More Foreign Women, Less American Men

Due to lack of good men, multiple women in Colombia, Ukraine, China, etc. are turning to men from United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other Westernized countries. More foreign women, from time to time, join or stay with international (int’l) dating agencies for years. But, most of the int’l dating agencies have mediocre or scam websites. The better dating agencies/websites, which I highly recommend to American or Western men, are Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, and International Introductions. Their female members, who join for free, have a potential chance of meeting an American/Western boyfriend or husband. But, why do less foreign women succeed while the remaining ones end up with no man? As a reason, less serious-minded American/Western men go overseas for the intention of meeting and choosing a particular woman for a possible relationship or marriage. Where are the rest of the American/Western men? Why are they not going abroad for meeting foreign women? If they do not know about these women or they are still not interested in them, what are their reasons? More American/Western men do not want to date or marry foreign women probably because:

  • Most American/Western men are still interested in the women in their countries.
    • Honestly, it does not matter if American women want the men or not.
      • Some women would show interest in a man who keeps pursuing, befriending, asking any of them out, communicating, etc.
      • Women who are undecided or uninterested in a man might play games, use him for money, etc., and or do other selfish things.
      • Other women who reject a man may be stalked, harassed, assaulted, and or murdered.
  • Most or some American/Western men are so scared to go overseas or to even get on an airplane (aerophobia or aviophobia).
    • They have never left United States.
      • Few of them have probably never left the state or city/hometown they live since birth or childhood.
      • American society, media, etc. may have caused their phobia(s) to grow.
    • But, would they travel (by airplane) if they:
      • Win a free trip to Las Vegas?
      • Get a better job in another state or country?
      • Want/need to visit distant friend(s) or family member(s)?
      • Lose everything they have?
  • They believe that int’l dating/marriage is immoral or wrong.
    • But, they plus other Americans/Westerners are immigrants from foreign countries as well.
      • Who or what race of people has originated in the United States?
    • They have been trained or told to date/marry only an American woman (especially one of the same race).
  • They are scared or worried what family, friends, and others think.
    • If they listen or do the wishes of others, they would honestly be living in regret and misery.
    • If they ignore others and follow their hearts, they would be living the lives they want with the foreign women they want.
  • They want to remain single.
    • They are happy doing whatever they want and being independent.
    • They refuse to change their lifestyles.
    • They are shy, inexperienced, or scared to be intimate with a woman (foreign or American).
    • They have difficulty choosing any woman.
    • They are busy with their jobs, careers, etc.
  • They think they are too young or too old to be in a relationship/marriage.
    • Age is just a number.
    • What they eat, what they do, how they think, etc. affect their bodies.
    • Their lives are short.
      • They should therefore enjoy their lives especially with beautiful foreign women.

There are some American/Western men who go abroad and meet/date foreign women. Nonetheless, the men break up with the women or vice versa. They probably realize that their relationships are dying or that they are looking for something else from someone else. Mark and Anna Davis from Dream Connections probably deal with this issue secretly. They however focus on their mission: creating more int’l couples. They want to see others as happy as they are; they have been married for almost 10 years.

I wish that every marriage-minded foreign woman can find an American or Western boyfriend/husband through an int’l dating agency. Then, more foreign women, young or old, would have hope and faith that God really has created someone for each of them. Just because they (some of them) live in bad/poor areas and or deal with relationship/marriage issues from foreign men, it does not mean their lives would always stay that way. Foreign women are special, beautiful inside and out, and deserving of good men (whether they are foreign or American/Western).

I am glad that less American/Western men go abroad and date/marry foreign women. The men take the women seriously. They do not play games. They show maturity. They are interested. The women do the same as well. Dream Connections agency always find and connect the right people together by screening, interviewing, and obtaining enough information from them. Therefore, Better Business Bureau has recognized, graded, and awarded Dream Connections for its success of married int’l couples, truthfulness, respect, love, etc.

Another fact I also like is that more and the same (repeat clients) American/Western men do join Dream Connections and other int’l dating agencies for the intention of dating/marrying foreign women. But, the number of men who go abroad (for a group romance tour in Ukraine, Asia, or Latin America) for every romance tour is low. What if the number goes up to 100 or 1,000 for every romance tour? Would more American/Western men, who all have different personalities, have the same feelings for foreign women, who also have different personalities? What concerns me more is if all the men would treat the women fairly, behave well, and show respect for these women? If not, then they should stay home and pursue American/Western women who are similar to them.


3 Foreign Women and an American Man – A Foreign Affair


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