Spending a Holiday with Your Foreign Lady

Whether it is Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day, enjoy each holiday with your potential girlfriend or wife from another country. She would forever love and appreciate you (American or Western man) for your heart and respect. The reason is that she has a hard time in finding a good man like you in her country. Whether she has usually spent a holiday alone or with her family and friends (before meeting and connecting with you), she now probably sees every holiday as her favorite. She can live a happier life. She has you to thank for both abilities.

If you are undecided in which country you and she should spend Christmas or any other holiday together, just ask yourself these 2 questions:

What if we go back to her country?

Whether she is from Colombia, Philippines, China, or Ukraine, always communicate or ask her about meeting her family and friends first and foremost. She would appreciate your care and really know that you are human. Therefore, she would be willing to do the same regarding your family and friends.

Besides a beautiful foreign woman like her (plus more you may see locally), foreign places are nice to visit as well. Go to the mall or a special store and buy her a gift she would never forget. She would most likely reciprocate with you too. Take her to a museum or a similar locale where you can learn much about her culture and take many photos together. Spend the rest of the holiday or time (until your trip ends) in connecting and making her loved ones feel comfortable around you. If they approve your relationship with her, she would be more optimistic in her decision to spend the rest of her life with you.

What if we stay in my country?

If both of you are almost or already married, she can remain in United States or a Westernized nation (e.g. Canada or Ireland) you live indefinitely.

Otherwise, both of you are required to get an approved K1 fiance(e) visa so that she can legally enter your country. But, a wedding (Make it special if it is around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or her birthday.) between both of you must occur within the 90 day period she has. During her 90 day stay or after you marry her:

  • Let her know your surroundings well.
  • Confide in her about your finances, personal and professional relationships, etc. that would affect her future with you.
  • Introduce and keep peace between her and your family and friends.
  • Take her shopping.
  • Buy her nice but inexpensive gift(s).
  • Also take her to a fun place (e.g. roller-skating rink, bowling alley, or state fair).
  • Make her feel as valuable and comfortable as you can.

If she loves celebrating a holiday or her birthday, she would be on cloud nine. She may become fully satisfied with her new life with you. Without a doubt, she may tell her female friends and relatives to seek international love like she has.


If a holiday like Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day is so important to you, then you should feel the same about her too. She is as human as you are. Consider (more):

  • how she honestly feels about you
  • what she truly wants from you
  • who really makes her the woman she is

Be equal with her.

Share whatever you have with her whether it is personal, professional, spiritual, or financial.

Reassure her that she has found the type of man (who is you) she has been waiting for a long time.

Give her and her loved ones enough hope.

Happy holidays to both of you.

Elena (AFA #176496) – Visit her profile
Bogdana (AFA #176302) – Visit her profile
Galina (AFA #176367) – Visit her profile



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