My Review – “Dream Connections” Website

First of all, I want to say congratulations to Mark and Anna Davis for their 10th wedding anniversary.

Even though I have enjoyed writing previous reviews, I am really excited about writing this one.

Since 2010, the American-Ukrainian couple has brought their world-changing company “Dream Connections” to life. They run their operations in the following 4 cities:

Their main and true mission is to create more happy international couples. They want to lead many single, lonely, or frustrated American/Western men and foreign women to the paths of:

  • joy
  • acceptance
  • unity
  • love
  • peace
  • and more positive qualities these single people cannot find at their homes

I have done a full analysis of Dream Connections website. To honor the 10-year marriage between Mark and Anna, I give you (American or Westernized man) 8 things I like and 2 things I dislike. So, here are them:


innocent and loving nature of the dating agency

In a YouTube video, I remember hearing Mark discussing that Dream Connections agency is original. He and Anna have not intended it to be similar or competent with other dating businesses (whether they are domestic, international, or global). Also, I like that Mark and Anna spread love to other international couples (who have met through other international dating companies/websites or on their own), orphaned children, and even those who choose to remain single. Mark and Anna indeed care more about the reputation of their business than they do with the amount of money they earn. To prove my point, they have not taken any money for the first 2 years of their company. Therefore, many international dating companies (except for A Foreign Affair and Latin Affairs) are jealous of Mark and Anna because these companies just want to collect money and keep good men:

  • apart from their potential girlfriends/wives forever
  • “happy” at home
  • blind to the ugly truth
  • busy writing pointless email letters repeatedly

personal connection with Mark and Anna

I neither have met them in person nor have attended a quest tour. However, a few months ago, I have received a few Facebook messages from him while I have promoted my Facebook page for this blog. I have been surprised but excited because I have felt that I am communicating with a celebrity. Even if he is not actually famous, I still would rather talk to him instead of talking to an actual celebrity (who may be indifferent to me as a fan or follower) on Twitter. I make sure that every written and published blog post of mines is appropriate and motivational to others worldwide. I want to keep him and his Ukrainian wife proud.

Whether you email, phone, read, watch, or listen to the extraordinary international couple, you would still feel connected to them as I do.

current profiles of marriage-minded women in Ukraine, Thailand, and Colombia

I like that the profiles are always updated and accurate. Some of them are eventually removed because those foreign women probably lose interest or move forward with their lives. But, periodically, many new women join the website and perhaps stay until they find their suitable boyfriends or husbands. There are also secret ladies (who do not wish to be profiled on the website due to good reasons) pursuing the same goal too.

no online communication

Cowards or Keyboard Romeos would be disappointed with the website. They cannot email or chat with any of the attractive women at all. They are required to attend quest tours (group or individual type) overseas so that they can physically meet and communicate with the ladies. If the men want to continue dating online, they would have to visit another dating website instead.

Mark and Anna do not believe in online dating. I agree with them as well. It is a waste of time, money, and energy. Because of my 3 previous trips in Latin America, I can truly say that having face-to-face communication with a foreign woman is a much better experience. Online dating fails to give you a natural connection with her.

inspiration to others

Despite of ignored haters, concerned loved ones, and know-it-alls who have never left their home countries, Dream Connections business continues to succeed and draw many people around the world. It is so positive that it can change a negative person entirely. Even if he has family members, friends, neighbors, etc. who reject the truth about international dating/marriage, he should follow his heart anyway. Once the people at home see him with an amazing foreign girlfriend or wife, they cannot hide or deny the truth anymore.

over 500 life-changing YouTube videos

I can watch the videos (same and new ones) without ever becoming tired. They are very entertaining, informative, and helpful to me and others. Mark and Anna provide different types of videos such as:

  • Ask Mark
  • his teachings
  • love stories
  • translator/client interviews
  • tourism
  • weather reports
  • and more

No one cares or makes so many international dating/marriage videos available as Mark and Anna do with theirs.

