Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things

We go to school. We go to our jobs. We go to the store. We go to church. We go on vacation. We even go home where we are around other people who are most likely our neighbors. We expect most other people to be normal, predictable, or boring. But, when we learn that they are building unique products, cooking great food, or writing popular blogs, we are surprised. We are inspired by their works. We may start asking ourselves these questions:

Before these people have started their exciting businesses, they have lived plain lives. They have worked at mediocre jobs. They have been in bad or okay relationships or marriages that have ended in divorces. They have not found real happiness until they have experienced a special thing, have met a special person (probably a foreigner), or have visited a special place (probably a foreign country). Here are 3 singles and 2 international couples I want to discuss:

Winston Wu

He has often faced rejection by many American/Western women including his female friends. He has tried to improve himself several times. He has talked to many Americans about his flaws. Thus, he has received same results negatively. To better his life and to help other lonely American/Western men meet beautiful women, he has built a website called “Happier Abroad“. It includes a forum, blog, videos, podcasts, and so on. As years have elapsed, his website has drawn many followers (including myself). If you want to see his YouTube videos, click on the link.

Winston Wu – founder of Happier Abroad


James Maverick

He has worked at different jobs in California. He has grown tired of them alike; he has felt like a slave or property to different but unappreciative companies. He therefore has resigned from a job, has booked an one-way flight ticket to Brazil, and never has turned back to the disappointing American dating, media, culture, etc. Because he has fallen in love with Brazilian and other foreign cultures, foreign women, etc., he has created “The Maverick Traveler” blog. He eventually has written 3 books, has recorded videos and audio, and even has helped other people (including myself) build their businesses and go after their dreams (with the Maverick Entrepreneur Bootcamp). If you are interested in starting your own business, get in contact with him.

James Maverick – owner of Maverick Traveler 

Kyle Trouble

He is similar to his friend James. He has left his cubicle job, has quit dating in America, has become an expatriate, has created a blog, has written books, has built online business(es), and has encouraged other American/Western men to do the same. The difference is that he has a radio show called “Troublesome Radio“. He gives free podcasts on self-improvement, international dating, foreign women, and more. You can reach him on social media if you have questions, concerns, etc.

Kyle Trouble – founder of This Is Trouble

Mark and Anna Davis

He has come from a religious and wealthy background; she has come from a poor but educational background. They have lived plain lives. He has 4 children by 2 former wives; she has no children at all. Before they have met and built a marital relationship with each other, they each have bad experiences with dating in their old lives. Therefore, they each have joined A Foreign Affair agency in hopes of finding love. Unexpectedly, they have found each other at a romance tour social thanks to God. Despite that he has eventually lost a previous business and she has willingly worked at a low-paying job consequently, they together have created the Dream Connections business wholeheartedly. He coaches and speaks mainly to American/Western men; she does the same with mainly other women in her native country (Ukraine). Unlike most international dating websites/agencies, Dream Connections agency does not provide online communication at all. If American/Western men want to meet, date, talk, or connect with foreign women, the men have to attend a quest tour in Ukraine, Thailand, or Colombia. This requirement from American/Western men proves how unique or different Dream Connections agency is from the rest.

Mark and Anna Davis – owners of Dream Connections romance agency

John and Tanya Adams

Although they have been born and raised in separate countries (United States and Russia), they probably both have good childhoods, college degrees, loyal friends, etc. Like Mark and Anna, they have met each other on a romance tour social from their own company (A Foreign Affair). The rest is history. Today, their company is definitely promoting international dating with its commercials, video blogs, etc. from 3+ YouTube channels. John, Tanya, and other dedicated company members would never stop reaching and encouraging American/Western men to meet, date, and connect with lonely but lovely foreign women.

John and Tanya Adams – owners of A Foreign Affair romance agency

I am encouraged by these people who think outside the box and go outside their comfort zones. Are you? They are making huge differences in the world positively. Thanks to online entrepreneurship, international dating/marriage, etc., they are indeed bringing more awareness and goodness to us and many others of all races, ages, nationalities, and so on. The world is becoming smaller as a result. We American/Western men (as well as other people in general) now can live better lives, create our own jobs, and meet better women. We do not have to listen to a hypocritical society (because most people have never left United States anyway) or a brainwashing media (that compares foreign women to prostitutes or mail order brides but praises idiotic or arrogant celebrities) anymore. We do not have to continue working at jobs that make us truly unhappy. We do not have to continue dating local women who treat us like dirt. We do not have to continue playing mind games with those who want or expect us to do their wishes. We can leave our old lives and create new ones overseas as James Maverick has. Other options are returning to our home countries and improving our old lives by bringing along our successful businesses and happy foreign girlfriends or wives.


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