A Date as Your Tour Guide

The great thing about visiting a foreign city like Kherson, Ukraine, Cebu City, Philippines, or Barranquilla, Colombia is meeting countless lovely women. You (American or Westernized man) would thus feel safer around them than you do with those at home. While you are dating a special foreign woman, ask her to show you around her city. You would receive the following 5 benefits as a result:

  • comfort
    • Enjoy your time (e.g. dancing, singing karaoke, or going to beach) with her.
      • Make it:
        • memorable
        • fun
        • peaceful
    • Forget about anything, anywhere, or anyone (especially at home) who can distract or ruin your date.
      • Pay most of your attention on her.
      • She gets less attention or none from others (in general) in her country.
      • If she feels uneasy, ignored, or unappreciated, she may flake out or refuse to see you again.
  • trust
    • You can talk to her about your:
      • feelings
      • interests
      • intentions
      • so on
    • She would do the same for you.
    • But, keep the conversation light and positive.
    • If she wants you to visit her home, favorite restaurant, or anywhere else, consider going.
  • unity
    • It would be a major plus if a translator (especially one from Dream Connections agency) joins you and her.
    • You would therefore become more courageous to travel to more places.
    • I can tell you, based on my personal experiences in Colombia, that spending time with a date and translator (2 beautiful foreign women) is more precious than spending time with a local American/Western woman (whether she is your date or just a friend).
  • appreciation
    • You would be forever grateful about learning your date’s:
      • culture
      • favorite places
      • favorite foods
      • so on
    • As you create memories with her, you would fully understand her personality, beliefs, etc. and vice versa.
    • Either your relationship with her would grow or die periodically.
  • inspiration
    • The more comfortable you are with her, the sooner you want to return to her country after leaving.
    • You would not be the same person again.
    • While you are back at home, you would probably think about seeing and traveling to another city with her.

Hiring a professional tour guide in a foreign country may cost you so much money.

Saving money and going to unknown foreign places/areas on your own may take away your sanity (if you get lost) or life (if you encounter dangerous people).

However, if you have an attractive foreign date by your side, you would save enough money and avoid frustration or possible danger. She is your heroine or protector because she cares, respects, and knows that you are not from her country. She is also aware that you are an easy target to unethical foreigners who do not speak English. But, she and your potential translator would constantly warn or be in your presence wherever you go. They would make sure that you are not ripped off by taxi drivers (especially) as well. In return, you are going to do the same for your date if you marry her in the States or Western world. As long as you and she love each other unconditionally, both of you are going to continue to be safe and happy.

Love would keep you together whether both of you are in the same country or separate ones.

Sahra, 23 (DC #0572008) – Visit her profile


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