thorough screening of both genders

A profile form and an interview (digital or physical) with Mark, Anna, Irina (attractive manager for group quest tours in Ukraine), or another staff member are mandatory for American/Western men and foreign women alike. Every man and every woman must be examined for their true hearts and intentions. If any of them shows rudeness, arrogance, stubbornness, perversion, or another negative trait to a staff member, he or she would not be invited to a quest tour social. But, if he/she talks to a staff member with respect, friendliness, and curiosity, he/she would be welcomed. Only sincere and positive men and women are allowed to join the agency. Then, they can meet, connect, and fall in love with each other.

hope for Ukrainian, Thai, and Colombian women

Because foreign women get less respect, attention, affection, and protection in their countries, Dream Connections agency makes sure that it gives all 4 good qualities to them. Mark, Anna, and their employees see so much innocence in foreign women from 3 separate continents. All the women really want are monogamous men who would:

  • love them as they are
  • treat them like queens or princesses
  • remain faithful to them regardless of later problems

As a result, Dream Connections agency continues to work hard and do its best so that its female clients can feel special and inspired to find the men of their dreams.

2 Dislikes

expensive costs of quest tours

It would take me or you (maybe) a longer time to attend a group or individual romance tour due to its high cost. You would definitely need to save money. But, you can contact and ask Mark about setting up a monthly payment plan for a year. He would respond and help you all the way. Another benefit for an expensive quest tour is having a translator who is there for you 24/7. She is going to:

  • give you her support and dating advice
  • show you tough love
  • guide you through her city or country overall
  • protect you from dangerous areas, places, and people
  • help you communicate with your dates successfully
  • build a forever friendship with you (even when you return home)
  • constantly help you find your potential girlfriend or wife

less time with many women

Even spending a short time with 1 woman is also a disadvantage of international dating. You only have that moment to physically talk, touch, and stay in her presence until you go back to the States or Western world. However, if you regularly communicate with her via email, Facebook, Skype, or WhatsApp, you would care less about your current location. You would be more focused on growing your relationship with her. If you also have bonded with another foreign woman or more (from a quest tour social), stay in touch with them also. From time to time, get to know each of them well and vice versa. Then, decide who is the right woman for you. Let her know how you feel about her honestly. Go back overseas and see her again. If there is strong chemistry between you and her, maybe commit or propose to her for marriage.


Whether it is a fact, my opinion, or both, Dream Connections agency has the best dating website of the world. There are really no mistakes with the international dating company. Mark, Anna, and their employees around the world are doing their jobs flawlessly. No wonder they have received high praise and accreditation from Better Business Bureau. They are very passionate when it comes to international dating or marriage. Therefore, I highly recommend their website to anyone (man or woman) who is serious about monogamy and willing to travel abroad for it.

If you are interested in joining the company, choose any or all of these 3 options:

  • Attend a annual Christmas reunion that occurs in the States in every December.
  • Share any of these 4 inspirational websites with your friends and family members on social media:
  • Fill out an online profile form and wait to have a candid Skype interview with Mark, Anna, or another employee.
    • If you have second thoughts:
      • Be honest with him or her.
      • End the interview on a positive note.
      • Stay home.
    • But, if you still want to go to a quest tour in Ukraine, Thailand, or Colombia:
      • Do the same 2 steps.
      • Plan your trip.
      • Email your flight information to Mark, Anna, or whoever is going to pick you at an airport in the foreign country you would visit.
      • Head to your local airport and get on separate airplanes until you enter your foreign destination.
      • Meet Mark, Anna, Irina, Marina (manager for individual quest tours in Ukraine), or staff member(s) who would pick you up at a foreign airport.

Do not give up on international love. Continue going overseas until you find a lovely Ukrainian, Thai, or Colombian woman who is compatible with you. Share the good news with your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others at home. Dream Connections agency exists in order to remove obstacles and bring much goodness in many human lives. So, you owe it to yourself to be happy, accepted, and unconditionally loved by a beautiful foreign lady.

Anna (left) and Mark (right) Davis (owners of Dream Connections agency) – InstAnonymous
Marina (red dress), Anna (black dress), and 12 Ukrainian translators – InstAnonymous
Julia (Ukrainian) and Nick (American) Rodriguez – Dream Connections


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