Why Can’t Foreign Women Find Good Men in Their Own Countries?

There are five things that Colombian, Ukrainian, Philippine, Chinese, etc. women all have in common:

  1. lack of good men
  2. lack of women’s rights (unlike United States, Australia, and other Westernized countries)
  3. inner and outer beauty
  4. desire to date or marry a man who possess good qualities
  5. residence in a male-dominated nation

The majority of foreign men does not want to be in a monogamous relationship with a woman. They also do not want to help raise biological kid(s) with her as well. They just want to play games, get involved with different women, show off, be irresponsible, drink heavily, lie, abuse, objectify, and mistreat women. Mark Davis from Dream Connections discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of Ukrainian men especially on a YouTube video. The same qualities apply to other foreign men (especially ones in Latin America) as well. Also, in another video, he explains three types of foreign men that his former Brazilian girlfriend Dani discussed with him while they were together in her country. Sadly, the rate of good foreign men is low. Foreign women consequently have to deal with jerks and superiors predominantly. Now, do you understand why more foreign women are showing interest in American or Western men?

Ukrainian woman – Women for Dating website

If a foreign woman can find at least one good man locally, she would stay in her country. She actually has no desire to come to United States and get a green card as many Americans believe. A major fan of the TV show “90 Day Fiance“, I realize that most of the foreigners who marry their American spouses want to return to their native countries. Noon and Kyle are the only married couple who moved back to her country (Thailand). She has to take care of her ill father. Plus, she misses her family, friends, livelihood, and Thai culture…who can blame her? Kyle is not close to his biological parents or anyone else in America. That explains why he said that Noon is his family. After all, they are “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

Kyle (American) and Noon (Thai) – Reality Tea

A foreign woman who has no success in finding a good man must consider these options:

  • building a relationship with a man who is controlling, abusive, and or unfaithful to her
  • remaining single and focusing on her life, independence, education, career/job, family, business, etc.
  • becoming a single mother while the father of their kid(s) is absent
  • joining a dating/marriage agency in hopes of finding a good husband

My heart goes out to the foreign women. They deserve love and commitment more than American/Western women (ones who reject good American/Western men) do. All they want is a good man regardless of his nationality or country of residence. They do not care about anything other than marrying and building a life and family with him. God shall give them the desires of their hearts (Psalm 37:4) if they do what is right. He does the same for American/Western men too. If you are a single man interested in foreign women, please visit international dating websites such as Dream Connections or loveme.com (A Foreign Affair). You would have no regrets like I do.


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