My Review – “Our America with Lisa Ling: Online Brides” Episode

Our America with Lisa Ling” is a OWN television series that has run from 2011 to 2014. The host, Lisa Ling, now has a second television series, “This is Life with Lisa Ling“, on CNN since 2014. Both of her shows are similar to each other; she discusses an intense and real life topic (e.g. child trafficking or polygamy) for every episode.

The “Online Brides” episode should not be missed. People who do not know or understand international dating should watch it. They may change their opinions toward the subject. They may feel sympathetic for lonely and disappointed American men and foreign women alike. I know that I do. The fact that they are so many single people worldwide is the #1 reason why I have created this unique WordPress blog. If my blog helps create international couples, I would be very grateful to the Lord God everyday for the rest of my life.

My thoughts about the episode are listed below:


  • more American/Western men going to Colombia
    • They are seriously looking for dating, friendships, potential marriage, etc. from the women there.
    • Even if some men are truly seeking hookups, casual sex, etc., at least they have the guts to get on an airplane and fly overseas.
      • Most men who keep writing email letters, breaking promises, and/or making excuses not to meet foreign women are cowards or boys in my opinion.
        • I am not the only person who thinks this way about these “men”.
    • I have gone to Colombia twice.
      • I plan to go back when my online business grows successfully.
      • Colombian women are amazing and irresistible.
  • an American man (David) connecting and marrying a Colombian woman (Cristina)
    • David
      • He is divorced twice.
      • Before his trip to Colombia, he has grown tired of being alone.
      • Smart, he has followed his heart.
        • He has refused to listen to his family and friends who are worried or have tried to discourage him from meeting women overseas.
      • As a result, he has won the prize – his third wife Cristina.
    • Cristina
      • She has probably never been married.
      • She has a good job, family, friends, etc. in Colombia.
      • But, a good man has been missing from her “perfect” life.
      • Her persistence and her heart has led to the love (David) of her life.
    • Both of them
      • They each have 1 daughter.
      • They have good lives at first.
      • They have been longing for each other.
      • They together share a website called “Latin Destiny“.
  • Colombian women (along with other foreign women) continually seeking American/Western gentlemen
    • Even if some cannot or would not attend another romance tour social, they hope that 1 or more men would view their profiles, contact, and ask to meet them.
  • AFA company changing human lives forever
    • John, his Russian wife Tanya, Bud, and others are determined to bring unity and happiness between American/Western men and foreign women.
      • The people of AFA really believe in international love.
  • another American man (Richard) seeking a Colombian bride
    • He has attended an AFA romance tour 4+ times.
    • He also has joined a quest tour with Dream Connections agency.
    • Therefore, similar to David, he has also met and married a single mother (Monica) of 1 daughter.


  • host and journalist Lisa Ling speaking negatively about international dating
    • It seems that her questions about the topic are hateful.
      • However, her perspective has changed after meeting and talking to David, Cristina, and others.
    • She now sees it as a blessing from God thanks to David and Cristina.
  • single Colombian mother (Karin) getting involved with the wrong men
    • She has dated an American man who has 2 current wives (1 from Colombia and the other from United States).
    • She thinks that she cannot find a good man at a social event.
      • She has not felt chemistry or received interest from all of the men.
      • She has to compete with other Colombian women who may be more attractive to the men.
    • Consequently, she tells Lisa that she prefers that a man looks at her online profile and asks to meet her if he is interested.
      • I think that Karin should instead attend another social event, wear her best clothes, and build more confidence in order to attract a man.
      • Her profile can be easily ignored.
        • There are other profiles of foreign women who are prettier.
  • Colombian women competing for American/Western men
    • I wish that more men would go overseas and meet them and other foreign women.
      • But, those men let fear, other people, and other excuses keep them from ever getting on an airplane and flying to a foreign country.
    • Fortunately, the women talk, befriend, and get along with each other.
      • Instead of being jealous, they are happy if one of them develops a relationship with an American/Western man.
  • majority of international couples breaking up
    • Haters or those who do not understand international dating would love this news.
    • However, if American/Western men move on with other foreign women or vice versa, then international dating is still a great thing.
      • Those who oppose international dating would be disappointed.
    • Unlike local dating or online dating, I, another American/Western man, or a foreign woman can easily find the right partner through the right international dating website or agency (e.g. Dream Connections).

I am glad that Lisa Ling has done an episode on international dating. She wants to keep an open mind. She, like me, wants to see other people becoming happier. If they have to seek their future spouses abroad, then they must do so. There are too many people who are single, lonely, and/or hoping to meet Mr. Right or Ms. Right. Local dating is obviously not doing anything good for those people. Online dating keeps disappointing and wasting their money, time, and effort. But, international dating can lead them to amazingly and unexpectedly good results. Even if some American/Western men do not meet their potential wives on their first, second, or umpteenth trips in Colombia or another foreign country, the men truly find happiness. They (including myself) have no regrets. They have no complaints. They are new creatures. They can always go back overseas and try again (like Mark Davis of Dream Connections has for his wife and business partner Anna).

Cristina and David O’Dell (international couple) – 
Lisa Ling with David at AFA romance tour social – Jim Halterman
single Colombian mother Karin with baby – Oprah
Our American with Lisa Ling on OWN –


  1. Hello this is David from the “Our America with Lisa Ling” just wanted to give a quick update Cristina and I have now been happily married for 8 years now. We have a great life together and our love for each other grows each day. Yes we have had our ups and downs but our love never wavered. Cristina now is an American citizen, speaks fluid English, and has a good career in insurance.


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