can help you identify the woman of your dreams. You would not forget her appearance, age, personality, city of residence, etc. I have not regarding that Dominican woman (Rosa); I probably never will despite that I have to move on with other gorgeous foreign women.

What is your favorite name for a (foreign) woman? Why?

If you find an online profile of a woman whose name you like very much, would you be interested in meeting and dating her?

Can a beautiful name of a woman motivate a man like you?

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